Day 1 – Invite | BREATH – A 30 Day Yoga Journey


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– Hello everyone,
welcome to Breath, your 30 day yoga journey. I'm Adriene, this is Benji, and we are so glad you are here. It is Day 1, setting the tone for the
whole beautiful story, Invite. Let's get started. (bright upbeat piano music) Hello my darling friends.
Welcome. Let's begin our Day 1 practice in a nice comfortable seat. And if you can, sit up on
a little blanket, or towel, or a block if you have one, maybe inviting the hips to be a little bit
higher than the knees. Thank you so
much for being here. As you're ready,
sit up nice and tall. And when you're ready,
just tuck your chin slightly to invite a lengthening
in the back of the neck. We're gonna start
nice and slow here, so just take a moment to land. Growing tall in the spine. And right away, begin to
notice if you're holding or clenching in
any areas of the body. Maybe the toes,
the fingers, the jaw, the shoulders,
around the neck, in the trapezius
muscles perhaps. Maybe even in the
glutes or the hip area, feeling a holding
or a clenching.

Just begin to
notice if you're holding or clenching in any area, and of course, just by
bringing our attention to that, we might invite a softening. We may not be able to
hit the relax button, but we're slowly
inviting our awareness inward. And responding to the
things that we notice, the things that we find. Then if you feel comfortable,
this is the beginning of a long and beautiful journey, so take your
time with everything, but if you feel comfortable,
close your eyes here.

And from a very
real place of love, and care, and friendship, I know that sounds a
little cheesy, but I mean it, from a very real place,
from my heart we'll say, I invite us to bring our
attention to the breath. And if this
first day feels like, "Oh, when are we
gonna get moving," just remember the theme
of our whole journey here. And if you were able to watch
the welcome video experience, the welcome video, keep in mind this
idea of a slow burn. Inviting yourself to slip
into the role of the observer. When we tend to move fast, or add too many
things to the pot, it becomes a little
bit harder to reside in that role of the observer.

So just observing
the breath as it is, you may have already felt inspired
to take a deeper breath, or a more conscious breath,
and if so, that's wonderful. Follow that urge. Just a couple more
quiet moments here. Simply inviting yourself to notice the breath. Inviting yourself to slip into the
role of the observer. And if you did not close
your eyes for this intro, this tuning in,
that's totally great, that's wonderful, no problem, but maybe I'll invite you
to just soften your gaze. Maybe you send your gaze,
your focus, down past your nose. Inviting the intention inwards. So tending to
your inner world here. Today's practice,
all about listening. So we're slowing it down. And we'll take Benji's cue, he just let out a big,
long, audible exhale, and we'll start
to breathe together. The beginning of this
journey's a special one because this is a theme that I think can really
connect us as people, whether you are
into that or not, or whether you
signed up for this journey seeking that or not,
it inevitably will connect us, so let's kick it
off here officially with a deep inhale in
together through the nose, breathe in, nice and easy.

And for now exhale
out the nose or mouth, whatever feels good. And again, big inhale
in through the nostrils. And exhale out through the
nose or mouth, you choose. And one more deep breath in. And long breath out. Beautiful. Bring the palms together, drop the head down
towards the hands. Draw your chin actively
in towards the chest, and remain nice and tall
from the base of the spine, all the way up to the
base of the neck here. So the core is already
working here a little bit, believe it or not. The palms are
gently pressing together. We're starting
to feel this stretch in the back of
the neck, the traps as we draw the shoulders down, we can feel that
maybe a little more.

Again, notice where
you're holding or clenching and invite a softening to
happen around those areas. Perhaps wrinkling
the forehead or the brow, softening through the jaw. And we'll take
one more breath here, hands in prayer, head bowed. Inhale in. And exhale to slowly release. Lift the head, lift the chin. You can open the eyes here. So today's practice
is nice and slow, setting the tone
for our journey. It will pick up with speed. You will have days
where you feel the burn, (laughs) but please be
patient with yourself, and please be patient
with me in this program as we take necessary steps
to invite a deeper listening in, alright, with our
Day 1 Invite practice. So we'll bring the fingertips
out here, left to right, sit up nice and tall. And nice and slow, inhale,
sweep the fingertips all the way up
through this halfway point, in line with the shoulders, and then all the way up towards
the sky as you breathe in.

