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    Live blog: Walmarts Black Friday Deals for Days now open for all for Apple Watch 3, Fitbit and more – but no PS5 – Techradar



    Fitbit Versa 2

    (Image credit: Future)

    If you missed out on the Apple Watch 3 but still want to pick up a cheap smartwatch, Walmart still has the Fitbit Versa 2 in stock and on sale for $118.99 (was $199.95). That’s the best deal you can find right now and an incredible price for a feature-rich smartwatch.

    The Fitbit Versa 2 includes contactless payments through Fitbit Pay, heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, and app notifications and is still available in your color choice of Black, Petal, and Stone.


    Roku TV

    (Image credit: Future)

    The best cheap TVs come from Walmart’s Black Friday sale, and one of our favorite bargains from today is this 40-inch UHD Smart TV from Onn on sale for just $128. That’s a fantastic price for a small display and one of the cheapest Black Friday TV deals we’ve spotted far.

    While the Onn set lacks 4K HD resolution, you are getting the Roku experience built right in so you can seamlessly stream your favorite movies and TV shows from apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and more.


    Dyson V10 Animal

    (Image credit: Future)

    Black Friday is one of the best opportunities to score a coveted Dyson vacuum on sale and Walmart’s Black Friday Deals for Days sale has the powerful V10 Animal on sale for $399.99 (was $499.99). That’s the best deal you can find right now and $150 less than Amazon’s current price.

    Dyson claims the V7 has the most powerful suction of any cord-free vacuum, which is why it’s more expensive than your typical vacuum cleaner. The Dyson features up to 60 minutes of fade-free power and can transform into a handheld vac for quick and convenient clean-ups.


    AirPods Pro

    (Image credit: Future)

    Somehow one of Walmart’s best Black Friday deals is still in stock, and we don’t expect it will stick around for long. Walmart’s Deals for Days sale has Apple’s latest AirPods Pro on sale for a record-low price of $159 (was $197). That’s the lowest price we’ve ever seen and $10 less than Amazon’s current deal.

    Deals on Apple devices are always the hottest bargains during Black Friday, which is why it’s no surprise the Apple Watch 3 has already sold out. We predict this fantastic AirPods deal will sell out tonight, so we’d add to your cart and checkout now before it’s too late.


    Apple Watch 3

    Update: as we predicted, the Apple Watch 3 is now out of stock for both colors and sizes. We’ll update you if we see the smartwatch restocked, and until then, you can see more of today’s best discounts with our Black Friday Apple Watch deals roundup.


    The Instant Pot Duo Plus on a green background

    (Image credit: TechRadar)

    Hello, it’s Mackenzie again as Gareth’s gone off to bed. I’m excited to keep you updated on Walmart’s best Black Friday deals and share my favorite bargains.

    Speaking of my favorite bargains, the Instant Pot is on my wish list this year, and Walmart just dropped the best-selling pressure cooker down to $59 (was $99.95). That’s a $40 discount and the lowest price we’ve ever seen for the 8-quart pressure cooker.

    Because this is one of the cheapest deals you can find on the Instant Pot, we predict this offer won’t stick around for long, but as of right now, it’s in stock and ready to ship.



    (Image credit: Walmart)

    Look, I’m not a PC gamer, but my computing team reliably inform me that this is a winning combo.

    So, if you’re picking up a new gaming PC during this week’s Black Friday sales events, you may need to pick up a decent gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, and more to properly outfit your new rig. If that’s the case, then you really need to check out this Razer Power Up V2 Bundle over at Walmart right now for just $79.

    It features the Razer Cynosa Lite wired keyboard, the Razer Gigantus V2 L desk mat, the Razer DeathAdder Essential wired mouse, and the Razer BlackShark V2 X wired headset, so you’re saving $61 over buying all these items separately. 

    And, unlike a lot of other peripheral bundles, this is (apparently, so say the experts) some quality Razer gear so you know that you’re going to get your money’s worth with this bundle. 


