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– Hello, everyone
and welcome to Move. I'm Adriene and this is Benji and it's Day 3, baby. And we are going to
stretch not just our bodies, but our minds too. So hop into something
comfy and let's get started. (soft upbeat music) Alright, pals. Let's begin today's
practice lying on our backs. Yay. Come on down to the ground. We'll join Benji here. Extend the legs
out long, right away. Take a deep breath in as you reach your
fingertips all the way up and just take a nice full body, yep, you guessed it, stretch.

Close your eyes. Take some soft, easy
movement here that feels good. Maybe it's pointing and flexing with the toes. Maybe it's opening and closing with the fingers. Circular movement
with the wrists, with the ankles. Taking a yawn or a
sigh as we collectively and individually become more
conscious of our breath and what a gift it is and how it can move
us forward and back. If we stop breathing,
what happens? We stop moving. Alright. And then
releasing that big stretch and coming now into a bit
of the opposite direction. So we just did a big expansion. Now we're coming
into a contraction. So hug your
knees into your chest. Actively draw your navel down. So it's not passive,
we really kind of squeeze through our center, hugging in feeling
those muscles in the center. The abs contract. Maybe you're
already a little sore just from a little
taste of core work yesterday.

And the truth is we're always
doing center and core work in this practice throughout
this 30 Day Yoga Journey. So keep that in
mind and show up for it as much as you possibly can. And I feel like you
will feel the results and see the results, but most importantly, feel them. Lift the head, the neck,
the shoulders, no need to crunch here. Just nice and easy
lifting the head, the neck, the shoulders, just
accentuating that contraction.

Lovely, and then release,
feet to the ground. Toes pointing forward. Head neck, shoulders,
come down, gently. Hands come to the earth and we're gonna come
into a nice gentle Bridge. So plant the feet firmly. And if you are not
familiar with Bridge Pose, go ahead and look at
me for this first one. So that then you
can do your first one without having to turn your
head to look at the screen.

Alright, here we go. So inhale. We press into all
four corners of the feet and begin to peel up starting
with the bottom of the spine, and then working
our way up towards the base of the neck. Pressing into the ball
joint of your big toes firmly to keep the knees stacked. You start to feel
the glutes engage here, as you lift the hip
points up a little higher. Think about
pressing into your palms as your shins, move forward. Just some imagery to guide you. You may not feel a big shift, but we're working
on that alignment from this inner sensibility. Since I'm not there
in the room with you, it's the best way to go anyway but I feel like it's
a really empowering way to hang in your practice. Okay, we're
still here in bridge. She's still talking, take a deep breath in
and then exhale, release.

Hopefully with that hold, you started to
turn on the glutes. (laughs) Hey-oh, let's try it again. Here we go. Inhale. Maybe this is your first one. Lifting up. So there's like an
imaginary block or ball. I like to think of
a little beach ball between the inner thighs. So you're squeezing. We start to lift the hip
points a little higher.

Feel the strong
muscles of the legs. Turn on the glutes. Turn on. Hm, couple more breaths here,
maybe three to five. As you lift the
chest to the chin and the chin to the sky. Chest to the chin,
chin to the sky. If you want, you can keep
your elbows lifted to the ground and just bend at the elbows, but keep them on the ground and lift your fingertips
up towards the sky. For three, you're here for two and on the one
soften everything. Beautiful. And we'll just allow the
knees to fall to one side and then the other. Kind of massaging
those glute muscles. Alright. And then we'll hug
the knees into the chest. This time, bring the hands
to the backs of the thighs. And you're just gonna start to rock and roll up and
down the length of your spine. Have some fun with it. And this is your
time to move your body, to allow
yourself to be moved too. So that's why we
start by coming here and letting go of
any expectations.

So we can really
open up some new space, some new drawers to explore. Okay, the next time you
rock and roll all the way up. We're going to come
all the way forward into Downward Facing Dog. So spread the fingertips. Hips come up high. There's no rush.
Take your time. Take your dog on
a little walk here, pedaling through the feet. Of course, bending
one knee than the other. And now think of
your front body, supporting your back body here. And if that's
just like what, (laughs) you know, you may
not catch everything. You may,
everything may not resonate, but on the off chance that one thing I
say resonates with a certain group of people
then I'm gonna keep sharing. But if it doesn't
resonate with you, no worries.