And then exhale,
try to use the full exhale to float the fingertips down. So right away, we're synchronizing breath and movement. Inhale to lift it
up nice and slow. And exhale to float it down. So that's the vinyasa
here in the warmup. You can close your eyes or invite that soft gaze
down past your nose as we inhale to lift up. And exhale to float it down. Now, I invite
you to find nuance, whatever that means to you. It will be individual. It will be unique to every body and energy level
arriving here today. Inhaling to sweep the arms up.

And exhaling to float them down. So the arms may be
getting a little tired if you're new to the practice. Stick with it, you got this.
Inhale, reach it up. Exhale, float it down. Let's do these
last two together. So here we go,
nice and slow, big inhale. Fingertips reach all the way up. And slow exhale,
fingertips gently float down, maybe fingertips kiss
the earth at the bottom. (mimics kissing) Last one, inhale.
All the way up. And exhale to float it down. From here, bring the palms
face up on the knees or thighs. Just take a
second here to listen to the sound of your breath. Again, today's all about
just inviting that listening in, and if it feels challenging,
or difficult, or like you're ready
for some Chaturangas, I totally get it. But we're gonna
try to train ourselves to focus on the breath. Focus our
awareness on the breath. Good, and then after a
little observation moment, a moment of stillness, we'll come forward onto
all fours, nice and easy.

If it feels right
to pad the knees, you can use your bath towel,
or your blanket to create a little extra
cushion for the knees here. We're gonna come
to Tabletop Position, aligning the wrists
underneath the shoulders, the knees right
underneath the hip points. So not too wide, not too narrow. Feeling as
though you're creating a nice strong base for yourself. So we work to create a
nice foundation, the asana, building from the ground up.

On this journey,
same thing with the breath. Building a really
strong foundation with the awareness of breath so that as we start to
layer on breath technique and other fun stuff,
we've already started a lifelong romance, new flavor to the
relationship with the breath. Okay, I'm gonna
stop talking about that, and let's do
some spinal flexion. Here we go, drop the belly. Inhale, open the chest. Look forward. Nice and slow, exhale,
navel draws up. We press into the palms, press through the
tops of the feet, crown of the head drops down. Arching the back. Moving slow with purpose. So intentionally moving slower here. Inhale, drop the belly. And exhale. Hug those low ribs up, up, up. Feel the skin in
the back stretch.

Press into the fingerprints. And one more slow one.
Inhale, drop the belly. See if you can find nuance,
invite an awareness of nuance in.
Whatever that means to you. Exhaling. Arching the back,
drawing the navel up, pressing into the tops
of the feet and the palms. Excellent, now you can begin
to speed it up a little bit. Maybe find what feels good,
moving with your breath. Inhaling to drop the belly. Exhaling to round
through the spine. You can find a rhythm
here that feels good. But see if you can
follow your breath.

Marrying the action, or
the movement, to the breath. Marrying the
breath to the action. Alright, from here come back to a nice neutral spine,
Tabletop Position. We're gonna curl the toes under. We're gonna walk the hands back. Sits bones, hips go back, and we're gonna stretch through
the fascia of the foot here. So keep the hands on
the ground here to start, especially if this is new, like your dogs are
going to be speaking to you. Take a breath or two here, and then if it feels right, you can walk the hands all
the way up to the hip creases.

You might even take your hands, and get that pinky toe on
the ground if it's not there. Sit up nice and tall. If you take the
hands off the ground, lift up from the pelvic floor. Start to find that
midline even here. Let's take one
more deep breath in. Long breath out. And then come
forward back onto all fours. We will uncurl the toes. And from here we're
gonna take the right hand, we're gonna turn
it around clockwise, so that the fingertips are
facing towards my right knee. Use your left hand for
a little stability here, and nice and slow, we're gonna
move in a circular direction.