    Roomba i7+ on red

    (Image credit: Roomba)

    If you’re not in the market for a robot vacuum in 2021, then are you even serious about cleaning your home?

    If you’ve been put off by their lavish expense until now, though, fear not: Walmart is currently offering almost $200 off the iRobot Roomba i7 (now just $599), which is a fantastic premium option considering the often four-figure price tags of its competitors.

    As robot vacuums go, the iRobot Roomba i7 is built for those with significant floor space. It can save up to 10 different floor maps, and allows you to name various rooms in your home (Percy, Henry, Ringo and so forth…) so that you can specifically enable the vacuum to clean a particular room only. 

    Those with smaller homes need not spend quite as much this, but if you’re after some intelligent cleaning hardware that takes the hard work out of vacuuming, this iRobot Roomba i7 deal is well worth considering.


    PS Plus deals sales membership price cheap

    (Image credit: Future)

    Here at TechRadar, we always say that Black Friday is the best time to renew (or pick up) a 12-month PS Plus subscription, and this deal from Walmart is exactly why. Right now you can pick up a 12-month PS Plus membership for $39.99, saving you $20 on its usual $59.99 price tag. 

    Picking up a Black Friday PS Plus deal means that you don’t have to worry about renewing your membership until next year and, by that time, it’ll be Black Friday again and you’ll be able to pick it up at a discount…again! It’s a genius tactic that we absolutely stand by. 

    This isn’t necessarily the best price we’ll see for PS Plus during Black Friday though, as we could see CD Keys offering an even lower price over the next week (last year it dropped its price to $32.99). 

    Luckily, this Walmart deal lasts until November 28, so there’s plenty of time to shop around as we don’t expect these digital codes will sell out. Even if they do, the same deal is available at Best Buy and GameStop.


    Fitbit Charge 4 deal

    (Image credit: Fitbit)

    Hey you – you want to get fit? A bit? How charged up about it are you? On a scale of 1-10… about a four?

    Well. Well. You sound like a candidate for the Fitbit Charge 4, which is honestly at an incredible, surely-you-buy-this-for-a-parent $69.

    It’s now got GPS, heart rate zone tracking, and it’s even gained a 4.5 / 5 star review in our recent testing. What’s not to like when it’s got so many colors to choose from too?


    Image of large Onn TV on pink background

    (Image credit: Onn / TechRadar)

    You remember that onn 70-inch TV? 

    You know, we talked about it earlier? 70-inch LCD, got 4K HDR?

    Yeah, you remember? It’s got HDR10+ and I said that for the original $650 price point it’s not worth it, but then it’s gone down to $398 and now it’s well worth it?

    What do you mean, no? Oh… wait, no. It wasn’t you I’m talking to. Man, it was someone that looks an awful lot like you.


    Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundle for Black Friday

    (Image credit: Nintendo)

    Another chance to snag a winner -and holy cow – you can add it to cart! Hurry!

    If you’re after a Nintendo Switch this Black Friday or want to snag Nintendo’s popular console in time for Christmas, this super Switch bundle is bound to appeal to any prospective buyers. For just $299.99, you’re getting Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and a 3 month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online included at no extra cost.

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is one of the best games on Switch and a Nintendo Switch Online membership means you can battle it out against players across the globe. You also get access to hundreds of NES and SNES titles as part of your Switch Online membership, as well as exclusive perks and discounts.

    We’re unlikely to see a better Switch bundle than this on Black Friday, and Nintendo has warned it won’t be able to meet demand this holiday season.  Just buy this and go out for a drink, celebrating a job well done.


    Beats Solo Pro deal at Walmart's 4th of July sales

    (Image credit: Future)

    Guess who’s back? Back again! I’ll get a bit more in-depth this time – these are good headphones, after all.

    The Beats Solo Pro were dropped once to $149, from the retail price of $299. Now, though, Walmart has slashed that price down to just $99 in light of the Solo Pro headphones being discontinued – and a few years ago they cost $350.