You just keep doing you. Breathing, supporting yourself,
finding ways to move that feels supportive and true and lead you towards
your version of whole. Okay, we're gonna criss-cross. We're gonna step all the
way up to the top of the mat where we'll meet
in a Forward Fold. Feet hip width apart. Bend your knees generously. Clasp opposite
elbow with opposite hand. And we're gonna rock a
little side to side here. It's important that
you bend the knees, feel that nice big
stretch in the lower back.

So we want to
protect the low back here. Strong legs. Really mindful
placement of the feet. Always, always on
the mat here with me. So really, just pay
attention to your patterns. We don't have to course
correct everything, right? It's just about me being mindful,
having the awareness. Oh, okay. My left foot
always turns out like that. Well, interesting. Let me work with that. Let me move with that and make sure I'm
working for myself rather than against. Release the arms.
Roll it up, nice and slow. Next, we'll move
to Mountain Pose where I'll invite you
to take a deep breath in once you land there. And a long exhale.

Again, nice firm
mindful placement of the feet. Maybe you walk
the feet in together so that you're arch to arch, but feel free to
stay hip width apart. On your next deep breath in, lift the chest,
relax the shoulders. Maybe allow yourself
to enjoy this next move. So big inhale.
Let's do it together. We're gonna
reach towards the sky. Exhale, bend the knees,
Forward Fold. Inhale, lift up halfway. Find that long neck. Palms come to the thighs here, pull the elbows back. Good, exhale, soften,
and release everything. Back up the way it came,
inhale, reach for the sky. Reverse it. Don't flip it, but reverse it. And then we're going to
bend the elbows as you exhale. Good, inhale, reach up. Repeat twice more. Exhale, bend the elbows.
Lift your chest. Inhale, reach up. And exhale, bend the elbows. Good, inhale, reach up.

Sorry, got excited. Exhale, float it all
the way down, Forward Fold. Alright, bend the knees
very generously. You're either feet
together or hip width apart. We're gonna send the
right fingertips to the earth or to a block or to a blanket. So you can always
bring the earth up to you. And then slow and steady, as if you were
pulling a bow and arrow back, you're gonna bring
your left fingertips to your right wrist. We're gonna keep
the right knee bent, as we slowly straighten
through the left leg. And we're gonna
reach the left fingertips all the way up
towards the sky here.

Right knee is bent. Left knee is
straight but not locked. And the neck is
long and beautiful. Beautiful, inhale in, breathe
into the left side waist. Exhale, slow and steady. We'll switch. Bend both knees to start. Left fingertips
come to the ground or to your support system. And here we go. Keep the left knee bent as
you peel the right hip crease. So the right hip crease
is really what's lifting or lengthening that leg, not the knee, but the
right hip crease lifts. And we reach the
right fingertips all the way up towards the sky. Breathe deep here. Again, right leg
straight but not locked. Good. Inhale and again, use
your exhale to slowly guide the right fingertips
all the way back down. Beautiful. Inhale, halfway lift.
You got this. Exhale to soften and fold. Plant the palms here. Step one foot back,
then the other. I'm sharing.
Oh, sorry Benji. Can I have my mat?
Okay. Plank Pose. You got this, or Half Plank. So knees on the
ground or knees lifted. Here we go. We're gonna slowly
turn onto the heels.

You're gonna turn your heels towards the right side of
your mat and just inhale. Reach your left fingertips up as you lift your right
hips up towards the sky. Good, then slowly lower. If you're on your knees,
you just do this on your knees. Stacking the knees
and lifting up here into a little Half Plank. And then
everyone back to center, just a little taste
lower to the belly. Hands in line with the ribs,
squeeze the elbows in. Follow your breath. As you inhale, lift your heart, keep the skin of the face soft. So if you're clenching
in the forehead or the jaw, relax and then slowly bring
it back down as you breathe out. Good, inhale. Come back to all fours. So nice neutral spine,
Tabletop Position. And exhale,
draw the navel up to feel that length in the low back. Good. Here we go. Press in to the
top of the left foot.