So you can think about
moving your chest, or your core, your heart center, or your
solar plexus in a circle. And you're gonna try to
keep all of your fingerprints on the ground for this. And this can be very small. Especially if you
have a lot of tightness in the wrists and the forearms. We have a fair amount
of yoga ahead of us so we're setting
ourself up for greatness. Alright, reverse your
circle if you haven't already, and invite your awareness
back to your breath. Alright, then
we'll release that, come back to Tabletop Position. Grounding now
through the right hand. We'll take the left fingers, turn them around
towards the body. Breathe here, pressing
into the fingerprints. Again, we're
using that right hand to kind of
support this movement, or this therapy in the left arm. And then nice and easy,
soft and easy, no need to push, moving in a circular direction. Keep an awareness
in the neck here. Notice I'm not
dropping the neck, but always remembering the neck is an extension of the spine. Reverse the circle,
nice and easy. This way could feel
a bit different too.

This is so great. Think about all the time
we spend holding our phones, and on computers and even playing instruments. Just so nice, especially if
you want to get more into yoga, it's a good thing to
spend some time on the hands and the wrists
and the forearms, but also connect that to
the midline and the spine. That's why it's
good to get in the habit of not collapsing in the neck. Alright, let's
release that baby. Let's walk the knees
as wide as the yoga mat. Bring the big toes to touch,
send the hips back. Spider crawl the fingertips
towards the front of the mat. Take the deepest
breath you've taken all day. And as you exhale, melt your
heart down towards the ground, forehead towards the earth. Three deep breaths here
in Extended Child's Pose. This is a good shape to invite your awareness
to your breath and see if you can breathe wide. What does that mean, Adriene? Find a lateral breath. One that feels like it fills the
lungs and expands the rib cage.

And then press into the
tops of the feet slowly. Make your way back
to Tabletop Position. We have lots of time here to
play with that lateral breath, so no need to worry about getting in or
doing it right here. We're gonna walk
the palms forward now from Tabletop
Position just a bit. Upper arm bones
rotate externally. We keep the knuckles and the fingerprints
rooted to the ground, as we curl the toes under, take a deep breath in here.

And on an exhale, lift the
hips up high, nice and slow, and back, nice and slow,
Downward Facing Dog. Now keep that strong commitment
in the hands to the earth as you begin to bend
the knees one at a time. Again, waking up the feet, stretching through
the fascia the foot, the achilles, the ankle,
of course, the calves, the backs of the knees. Inviting the
hamstrings to lengthen ever so slightly. Mmm. External rotation
in the shoulders. Nice, strong
stable shoulders here. We're getting there,
we're getting there. Now from here, we're
gonna hug the low ribs just in a bit to feel the
core muscles turn on. So we're hugging the
low ribs in just a bit. Turning on the core. Then we're gonna
straighten both legs. Don't worry about the
heels touching the ground. Make sure you're not holding or gripping in
the head or the neck.

We're here for three,
breathe deep. Two, an on the one, we're
gonna slowly bend both knees, and take baby steps
slowly, slowly, slowly to the top of the mat. When you arrive,
walk the feet hip width apart, so you have a nice bit of space between the arches of the feet, and then bend both
knees to relax the weight of your head over,
relax your shoulders. Relax the elbows, the hands, and soften through the jaw. Now bring your awareness
to the soles of your feet. To the way in which
your feet are connected now to the yoga mat
or to the ground. And see if you can really
exaggerate a bit of connection through the four
corners of the feet. So the ball joint
of the big toe mound, the ball joint of
the pinky toe mound, and the back two
corners of your heels. Glue them down. Then see what happens if you start to lift
up just energetically, just a little awareness
from your arches. And then let
that energy continue up through the inner ankle, inner calf, the inseam of
the legs, the inner thigh.