    As such, you’ll be hard pressed to find the pair cheaper anywhere else, and this might be one of the last chances you get at buying them at such a low price.

    There’s many great reasons to buy, too. The Beats Solo Pro, despite being a slightly older model in 2021, features exceptional battery life and impressive active noise cancellation, allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes while drowning out most background noise. 

    Additionally, these headphones are just great fun to listen to with a robust and balanced sound profile.


    AirPods Pro lowest price header green

    (Image credit: Future)

    Black Friday AirPods deals rarely get as good as this: Walmart has slashed the price of the AirPods Pro from $249 to $159, saving you $90 and bringing them down to the lowest price we’ve ever seen – and there’s now a queue already.

    We think the AirPods Pro are the best Apple earbuds you can buy today, thanks to brilliant active noise cancellation, support for Spatial Audio for an immersive listening experience, and a comfortable fit with adjustable silicone eartips. 

    A recent update has also brought some extra features to the AirPods Pro, including Announce Notifications, which mean Siri can read out your messages without you needing to reach for your iPhone. 

    This is a brilliant deal and we expect it to sell out quickly, so you should snap it up right away. Other retailers will probably try to match this price too, so if you do miss out, it’s worth keeping an eye out for price drops at Amazon and Best Buy.


    Apple Watch 3 deal Prime Day

    (Image credit: Future)

    The Apple Watch 3 is back in stock! Go go go go go…


    Beats Pro Solo on white

    (Image credit: Future)

    Oh – things are changing. In 10 minutes, everything is going back live again. Let’s get ready to go…


    Right – we’re going to take a short break now, as it seems like most items in the Deals for Days sales aren’t available to buy. Perhaps it’s a location bug, but as it stands there’s not much we can direct you to.

    Beats Pro Solo on white

    (Image credit: Future)

    The Eufy 11S on a pink background

    (Image credit: TechRadar)

    Guess who won at the TechRadar Choice Awards this year? That’s right, the Eufy brand, partly because of its excellent robot vacuums.

    We rated the Eufy G30 a 4-star product earlier this year, when it launched at $369. So for it to now be $144 is pretty incredible – as our review stated:

    “If you want a simple-to-use robot vacuum that offers powerful suction, you should definitely consider the Eufy RoboVac G30 Hybrid.”

    There you go.


    Apple Watch 3 still in stock. Just sayin’.


    OK, we got to the end of our queue – and it looks like there isn’t going to be any more PS5 joy for anyone, although it is worth trying until the end of the hour.

    PS5 on white with info from shopping

    (Image credit: Walmart)

    beats solo pro

    (Image credit: TechRadar)

    There’s 1:15 left of Walmart’s early access Black Friday deals, so let’s see what else is still crack-a-lacking. 

    These Beats Solo Pro got an excellent 4.5/5 score in our review, with the active noise cancelling especially being lauded. They launched at an incredible $299, which makes today’s saving down to $99 in the early access sale all the more impressive.

    Definitely grab these if you want a decent pair of noise-cancelling headphones, and they come in three colors too.


    We’re about to get to the end of our queue – the PS5 continues to flash in and out of stock on the main website (and it’s currently out of stock).

    Let’s see what happens to our wait when it finally trickles over the edge…


    PS5 don't miss header

    (Image credit: Future)

    Hold the phone! The PS5 is flashing in and out of stock – which means that it looks like Walmart is, indeed, bringing stock in throughout the next hour. If you haven’t already, get signed in to Walmart.com and have your financial information all filled out – if you manage to get into the virtual queue, you’ll have 10 minutes to check out…


    Xbox Series X restock

    (Image credit: Walmart)

    Sadly, looks like the same is happening for the Xbox Series X restock – it’s worth the queue, but it doesn’t look good… we’re seeing it show as fully out of stock, which isn’t a surprise.


    PS5 restock

    (Image credit: Walmart)

    It’ll be interesting to see if there are any restocks – we’ve got a 32 minute wait time to find out…


    PS5 restock header with console and controller

    (Image credit: Future)

    The PS5 restock has gone live – good luck if you can get your hands on one, as the site is shuddering.

