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hey yogis welcome to a new practice today I'm going to be
honored to guide you through a yin style yoga   practice so that means that we will do a lot 
less poses and we also hold those poses for a   lot longer it's gonna be a more gentle sequence 
that's the style of yin a very typical for yin   there's no chaturangas no planks there's no 
strength in it it's very relaxing restorative   and gentle practice which doesn't necessarily 
make it less challenging sometimes slowing down   is harder for most of us then you know doing 
something strong but since we are in each   pose for one to three minutes it could get very 
challenging for the mind and that's exactly why   we do it if you find yourself being challenged 
with this kind of practice it might be a good   sign that you need to do more of it all you need 
for today is really your mat your carpet or just   something on the ground you can also use a towel 
or so however you make this work you don't need   much for this if you want to put a pillow nearby 
just for support or some block it's always good to   have that's really it for today so welcome to 
our restorative practice this is also a great   one for increasing flexibility since we're holding 
those stretching poses for so long and also very   good for really diving deep internally focusing on 
the breath and slowing everything down calming the   mind down a little bit especially these days where 
things are pretty interesting in the world yeah we   all need that let's begin in a seated position 
so you can just join me here in hero's pose you   can also sit cross-legged you can also sit on a 
pillow or to sit nice and tall close your eyes place your hands wherever it's comfortable 
perhaps in your lap or on your thighs or   on your knees take a moment to feel your 
own body feel all the limbs your fingers   fingernails kind of exploring the the 
edges of our body where does our body   end physically you're also energetically invert 
us your surrounding that space around you begin I'd want to bring some more awareness 
to your skin just kind of that layer   in between between your body and 
your internal world and the extra feel the feet the toes relax your shoulders down sit tall feel your belly your chest also your 
upper back and notice how all these   parts are moving as the breath is 
flowing in and out through the nose notice the sensation of the breath the 
air passing by the tip of your nose entering the nostrils entering the body your body is processing that fresh air to 
keep everything going to keep everything alive notice the exhale how the air is leaving 
the body again and then it all repeats   it's all starting over again many many 
times throughout today never really   taking a break your body that perfect 
system is always going always working that's a beautiful thing let's take a moment to be   grateful for that that it's working its 
functioning you're healthy you're here   you got Internet you got a home where 
you can make this do this practice I set an intention for your practice today and slowly blink your eyes open nice and 
slow find your way into a tabletop come on   to all fours the shoulders are above the 
wrists the hips are above the knees let's   move the spine a little bit untuck your toes on 
your inhale arch your back look forward exhale   round your back push the ground away inhale 
arch your back look forward exhale round inhale arch two more exhale round last one round 
the back very good come onto the toes lift the   hips up and back for downward facing dog we're 
just moving through walk your dog if you need to very good connect to that stillness within let the 
body slow down as well lift your right leg up and   back three-legged dog bend your knee open stack 
the hips now that's coming to pigeon pose bring   the right knee behind the right wrist cross the 
shin over the mat release the left knee down scoot   the hips back and for this one you want to set 
it upright so take your time I like to bend the   right leg a lot so that it's a lot more gentle for 
the right knee this is definitely the more I would   say entry version of this pose and that's what I'm 
going to do as well with you because my knees are   pretty sensitive but you might feel you might not 
feel a much here and you want to go into a deeper   version which is the right leg more forward so 
the more you bring that right shin forward the   the deeper you will go into this one and also at 
the same time you want to be more careful with the   knee so not do this one doesn't work for my body 
maybe it works for yours and so you just take that   option I will stay here with the knee nice and 
bent and the left toes and stay on the palms or   fold forward down for sleeping pigeon since we're 
here for probably three minutes or so you don't   want to go to your full extend right away you kind 
of want to ease your way into this pose into the   shape so you start somewhere where you feel it 
and then you go from there over time give it time   it's important to keep the breath going so we'll 
hang out here for two more minutes or something   and there's really different length of time you 
can stay in this pose in this class today we'll   do about three three minutes for basically every 
pose and we will do a lot less poses of course   but some instructors do even less poses and stay 
even longer so it's not uncommon to stay for five   minutes in a pose some people even do ten minutes 
not just in restorative yoga but also again one   of the teachers I trained under and studied 
yin she's doing a 20-minute seated straddle   forward fold and doing all kinds of activities 