And then keep
that energy rolling up and let that be
what inspires you to slowly roll up to
standing like a ragdoll. Now as you slowly stack head over heart
and heart over pelvis, bring your attention back down to the four corners of the feet, and really, really
pin those four corners down, down, down,
and use that image to draw energy
up from the earth. It's just an invitation,
just a offering, right? Just to see what you can find. Something that could
be very helpful (laughs) on this journey. Alright, here we go, take a
deep breath in, Mountain Pose. Big sip of air. Exhale, relax the
shoulders down. We're nice and
grounded through the feet. We're lifting
energy up from the feet. We're finding
this sense of lifting and grounding right away, which we'll talk
more about later, but these two kind
of opposing energies, we invite awareness in. When you're ready, inhale, reach the fingertips
up towards the sky. Big breath in, big stretch. Exhale, bend the knees,
wiggle the fingertips. Go ahead and float it
all the way back down into that Forward Fold.

Excellent. Take a second here to
breathe into your belly. So inhale, see if you can feel
a deep breath into the belly. And as you play here with
a couple deep belly breaths, you might rock a
little side to side, clasping opposite elbow
with the opposite hand. You might shake the head
a little yes, a little no. You might have
found a little connection with four corners of the feet, and you might be
enjoying instead just working on the breath here in stillness. Making sure the
head is nice and heavy. After about three breaths here, we'll release the
arms if they're clasped. And we're gonna slide
the hands on an inhale all the way up past the shins, past the knee caps,
to the tops of the thighs.

Then we'll send the
crown of the head forward. Tug the elbows in and back. Draw the shoulders
away from the ears. Find length in the spine, as if you were in
that Tabletop Position. So there's a nice long line
from the crown to the tail. Good, then inhale, draw
the shoulder blades together. One more breath here. And then exhale,
slide it all down, let it all go, and that was a great experiment. Beautiful, root to rise here. Ground through the feet. Back up the way we came. Inhale, send the fingertips
forward, up, and back. This time you might stand a
little taller, open the chest. And exhale, we're gonna
go right back down in it. So wiggle the fingertips,
Forward Fold. Bowing the head. Good, inhale. Slide the
hands all the way up to the tops of the thighs. Pull the elbows in and back
like little grasshopper legs. Find length in the neck. And on an exhale,
soften and fold. Bring everything back in. Good, root to rise here.

Inhale, reach for the sky,
spread the fingertips, open the chest, lift your heart. And exhale, diving back in. Forward Fold. This time, inhale, slide the
palms just to the shins. Stay rooted through all
four corners of the feet. Inhale, find length in the neck, nice flat back position
or working toward it. Good, and exhale, let it go. Good, inhale. Reach for the sky,
big breath in. And exhale, Forward Fold,
all the way down. This time fingertips on the mat,
just another variation. Keep the fingertips on the mat as you inhale, look forward. Careful not to crunch
the back of the neck here. I have a great Benji view here. Not complaining. And then exhale, Forward Fold. Alright, last one, inhale,
reach all the way up. Big breath, big stretch,
fill the lungs. And exhale, rain it down,
Forward Fold. Soft fingers maybe here. Good, inhale, halfway lift,
check it out, your choice. You get to decide
where you put the palms. I'm gonna just invite
you to move with your breath when we come to
this part in the future, and find nice length
from the crown to the tail. So release it if you
haven't already, Forward Fold.

Alright, we're gonna slowly bring the fingertips to the mat. We're gonna send
the left toes back, but you can move
nice and slow here. There's no reason to super
rush through these transitions. In fact, take your time, always really mindfully moving. Kind of simplifying
where we can, always. So left toes are back,
back knee is lifted here as we reach the left heel towards
the back edge of the mat. Good, then notice
if you're crashing down on your fingertips. See if there is anything,
there may not be, but see if there's
anything you can do to take some weight
off your fingertips by maybe engaging the
muscles of the thigh, the glutes, the core,
maybe squeezing the inner thighs to the center of the mat, so that you can come off
the fingertips just a bit. Beautiful, now inhale,
carve a line with your nose look forward,
kind of open the chest towards the front of your mat. You're doing great. If you're shaking here
already you're not alone. I promise you. Take a deep breath in. And then exhale,
lower the left knee to the mat.

Come on to the top
of that left foot. Beautiful, and on
your next breath in, ground through all four
corners of your right foot as you sweep the fingertips
forward, up, and back. Now careful not to
dump all of your weight into that front hip. Pull the right hip crease
back and find your center. Find a little bit
of core engagement, even if it's way deep, deep,
deep, deep, deep down in there. (chuckles) Thumbs back, pinkies forward.