    We’re seeing it out of stock already, but that doesn’t mean it’s game over. There could well be a few restocks over the next hour as Walmart spreads things out, so keep checking.


    MooSoo vacuum on green background

    (Image credit: MooSoo)

    Fair warning: I’ve not used this MooSoo vacuum cleaner, nor have our tech experts, so usually we wouldn’t even bother talking about it – but the user reviews of these products seem to indicate a pretty good, low-cost vacuum if you’re looking for a light cleaner.

    However, also be warned: I bought a branded cordless vac like this last year, and while it’s great for the stairs and car, it’s not great for overall cleaning. You’ll still need a powerful upright vacuum or one of the Dyson vacuums for that.



    (Image credit: Walmart)


    (Image credit: Walmart)

    Here’s better news though – we’ve had it confirmed that the Apple Watch 3 for $109 is still in stock. Again, we’re shocked with that information – the Fitbit Versa 2 is also still available for $119 for all those that want it.



    (Image credit: Walmart)

    And next up – Walmart is showing that it’s down, and requiring me to prove that I’m a human. That tells me the anti-bot machine is cranking into gear, to stop all the PS5 scalpers coming online in 15 minutes…



    (Image credit: Walmart)

    Uh oh – we’re just confirming, but stock looks like it’s disappearing fast. The Fitbit Versa and Apple Watch 3 are showing no color options…


    Just done a quick check – looks like the AirPods Pro, Apple Watch 3, 70-inch TV and Roomba are all still in stock.

    That’s a lot longer than normal if that is, indeed, the case.


    Roomba on an orange background docked

    (Image credit: Roomba)

    If your carpets are anything like mine, they’re getting coated in dust because new baby + vacuuming doesn’t equal happening any time soon.

    You could say that getting this Roomba i1+ would be a great choice, partly because it’s self-emptying but partly because it’s down to just $349 in the early access sale.

    But sadly it wouldn’t be able to make it down the hallway. It would die.


    Image of large Onn TV on pink background

    (Image credit: Onn / TechRadar)

    Remember we said about that huge 70-inch Onn TV from Walmart, whether it was the right idea for you or not? Well, hopefully you’ve made your mind up whether a 70-inch 4K HDR TV for $398 is going to deliver your cinematic dreams or not, as we don’t think this deal will last for long.


    Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundle for Black Friday

    (Image credit: Nintendo)

    Not the greatest Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal out there, but this is a scarce console and this bundle comes with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as a digital download.

    Switch deals are running out quickly, and while it’s not the OLED version it’s still a sought-after Christmas item.


    AirPods Pro lowest price header green

    (Image credit: Future)

    Right, one down – let’s go again.

    AirPods Pro. Great sound, excellent gyroscope inside to allow for Spatial Audio, sweat resistant, never been cheaper at only $159.

    These will not last long.


    Apple Watch 3 Cyber Monday deal

    (Image credit: Future)

    Right, we’ve already mentioned it, but the Apple Watch 3 for $109 is live for you early access subscribers – this is an incredible deal for the (admittedly old) Watch and should be grabbed now if you want it.


    Right, we’re live and Gareth is back in the hotseat – let’s rapid-fire some of these deal suckers and see if we can’t spot you a bargain as soon as we can…


    play kitchen

    (Image credit: Future)

    Need a Christmas gift idea for your little one? I’ve known for months that Santa will be getting my son a play kitchen this year, and this wooden set from Walmart is the best bargain I’ve spotted so far.

    This wooden play kitchen from KidKraft is on sale for just $99 (was $199) at Walmart’s early Black Friday sale. That’s a $100 discount and a fantastic price for a quality play kitchen. The kitchen features a little chalkboard on the fridge and includes 30-piece play food accessories, so you don’t have to worry about the extra expense.


