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    UFC Fight Night 197 play-by-play and live results – MMA Junkie

    Round 1 – Spencer moves forward immediately and looks to strike her way into the clinch. Letson swarmed early but trying to battle back. Spencer changes levels, but Letson widens her stance and defends well, digging underhooks and staying upright. Short punches traded inside. Letson defending well and staying upright, but it’s constant pressure from Spencer, who’s able to briefly hook a leg but can’t quite get the action to the floor. Two minutes left, and Spencer briefly backs away, but she’s immediately inside again and just keeping the pressure high, forcing constant defense from Letson. Finally, Letson is able to circle off and work to the center, but Spencer never allows her any space and immediately pushes her back to the cage. Grinding work from Spencer, and she lands a couple of big punches and elbows. Letson swinging back, but she has to defend the takedown. They finish in the clinch, and MMA Junkie gives it to Spencer, 10-9.

    Round 2 – Spencer rushes forward again, but Letson prepared this time and slips and strikes. Spencer unfazed and just presses forward and drives the action to the cage. She gets the left leg entangled, and quick toss from Spencer. It works, but Letson scrambles up to the feet as Spencer moves to the back. Clinch battle, and as they hit the floor again, Letson is in the dominant spot, though Spencer pops quickly back to her feet. Spencer grinding away from the outside. Letson defending the takedowns well, but the short punches and elbows from Spencer are adding up. Spencer briefly hooks the leg, but she can’t get the fight to the floor. She keeps at it, wrapping the body and gets a quick takedown, but Letson moves immediately back to the feet. Spencer grinding away with punches there. Short strikes inside. Less than a minute, and Spencer disengages, but as soon as Letson kicks, Spencer drives forward and scores the takedown. Letson tries to rise, and Spencer gets to her back but can’t find room for the choke. Letson stands at the bell. MMA Junkie gives it again to Spencer, 10-9.

    Round 3 – Spencer rushes forward, but Letson is ready and meets her with strikes. Letson then changes levels and drives through for a big takedown. Spencer teases a look at the arm, but it’s not there. She scrambles to guard and then is able to sweep out and take the dominant spot. Letson stands, and Spencer is punching away. Letson battles to turn inside, and Spencer continues to throw strikes. Just short, chopping shots, but they are landing. Spencer with a big elbow. Letson still defending the takedown well, but she’s taking some damage, and her face shows it. Another elbow from Spencer. Letson has a little space and lands a big punch, but Spencer drops down and slams her opponent to the canvas. Spencer on top and driving in elbows. Letson trying to tie things up, but Spencer is just pounding away. Elbows and punches coming in, and referee Mark Smith calls an end to it.

    Result: Felicia Spencer def. Leah Letson via TKO (punches) – Round 3, 4:25
    Photos: UFC Fight Night 197: Best photos from Las Vegas
    Records: Leah Letson (5-2 MMA, 1-1 UFC), Felicia Spencer (9-3 MMA, 3-3 UFC)
    Division: Women’s featherweight
    Broadcast: ESPN+
    Referee: Mark Smith

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