Inhale, you might
carve a line with your nose up to look up towards
the ceiling or the sky. And then exhale, soften the fingertips,
bend the elbows. Bring it all the way back
down to your nice low lunge. You're doing great.
Inhale to look forward. Benji view for me,
and then exhale, pull the right hip crease back as you send the hips back, keeping this right
foot nice and flexed. So whether you've been in
this runner's stretch before, or not, see if you can
really give a nice deep bend to that right knee,
and then find an inhale to look forward. And an exhale to bow the
head in towards the heart. So again, maybe in the past, you've kept a
nice lock knee here. See if you can bend
it pretty generously. Pull the right hip crease back,
inhale, look forward. And exhale, draw the
chin into the chest. Good, one more time.
Inhale, look forward. Careful to not crash
on the fingertips here.

Exhale, chin to chest. Good, then inhale the
roll all the way through. Left hand comes to the mat. Right thumb comes to
the right hip crease. Now use that thumb to pull
the right hip crease back. Right knee is
over the right ankle. Good, then maybe from here
we send the right fingertips all the way up towards the sky. And you can keep
the back knee lowered, or maybe from here, following our breath, we curl the toes under
and lift that left knee up. Squeeze the inner
thighs towards the mid line. You might find
more rotation here, as you slowly
breathe in and out. Finding a sweet rotation in
the rib cage, in the spine. Maybe eventually
turning your gaze all the way up towards the sky. Good, inhale. Fill it up,
nice big wide breath. And then use the
exhale to soften, and bring it all back down. Alright, here we go. Plant the palms, step the
right toes back for Plank Pose. So we're pressing
into the knuckles, we're pressing into the space between the index
finger and thumb.

We're clawing
through the fingertips. Basically the hand to earth
connection here is strong. We're reaching the heels back. And then we can bring
it onto the knees here if we want, and maybe
even lifting the toes, crossing the ankles for fun. So you're in a Plank
with the knees lifted, or you're in a Half Plank with
the knees on the ground here. I highly recommend
lowering the knees if you are new to the practice or building stability,
in addition to strength. Alright, we're here
for three, two, one. Everyone lower all
the way to the belly. Take a deep breath in. Ooh, there's a
little heat there. Long breath out. Walk the hands in
line with the rib cage. Press the tops of the feet, the pubic bone into the earth, press into your hands and
slowly inhale, Baby Cobra. Oh man, this is the
best Benji view ever.

Exhale, forehead kisses the mat. Two more like that,
strong foundation here. Inhale, lift it up. Maybe a little higher. And exhale, forehead kisses mat. Last one, squeeze those
elbows into the rib cage. Use your foundation,
inhale, we rise up. Building strong back,
nice and mindfully. And exhale to release, gorgeous. Curl the toes under. Option here to
press up to all fours. Tabletop Position,
or press up to Plank. Once you've made your choice, take a deep breath in,
nice wide lateral breath, and use the
exhale to send the hips up high and back,
Downward Facing Dog. Great, inhale in
through the nose here. And exhale out
through the mouth. Now seal the lips,
in through the nostrils. And out through the nostrils. Beautiful. One more time,
big inhale in through the nose. And out through the nose. Beautiful, bend the knees. Inhale to look forward. Exhale, you're gonna
repeat the baby steps like we did before, or you can take two steps,
a little bit of a ragdoll, or four steps, or if you
want to start to integrate a hop, we'll meet at
the top of the mat.

Feet together, really together. Take your time though,
there's no rush. And when you get there,
follow that inhale, lift up to a nice flat
back position, your version. Nice long neck, and then
exhale to soften and fold, let everything go. Beautiful. Fingertips on the earth,
we slowly, don't rush it here, step the right toes back. Front knee over front ankle. Right heel reaches back
as we slowly carve a line with the nose forward,
opening up through the chest. Mmm, and opening up
through those front neck muscles, and throat. Alright, really taking the
time to breathe deep here. Moving nice and slow. Inhale in. And on an exhale, slowly lower
the right knee to the earth. Flip onto the top
of the right foot. Let this be part of
the root of this posture. So really strong connection
with that right foot. Can even give it a
little tap if you like. Squeeze the inner
thighs towards the midline, engage the muscles of
the thighs, the glutes. It can feel sometimes
as though you're pulling the left foot back, and dragging the
right knee forward.