    Black Friday TV deal

    (Image credit: Future)

    We’ve just spotted the best Black Friday TV deal back in stock at Walmart. We first saw this 50-inch 4K TV drop to the unbelievable price of just $199 last week, but it quickly sold out over the weekend due to its popularity.

    Walmart now has the Sceptre 50-inch 4K TV back in stock and on sale for just $199 (was $328). That’s an incredible price for a mid-size 4K TV and one of the best cheap displays we’ve seen so far. The Sceptre set features 4K HD resolution, and while it lacks smart capabilities, it does include four HDMI ports, so you can easily add a cheap streaming device to your order.


    Shark pet plus

    (Image credit: Future)

    If you don’t want to splash all out for a $300+ Dyson this Black Friday, the Shark Pet Plus is a great option, and it’s currently on sale for just $159 at Walmart’s early sale. That’s a massive $110 discount and the cheapest deal we’ve seen for the stick vacuum.

    Perfect for pet owners, the top-rated vacuum features a self-cleaning brush roll for pesky pet hair and transforms into a hand-held vac for quick and convenient cleanups. The lightweight vacuum is cordless for easy maneuvering and features up to 40 minutes of runtime.

    Ninja air fryer

    (Image credit: Future)

    Air fryers are always a Black Friday favorite (and a popular Christmas gift idea), and one of the best bargains we’ve spotted is on the Ninja XL that’s on sale at Walmart for $98 (was $149.99). That’s a $50 discount and the lowest price we’ve ever seen.

    French fries, chicken tenders, wings, and more – the Ninja XL can cook up all your favorite fried foods with little to no oil and can also roast, reheat and dehydrate. Perfect for large families, you’re getting a 5.5-quart capacity, a wide temperature range, and a two-layer non-stick coated basket for quick and easy cleanups.


    RCA TV

    (Image credit: Future)

    Hello, Mack here now as Gareth has trotted off to do bedtime. Here’s my first pick of things to you can buy right now…

    If you don’t want to wait for Walmart’s official Black Friday sale to score a TV bargain, you can brag this massive 70-inch 4K TV from RCA on sale for just $448 (was $549). That’s a $100 discount and an incredible price for a big-screen 4K TV.

    This 70-inch display from RCA features the WebOS smart platform, which allows you to stream all your favorite movies and TV shows from apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and more. You’re also getting 4K HD resolution for a premium picture experience, and the Google Assistant built right in for hands-free control.

    Black Friday TVs priced this low tend to sell out rather quickly, so if you’re looking to add a  cheap big-screen display to your home – you should grab this stunningly low price while you can.


    MSI gaming laptop on blue background

    (Image credit: TechRadar / MSI)

    Right, back to the heavyweight jam of deals to expect soon – and a reminder that I’ll be going through all of these again when they actually go live. So pay attention, there will be a quiz.

    A quick one for all the gamers out there – you know who you are – that don’t want to spend loads on a gaming laptop.

    This MSI GF63 was launched as a great budget laptop, and it’s lived up to that hype since – and now the price is even cheaper when the sale lifts – it’ll be down to just $499 at sale time, and offers a 15.6″ FHD Display, Intel Core i5-10300H, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 MaxQ, 8GB DDR4 and a 256GB NVMe SSD to round things off.


    A mini fridge in blue on green background

    (Image credit: Walmart / TechRadar)

    I’ve had enough of all the flashy stuff and I’m browsing my way back through the catalogue to see what’s happening – this is like the digital version of what it was like when the proper Black Friday ad was published, before the internet was a thing.

    ‘Ooooh, maybe I could ask for that for Christmas? No, they’ll never get me a Sega…’

    This mini fridge for $25 comes in a range of colors and is exactly the kind of thing I’d hope for at Christmas, and I’d love it now. Although if I had six cans of frosty Pepsi Max on the desk with me now, I think I’d be in all kinds of trouble…


    Honestly, Black Friday isn’t even here yet and I’m starting to lose the power to think properly. How many days to go?

    What…four? How is it that many?


