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    CDC shares 8 new charts that show how powerful Pfizers vaccine is against COVID-19 and the Delta variant – Yahoo! Voices

    • On Monday, independent experts to the CDC voted unanimously to recommend Pfizer’s vaccine to everyone over 16. 
    • Their decision was data-driven, and factored in both the risks and benefits of vaccination.
    • They reviewed graphs and tables showing that, while vaccinated people can get mild infections, Pfizer’s vaccine does a great job keeping people alive and out of the hospital. 
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    Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine is now not only approved for everyone over 16 years old, it’s recommended.

    On Monday, an independent advisory committee to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention voted unanimously to support recommending the vaccine.

    The decision of those 14 experts was based on overwhelming evidence that Pfizer’s 2-shot immunization, named Comirnaty, which was fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration last week, is not only safe but also works very well at preventing disease.

    The independent experts on the CDC panel cheered on the creation of the COVID-19 vaccines in the midst of a pandemic, calling it a “miraculous accomplishment” and “a moment of incredible scientific innovation.”

    Here are eight charts and graphs that lay out why Pfizer’s vaccine was given a big thumbs up:

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