And then from a place
of connect, we'll inhale, reach the fingertips
forward, up, and back. Crescent Lunge, lifting the
heart up towards the sky. Maybe following your breath. Again, letting the breath lead
you here, best you can. Maybe following the breath, and sending the gaze all
the way up towards the ceiling, towards the sky. And then when you're ready,
follow an exhale. So inhale in big. Follow the exhale
all the way down. Fingertips come
back to the earth, and we'll pull the left
hip crease back this time. Really flexing the
left toes towards the face, so towards your forehead. Then bring a generous
bend into that left knee, super generous,
and you can find, since you've already
done this on the other side, you can find kind
of a soft gaze here, or even close your eyes, and notice what giving
that generous bend does.

Find the sensation
and get curious about the musculature here as you breathe. And inhale in here
to look forward. Exhaling to draw the
chin into the chest. Inhaling to look forward. And exhaling to round it in. Great, inhale slowly
roll through the left foot. And we'll send the
right hand to the earth. Left thumb to the left
hip crease, pull it back, so find your nice alignment, and so this left
shin is stacked. We're gonna use this
throughout the whole journey. And we start to spiral,
big twist in the spine. Spiral the heart up,
maybe the gaze up. I'm pressing away from my
yoga mat with my right hand, I'm not clenching my left toes. I'm breathing,
the neck is nice and long. Maybe I send left
fingertips up towards the sky. Ooh, opening up
through the chest, scapula, side body. And maybe I curl the
right toes under, inhale in. Exhale, lifting the back knee up. Tuck the chin slightly.

Stay positive,
stay present, stay one. Just building a really beautiful
foundation with integrity. Good, inhale. Big, wide breath. And exhale to bring
it all the way down. Ooh, awesome! Plant the palms,
here we go, step it back. So we are in a Plank,
and you know, the thing is we're never
really holding in a Plank or Half Plank
because we're breathing, we're letting
the breath move us. So top of the Plank here,
heels are reaching back.

Whether the knees
are lowered or lifted we're all working to
keep the neck nice and long. Tugging the shoulders
away from the ears. Maybe sending your gaze
out just a little bit in front. We're here for three. Breathe deep,
hug the low ribs in. Two, and one. Slowly lower all
the way to the belly. Inhale in, let out a
sigh if you need to. Bring the hands in
line with the rib cage. Hug the elbows in. Just one Bhujangasana here. Inhale to open the heart. Look forward, soften your gaze. Maybe coming a
little bit higher. And then using your exhale
to follow the breath down. Lovely, from here, curl the
toes under nice and easy, keep it nice and low. We're gonna come to all fours,
Tabletop Position. Then we'll cross one
ankle over the other, and we'll use the hands
to guide us all the way back through to a nice
cross-legged seat. When you get there,
interlace your fingertips.

Then you're gonna
press the palms forward, up and back, big breath in. Exhale, release it down. We're gonna flip the
palms so they're facing you. Then you're gonna take one
thumb to the center of the palm, and you're just gonna
give it a little massage. Little self massage. This is something
you can do at nighttime, as you're going on this journey. You're gonna be on your hands a little bit more
maybe even than normal. Be patient with your
wrists and the hands. They will adapt. We'll be mindful,
everyone's different of course. Okay, let's switch. Opposite thumb to opposite palm. But yeah, you're gonna
be feeling some things, so try not to give up.
Try to stick with it. I'll give some
modifications too, for people who do want to
tend to some fussy wrists but this is a great
move that I wanted to share with you on Day 1 so that
you could do it on your own, in the shower, the bath,
with some soap.