As you extend
the right foot out, press into the right hand as you reach the
left hand forward. Here we go.
Inhale in. Exhale, rounding
through the spine. Reel it in, contract. Inhale, expand.
Reach and stretch. Exhale, contract, bring it in. With your breath, inhale. Spread the fingers.
Spread the toes. Reach, stretch it out. One last time.

Here we go.
Navel draws in, contract. After contraction
comes expansion. Inhale, reach it forward. Good, release and switch. Right into it. Inhale, sending
right fingertips forward, left foot back. And exhale, reel it in. With your breath,
inhale, expand. Move with control. And exhale,
navel draws in and up. You got this.
Reel it in. Stay with it. The mind wants
to give up before the body. You got this. Inhale, extend, stretch. And exhale, hug it in,
squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, and release, beautiful. Knees super wide,
as wide as the mat. Toes to touch.
Send the hips back.

Really keep nice
active arms here. So reach the fingertips forward,
stretch, stretch, stretch. And then allow your
head and your heart, your shoulders to melt. And for this moment,
allow the belly to be soft and moveable with your breath. Beautiful. Slowly, come back to all fours. Walk the knees
underneath the hips, curl the toes under and send your
hips up high and back. Downward Facing Dog. On your next inhale, we're gonna lift
the right leg up high. Exhale, step it all
the way up into our lunge. Today, we're gonna
pivot on the back foot, send the fingertips forward. So we've kind of
turned everything on. So you have a nice
strong base here, turned everything on.
Wink, wink. Send the fingertips forward
up and back for Warrior I. So the right hip
crease is pulling back. The left toes are turned in. We're pressing into the
outer edge of that back foot. We're pressing into all
four corners of the front foot. Fingertips reach up high. If this is much
too much for you, hands can be together
at the heart in prayer or on the waistline.

Head over heart,
heart over pelvis. Breathe deep.
Notice the sensation here. So don't wait
for the next thing. Explore. Let your breath move you. Feel the power of that back leg. Engage your left inner thigh. Draw your navel in and up. Lift your heart. Quietly whisper
something kind to yourself and then open it up,
Warrior II, boom. Pull the pinkies back. Front knee over front ankle.
Sink into it.

Lift up from the pelvic floor. Yoga asana is so cool because you get to
play with gravity. You get to kind of
move through space in a way that we just
simply don't naturally do in our day to day anymore. But we do now because we're on a 30
Day Yoga Journey together. Keep the front knee bent, reach the right
fingertips all the way up and back, Peaceful Warrior. So don't collapse
in that back leg. Let the back leg
be super strong here. So that left
inner thigh is engaged. Good, inhale in, exhale, right elbow to the right thigh. Good, then just
like we did before, as if you're
pulling a bow and arrow, you're gonna glide your
left fingertips across the chest and up towards the sky here. Really rebend in
that front knee, pressing through the outer
edge of that back foot firmly to engage through the
inseam of your left leg. Neck is nice and
long and you're beautiful. Inhale in. Exhale, take it all
the way down. We're gonna pivot
on the back foot.

Back heel's lifted. Take that right fingertips, Take those right fingertips
all the way up towards the sky. Big twist, big breath. And exhale to bring
it all the way down. You rock. Step the right foot back straight to
Downward Facing Dog you go. Inhale in deeply as
the hips go up high. And exhale completely. Allow the heels to get heavy. No worries if
they're touching the ground or not necessary, not needed.

Maybe they will
one day, maybe not. Alright, here we go. Anchor, lift the
left leg up high. Deep breath in. Exhale, slow and steady. Step it all the way forward. We'll pivot on the back foot. So the right toes are pointed
towards the front right corner of wherever you're practicing. Maybe your yoga mat
or maybe the room. left hip crease pulls back and we rise up strong. This shape,
this pose is called Warrior so rise up like one. Like the one you already are. And find your hands on
your waist, palms at the heart, or reach the
fingertips with energy all the way up towards the sky as you breathe into your belly. So careful that your inhales, as we start to
add more postures, aren't getting high up
in like your shoulders.