while she's in the pose or just relaxing for 20   minutes read a book while you're in that pose 
so relax into this feel the breath maybe relax   your forehead down to your hands to your
forearms just got one more minute or so here breathe into the outside part of your right 
hip constantly checking in with the knee so   that the knee feels fine feels safe I really 
want to avoid any sensation in the knee not   just the painful ones of course those you 
want not even want to experience but any   kind of sensation you want to avoid in the 
knee keep that right foot flexed a bit more   but more mostly you want to relax into this 
pose it's a bit different than when we come   into these shapes in a vinyasa style practice 
where we're holding it for five breaths here you want   to really relax and make the breath and 
the relaxation part of this the main focus place your hands on the ground slowly push 
yourself back up sit over onto the right hip   bring that left leg that back leg forward and 
around all the way outside the right time lean   to your right side extend the right leg forward 
this time readjust on your mat now we're coming   into a half cow face so you want to stack that 
left knee over the right knee so maybe for you   that's something like this maybe you can go deeper 
into it and stack the knee all the way over it   really doesn't matter just do what works for your 
body right now and then you keep that right foot   a little bit flexed or more upright but not as 
active as you would in a regular vinyasa style   practice walk the hands forward relax into it 
so we're here for about three minutes so find   the sensation in the body but not your end range 
and your max yet give the body time to open up you want to put a pillow between your knee and   your head go ahead so you 
can fully relax into this feel the breath coming in and out through the 
nose focus on that breath keep the breath going I've got two more minutes here close your eyes I hope you have 
some good music going otherwise   it's gonna be a lot of silence 
in this class which is also great my job is really only to guide you into 
the pose and then I keep reminding you   to relax and breathe all kinds of sensations 
can come up in our practice like this you all   of a sudden might feel very hot or maybe 
cold or you got some tension coming up   know that this is most likely because of the 
practice you're doing right now it can trigger   many things and it's even more important if 
that happens to stay focused on the breath keep the breath going into the nose out 
through the nose nice and slow nice and deep slowly release plant the hands down take your 
time to come out of it you might also feel extra   tight and stiff as you come out of a post that's 
perfectly normal bring that sole of the right of   the left foot inside the right time so it just 
like tree pose your left hand goes behind you   which is the back of the mat next to your left 
hip you lift those hips up stay on the left knee   just for a quick count of stretch we're not here 
for three minutes just pushing the hips forward   engage the glutes reach out with the right arm 
up and over your head raise the hips back down   lots of forward folding in this pose so you need to 
do another round of this counter stretch go ahead   extend both legs forward coming into a seated 
forward fold so for this one I want you to bend   your knees bend your knees and then grab the feet 
scoot the hips back until you feel the sensation   in the back side of your legs and that's why you 
stay so maybe you feel it now already and you stay   here you can then put a pillow between your chest 
and your thighs if you want to or just stay here   relax into it whatever you need to do to relax and 
use less less strength or tension in the muscles   that's what you want to do maybe your legs are very 
straight that's also fine so wherever you are   all we're looking for is that sensation in the 
back side of your legs perhaps also in your lower   back or your upper back and that will you staying 
so let's start here over here for three minutes you can round the back tuck to 
chin to the chest let's make   sure it's it's pretty effortless what you're doing especially this forward fold feel them 
the lungs expand and how they're moving   the back they'll prepare the the upper 
back is basically breathing and expanding there might be a moment where you feel like you 
really want to leave that pose now and it's kind   of getting uncomfortable you build up some tension 
some resistance especially if it's a very strong   sensation that you might approach that edge or 
that border where you feel kind of uneasy in this   pose or in any pose so notice if that's if that's 
you if that's happening to you then that's the   time where you want to focus more on the breath 
take deeper slower breaths and stay in the pose   you want to stay in it and know that this is when 
the real practice begins so when you experience   that that's where it starts welcome to the 
practice welcome to yoga then stay with the breath especially if you're new to this you might 
approach to this kind of border or this edge   very fast breathe through it stay with the breath 
you're all safe as long as there's nothing sharp   and painful and you feel like you're about to 
get injured and it's all good if it's getting   a little bit uncomfortable and the body is 
creating some tension telling you what are   you doing come out of this pose now try to do 
a couple more breaths we got one more minute slowly release walk the hands back take 
your time it's okay if you feel really   stiff and if you feel like you're 100 
years old it's all good it's part of it   use your hands to help bend your knees we're 