(laughs) Hey-yo! First hey-yo
of the journey. Excuse me,
but in all seriousness, this is a great thing to do with a little lotion,
or a little soap, washing your hands,
keeping 'em clean. Seems relevant,
or maybe, yeah, in bed. (laughs) You guys know what I'm saying.
Okay, this is great. So after a little self massage, let's take one more breath
to press the palms forward, lift it up and back, and see if you can really
feel the rib cage expand here as you breathe in. Those back ribs
expanding and softening as you breathe out.

Good, then we'll just
release this, release it all, and come on down to the ground. We are almost done with
this beautiful Day 1 practice. Hi Benji. Alright, if you have a blanket
or a towel, keep it handy. We're gonna bring it underneath
the backs of the knees, optional, of course, in a moment, but come on down to the ground. When you get there,
bend the knees, walk the heels
close up towards the bum. Plant the palms on the earth, root through all
four corners of the feet. And here we go,
a little Bridge Pose. Lifting the hips up high,
nice and slow as you're ready. This isn't gonna be
a huge Bridge Pose, so just a little
one here to start. We'll grow this
throughout the journey. Lifting the hip points up. Think about your
shins moving forward. And maybe we
interlace the fingertips, draw the
shoulder blades together. If it doesn't feel
right for your body, let's go ahead
and hold off on that.

Breathing deep here. And the last action is to lift the chest toward the chin. And then lift the
chin up towards the sky. So chest to chin, chin to sky,
take a deep breath in. And on the exhale, follow
the breath all the way down. Beautiful, walk the feet together,
open the knees wide. Bring your hands to
rest on the belly here. Close your eyes,
and invite your awareness to your belly.

Feel the warmth of
your hands on the belly. Let gravity do the work
here in this final hip opener. So thighs are nice and heavy. Tuck the chin, lengthen
through the back of the neck, and take a deep
breath in, fill the belly. So feel the hands
maybe even rise and fall as you exhale. We'll definitely
be getting into more belly breathing,
more diaphragmatic breath work. But for now, just give
it a couple little passes, feeling the belly rise,
perhaps as you breathe in. And fall as you breathe out. And then bringing the fingertips to the outer edge of the legs, outer edges of the legs, hug the knees into the chest.

Wrap the arms around the shins, and give
yourself a big hug here. Rock a little side to side. Massaging the low back. Stretching through the glutes. Relax your shoulders. Soften through your jaw. And then slowly let
the feet come to the earth with a little thud. And if that felt good, you
can do it a couple more times. And then we'll extend one leg,
and then the other, and allow the hands to
rest gently at our sides. Relaxing the weight
of the body fully now into the earth for the
final posture, the Corpse Pose. Take a second to
maybe lick your lips. I know it's silly,
but lick the lips and then intentionally
relax the tongue in the base of the mouth. Close your eyes and
soften the skin of the forehead. And I invite you to just
take a quick moment here to see what happens when you invite yourself to let go. Easier said than done, I know, but that's why
we're here to practice.

Can you give yourself
even just a moment? The invitation to
do absolutely nothing. Let your breath return to just a natural rhythm, natural flow. Letting go of any areas where you might be
holding or clenching. Inviting the body, the mind and your spirit or your heart,
for a second here to just be in existence. Now gently invite your
awareness back to your breath. And notice how
you feel about that. Embarking on a
journey for yourself, where on Day 1 the entire premise is an invitation. I can't wait to
see where it goes. As you continue to
gently deepen the breath, invite a little energy, a little movement back
to the fingertips and toes. Then the ankles and the wrists. And then we'll lift one
knee up, and then the other. Turn onto one side,
a little fetal position moment.

Hold me. (laughs) Just kidding, and then press
all the way up to a nice seat. Bring the hands
together at the heart space. Just a quiet moment here
with the palms in prayer to say thank you. First to yourself
for showing up here. Saying yes to this journey. And then just a
little nod to one another. Thank you so
much for joining me, and sharing this connection with so many
people around the world. I hope that it is a
fun and meaningful story that you write in
the next 30 days. I'll be here to guide you and it is my honor and pleasure. So on that note, one final
big inhale in together. And exhale together. We bow the head to the heart. And there's an
invitation here to whisper. Namaste. Thanks everyone. I'll see you tomorrow. (bright upbeat piano music)

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