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    Rumour: The Original Final Fantasy Tactics Might Be Getting A Remaster – Nintendo Life

    Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of Lions (2007)Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of Lions (2007)
    Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of Lions (2007) (Image: Square Enix)

    Square Enix has been remastering a lot of its older RPGs in recent years, and if a new online listing is anything to go by, it seems the Final Fantasy Tactics series could also be making a return.

    This is according to an archived page over on the online store Instant Gaming. The remaster will apparently be released on the Epic Games platform and has a placeholder of 2023. The date has been narrowed down to 1st February 2022 – a date retrieved from a GitHub page of Nvidia GeForce leaks, shared by SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik.

    FFT Remaster Listing
    Image: via Instant Gaming

    Additionally, on the Final Fantasy Tactics subreddit, a user claims they recently received a “playtest” survey invitation from Eidos-Montreal, asking them if they played FFT and certain other tactical RPGs:

    “I just received an Eidos-Montreal playtest invitation (which also playtests Square Enix games in general), and everything seems to indicate they’re playtesting a tactical. They were asking if I played Fire Emblem, FF Tactics, Ogre Battle, Disgaea, Into the Breach, etc. At first, I thought this was about Triangle Strategy, but while they didn’t ask if I played Octopath, they did ask if I played FF12 and it’s DS sequel… the only non-tactical FF games that take place in Ivalice. They also asked if I played FF Tactics PS1 AND if I played the iOS/Android version, which seemed weird, they never ask about multiple versions of the same game.”

    As you might recall – back in September, there was a huge Nvidia GeForce database leak for PC. Nvidia at the time said the games featured were “speculative titles”. And yep, a Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster was on the list, alongside a bunch of other Square Enix titles.

    Of course, there’s no mention of a Nintendo Switch release here, but Square Enix seems to be porting most of these classic RPGs to the hybrid system – so if the above listing is legitimate, there’s a good chance it’ll be released on Nintendo’s hardware. You can check out the supposed Nvidia GeForce database leak in our previous post:

    Would you like to see the Final Fantasy Tactics series make a return? Have you played any of the previous entries in the series? Leave a comment down below.

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