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    Multiple incidents of rabid raccoons approaching dogs in Raleigh in past month – WRAL.com

    — Two raccoons in Raleigh have recently tested positive for rabies after coming into contact with dogs.

    Animal control officers have responded to two separate incidents in September.

    On Sept. 15, a raccoon killed during a fight with a dog on Old Mill Place tested positive for rabies.

    On Sept. 29, a raccoon described as “acting abnormally” came into contact with a dog on Lions Way. It was secured and also tested positive for rabies.

    Thankfully, in both incidents, the dog’s rabies vaccinations were current. The dogs’ owners were provided with counseling concerning appropriate steps that should be taken.

    Another rabid raccoon came into contact with two dogs on Arrowwood Drive in Raleigh back in May.

    Observations of unusual behavior or other concerns about animals in Raleigh should be reported immediately by calling 919-831-6311.

    Wake County health officials provide the following general tips to help minimize rabies risks:

    • Residents should not approach animals that they do not know.
    • Residents should ensure their pets have a current rabies vaccination. If a pet is allowed outside, a booster vaccine is recommended. Outdoor pets should be kept inside until they receive booster vaccines.
    • Do not feed stray or unknown animals, including cats and dogs.
    • Do not leave trash or food outside, unless it is in a trash can with a tight-fitting lid.
    • If a pet is fed outside, do not leave food out overnight.
    • If a pet comes in contact with an animal that might be rabid, contact a veterinarian immediately.

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