    Watchdogs legion PS5 game on yellow background

    (Image credit: Ubisoft)

    It’s not all about the deals you can get in the next few hours though – some are live already, as this $15 sale for Watch Dogs: Legion will attest.

    That’s a great price for a cinematic game – we weren’t enamored with the storyline in our review, but we loved the variety of ways you could play through it and it was visually rich. A good choice if you’ve already got a PS5 and a great TV.


    PS5 Xbox Series X Walmart Black Friday restock header

    (Image credit: Future)

    Here’s a bit of bad / good news for those hunting for a PS5 restock – the impending unveiling of some PlayStation 5 stock is going to be an hour later than the rest of the Walmart Black Friday early access deals – at 4PM ET / 1PM PT.

    That’s not great if you want to get your sale purchase locked in today – but it’s tip-top news if you wanted to grab another one of the Walmart bargains before the big PS5 reveal for $499 – sadly at full price (but we don’t think anyone needs to discount this just yet…).

    It looks like the Xbox Series X stock drop will also be happening an hour later, so set your watches accordingly.


    Image of large Onn TV on pink background

    (Image credit: Onn / TechRadar)

    Welcome to our first deals conundrum. As tech reviewers, my team won’t often recommend things that are big on spec for the sake of it – a 70-inch TV needs to cost over $1,000 minimum to feel confident that it’ll be a decent experience.

    However, if you’re just desperate for the screen size then, for a shade under $400, it’s hard to argue with the price-to-spec ratio of this Onn 70-inch TV. It’ll do 4K HDR, including HDR 10+ that a lot of brands are using, and it’ll be, well, 70 inches in size. And it has the strong Roku interface too.

    Will it be the best ever display you’ll ever see? Nope – it’s not OLED, QLED or miniLED, all the things that can really improve picture quality. Nor does it have fancy speaker output.

    But, did we mention… it’s only $398?


    AirPods Pro

    (Image credit: Future)

    You know what else will sell out very quickly? Apple’s AirPods Pro – which are down to just $159 for a limited time while stocks last.

    We’ve only ever seen them cheaper than this for refurbished models – and that was only for $10 less. So at $159, we doubt this will be beaten at any point during Black Friday, and it’s unlikely we’ll see it any lower at another retailer during the next week.

    Will it sell out quickly? You betcha. 


    Apple Watch 3 deal Prime Day

    (Image credit: Future)

    OK, I’ve been liveblogging for about three days straight – I’ve not washed, eaten or slept, just to bring you all the best Amazon Black Friday deals in one place.

    That’s sort of a lie. I might be divorced if I went that far. But just to prove that we know what we’re doing when it comes to finding the best deals – so let’s get previewing the stuff that we think will sell out faster than a gnat on Red Bull.

    First up, your friend and mine: Apple Watch Series 3, 38mm, which is going to cost just $109 when the sales go live.

    Every year Walmart does this, and the cheap, cheap, cheap Apple Watch always sells out in a few minutes. We can’t imagine Walmart has a lot of stock at this price, but if you’re interested in it, you’ll have to be in the early access brigade.

    Be warned though – the Apple Watch 3 is an ageing device. I recently wore it again for a week, and it’s slower than modern options and doesn’t have anywhere near the screen size,

    That said, it performs very well still as an iPhone companion – if you don’t need all the fancy features and just want the great UI, music control and fitness features, this is a steal.


    Walmart Plus logo

    Welcome to our Walmart Deals for Days live blog, where we’ll be bringing you action in all of the upcoming deals – remember, it all starts at 3PM ET / 12PM PT, if you’re a Walmart Plus subscriber.

    It’s up to you whether you want to spend the $12.95 to sign up for Walmart Plus – you do get extra benefits like free shipping, cheaper fuel and the ability to scan products and go in bricks and mortar shops – plus, obviously, getting first dibs on the Black Friday deals.

    If there are any that you like the look of in the following deals blast, it’s probably worth the cost of signing up, as we doubt we’ll see some of them as cheap in the sales… but it’s a choice you’ll need to make.

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