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hey guys we are right now on one the most beautiful beach in santa teresa playa hermosa and I've got a yin yoga class for you now for those of us that never done a yin yoga i got an intro to yin yoga on this channel so please go ahead and check it out if you've done yin yoga before we're going to be holding each pose for 2 moinutes were going to be focusing on releasing your hamstrings opening your hips and releasing the quads now really important about yin yoga is that you bretah so in each posture i want you to really focus on deep breaths and long exhales out to release any tension to allow deeper into each posture so you feel full benefit of yin yoga so if you guys are ready i want you to grab your mat some water going to begin today on a seated position on your mat starting with a big head roll and then another headroll to the left letting go of any tension in the body coming up to the knees reaching both arms up hold it here opening the chest and the heart slowly making your way all the way down to your mat into childspose just breathing letting go of any tension in your back one more time exhale come down to childspose slowly rolling forward all fours position tuck your toes downward facing dog take a moment to feel the stretch in the hamstrings opening the chest and the heart inhale exhale out walk out the downward dog deep breath in exhale press both heels down rounding through each vertebra of your spine plank shoulders over the wrists lift the hips back up downward facing dog rounding forward downward facing dog deep breath in come forward to plank inhale exhale chaturanga upward facing dog push back to downward facing dog taking a deep breath in look forward exhale come forward to the top take our standing forward fold before we go deeper into the fold take a couple rocks side to side hold back of the knees more advanced hold the ankles take it further take your big toes forehead down to the knees take a deep breath in here feeling that lengething sensation in your body bending the knees and rolling p to standing inhale reach up to the sky exhale take a dive all the way to the floor inhale half way exhale step left foot back high lunge deep breath in slowly extending the front knee allowing the forehead to come down to the knee inhale come back to lunge exhale extend it back forehad to knee holding and breathing back to plank flow it out take a second here and breathe lets prepare to do the other side stepping forward to top of the mat going a little deeper into our foreward fold palms under your feeet rounding up tp stand reach up exhale forward fold inhale half way exhale stepping right foot back high lunge take a second to hold and then slowly extending the knee forehead to knee feeling that stretch in the hamstrings inhale coem forward exhale extend forehead to knee step back to plank walk hands to feet rounding up inhale reach arms up stepping forward with the right leg turn so you're length wise taking wide legged forward fold reaching for those ankles allowing the forehead to come down close to the mat as possible transition to our first yin posture frog open the knees wide knees and hips are alighned slowly from here making your way forward keep feet flexed just taking a moment here to breath and let go taking a deep breath in to yournose slow exhale out paying attention to your breath as you let go of your body deeper this is quite an advanced yin posture so don't worry if you can't go all the way down its not about how low you go its about the benefit that you get with the posture allowing your hips to open inner thighs to release staying with your breath lets come out come back to wide legged forward fold bring the knees together slightly come on up to your mat step forward top of the mat inhale arms up exhale down inhale half way exhaling stepping back back to plank chaturanga upward dog downward facing dog right leg up to sky bring right knee to right thumb pigeon great stretch for the glute holding for 2 minutes come on up slowly swing left leg arounf going into our next yin posture which is your long position push left knee all the way down don't worry if you can't go all the way down go ahead reach the arms forward another wonderful stretch for the glutes and performs muscle reach the arms forward accept the position your in don't force it your body will let go eventually just be patient with yourself focus on how your feel stay with breath slowly come on up seated spinal twist looking over the left shoulder swinging left leg back transition downward facing dog pushing both heels down inahel exhale left leg reaches up bending the knee take pigeon pose on the other side left knee to left thigh come on down to your elbows releasing the body feel release through he left glute pay attention to how the body is feeling here go deeper inahel exhale ready to release come on up take our leg posture right knee push it down reacht the arms forward inhale exhale continue to reach forcing the body your chest to let go into the ground deep breath in exhale out stay in the present moment simply being aware of the breath coming in and letting go see how far you can reach how far you can push that knee opening the hips releasing any tension in the glutes in your periformis slowly come on up spinal twist swing it back and hen push into he floor downward facing dog coming forward to plank chaturanga upward facing dog hold exhale downward facing dog come on down to the knees now we are ready for our next yin oprture opening the knees slightly so the hips can come down what were going to do here is come down to he floor some of u might just stay up like you were in the beginning other may come down tot he elbows or if your feeling more open come all the way down listen to your body if you feel any sort of pain int he knees please come up higher come back to seated one knee at a time really take this time o focus on the breath bring oxygen into your body into your muscles let that tension release out of your body feeling a gentle stretch in the quads lengthen the body giving your body the deep stretch that you need filling your lungs with oxygen as you inhale big long exhale out come on up to seated downward facing dog shaking out one leg at a time letting go of tension come on down tot he knees sit back to childs pose reaching the arms forward take a deep breath in let it go allow yourself to stay present arms up on inhale exhale hands to heart one more time big reach with the arms one last time inhale exhale come forward leaving hands at your third eye bowing to yoruself thanking yourself for your beautiful practice thank you so much for joining me i hope you enjoyed this yin have an amazing day namaste

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