So allow that breath,
that downward breath to occur the more
we layer on with shape. Breathing down into the
belly as you breathe in. Then allowing it
to come up and out through the nose or the mouth. Alright, inhale in. One more breath here. Feel the power in that back leg. Exhale. Open up to
the right, Warrior II. Now I widened my
stance just a bit from Warrior I to Warrior II. You feel it out.
Front knee is bent. I'm meeting my edge here. I am working. I'm pressing through the
outer edge of my right foot, engaging my right inner thigh. I'm reaching well
beyond my yoga mat. I am an energetic being right, moving beyond this space. Just roll with me. Beautiful. Front knee over front ankle. Make sure you're not
leaning forward in the spine, but we're nice and
stacked head, heart and pelvis. So pull back a
little bit if you need to. Alright, you rock, inhale.
Keep the front knee bent.

I know you're working hard. Send the left
fingertips up high, feel that big stretch
in the left side body. Peaceful Warrior. And then navel draws
in from your center. Nice and easy
bend that left elbow. Bring it to the
top of the left thigh and trace your right
fingertips across the chest. Just reminding you to stay
nice at open in the heart. The collarbone,
broad through the chest as you reach the
right fingertips up high. Back leg is still strong. So is the front leg,
core connected? Neck is nice and long. Inhale, breathe in.
You're doing great.

Exhale, slow and steady. Right hand comes down. We pivot on the back
foot and on an inhale, we send the left
fingertips up towards the sky. Big twist, big breath. So good (chuckles) for the body. So good for the mind. Here we go. Inhale. Exhale. Follow the breath down. Plank Pose. Last Plank so you got this. Here we go. Or Half Plank. You're gonna tick-
tock to send the heels over towards the
right side of the mat. Send the left
fingertips up high. Lift your hips up so you're really
engaging those right obliques.

Rad. And then slowly
come through center. Take it to the other side. You got this, last one. Press away from your yoga mat. Lift the hips, inhale,
reach toward the sky. We can also be here in half. Killing it, doin' awesome. And then slowly
bring it back down, lower to the belly. Inhale, open the chest. Feel that stretch
through the front body. Cobra. Exhale, soften, melt, melt,
melt everything down. Beautiful. Slowly press up to all fours. Walk the knees together,
feet together, and then send the hips back. Gently paint, you can
pick a color if you like, just paint your yoga
mat with your palms. Right, why not? Flick the fingertips back. Let go of that which
is no longer serving you. Let it go, man. And then soften and
release into your Child's Pose. So my Child's Pose may
not be amazing for you so you can, you
can play around here.

You can also sit up nice and
tall cross-legged or kneeling and just place one
palm on top of the other. I'm just gonna
close the eyes here and start to allow our movement practice to just kind of
integrate with the self. Allow everything that
the body just experienced to just be received. Enjoy the sound
of your breath here. And then slowly press into
the palms and we'll come up. If anyone is in a
seated posture, great. We're gonna
come to meet you there. So we're going to
come into a seat. You can either stay kneeling or you can come
into cross-legged. Sit up on
anything you might need. Benji, Benji,
you're good right there? Okay. And then we'll just take the
left hand down to the earth. If you're on your knees,
you might do fingertips. Just send the right
fingertips up and over for one last
little stretch here.

And then maybe you
come up through center or maybe you
come through center. You get to decide
how you move, right, ultimately in life. So here we go,
taking it to the other side. And then either right
back to center by coming up or through maybe here and then we'll all
come to find stillness. maybe close the eyes, head over heart,
heart over pelvis. Day 3 in the books. We'll continue to
add on and explore. And just remember the
hardest part is getting here. Thank you so much for sharing
your time and energy with me and with all of
the beautiful people who are moving together today. Great work.

Bring the palms together. Inhale in deeply. And exhale to bow. Thanks everyone.
Take good care. Namaste. (soft upbeat music).

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