coming into a butterfly pose bring the feet   together the soles of the feet together 
and then you can fold forward and down grab the feet if you want to but also just relax 
with the hands or the forearms down maybe for   you it's more like more like this it's all good 
keep shifting the weight forward so that you also   lengthen the lower body and not just the upper 
body and we here for three minutes very easy or   I should say a gentle practice it might not be 
easy at all depending where you add what's going   on in your life all the stillness and the slow 
pace might trigger a lot of things especially   if you usually ignored by doing a strong class 
or keeping yourself busy or distracted and this   is the time when the mind gets very loud and busy 
when you're slowing down sitting down to meditate   coming down to do a practice like this the voice 
in your head might go go off a lot and it's very   loud that's perfectly normal we all go through 
this some more some less some for a longer time   some for a less long time it's all part of it stay 
with the breath it's all good it's all gonna be   good in the end if it's not good yeah that's not 
the end stay with the breath one breath at a time just 30 more seconds when you release take your time push 
yourself back up use your hands to   bring your knees back together cross 
your ankles roll over the knees find   your way onto your belly that was a lot 
of forward folding so far in this class we're now coming into some back bends or 
one back bend at least which is sphinx   pose you can come onto the forearms bring 
the feet wide apart have those shoulders   over the elbows keep the glutes a little bit 
engaged but relax everything else in your body purposely we're purposely not doing any of 
upward dog or cobra pose also you just need   too much strength for our practice like this 
in this one you can it can be pretty relaxed   that gravity do all the work that's really 
what we're doing in the yin yoga practice   like this one that's gravity do all the 
work you relax you breathe it's all good we need a break and this is getting too deep 
then of course come out of it just lay on your   belly otherwise stay with the breath into the 
nose and out your nose you got two more minutes that's a great practice to do if you of course 
want to increase flexibility or if you want to   do more of a moving meditation where you 
really slow down breathe and arrive I also   like to do this practice in the evening it's very 
suitable for that for example before going to bed   or if you had a busy day or also if you want to 
take a day an easy day like a rest day and you   did a lot of stuff the days before so you not 
just want to take it easy no need to skip the   practice completely you can always do something 
super chill like this you can for sure always   meditate so that's always an option so it's 
nice that there are so many different types   of yoga asana the physical movement and poses 
that we do there's for sure something that fits   your day in your schedule and your current 
situation let's release the chest down bring   your forehead on your forearms just relaxing 
crocodile pose for a bit just on the belly come onto your toes and just 
rock the hips side to side very good place your hands underneath 
your shoulders and then push the hips   back for child's pose stay on the 
toes if you want to and that's meet   in downward facing dog just here for 
a little bit moving through lift your   left leg up and back three-legged dog bend 
your left knee open stack the hips move the   left knee behind the left wrist for pigeon 
pose now we're coming to the other side lowered hips down move that right leg back 
keep your front leg back a lot to keep the   knees safe just find what works for you and 
then relax down if you want or stay upright you've about three minutes set everything up so that you can relax and ease 
into it it's too much for you to keep the left   hip lifted you can also put something underneath 
that left hip for example a couple of books or a   pillow nice you can always pause the video and get 
those things if you forgot them it's not a live   class or public class you see I'm getting really 
comfortable here and I want you to do the same get   comfortable so you can relax into it keep checking 
in with the knee from time to time so that there's   really no sensation and I already know what I'm 
talking about with all these hip openers and me   because my knees are very sensitive you know I do 
jiu-jitsu a lot too and there's many let's call   them like leg locks or leg attacks and yeah can 
be sometimes a bit dangerous so over the years   I go to a few my knees a little bit more I'm not 
injured or anything at all it's all good in fact   I feel better than ever before but because of
jiu-jitsu I need to be a little bit more careful   with with the knees especially people hear it 
from me a lot to keep checking and checking   in with the knees be careful with them and you 
don't want to feel any sensation in the knees 30 more seconds maybe you have a background of knee injuries 
too you know from different sports or injuries   or whatever you had going on in your decades 
of life you have going through things happen   and so you all got our own history of things 
in the body so it's need important to honor   those and listen to those and not ignore them so 
knee release push yourself up sit over onto the   left hip bring that right leg forward and around 
outside the left thigh here we got just on the mat the into your left extend your left leg forward we're setting up again for half cow face nice and 
easy today no rush the right knee wants to come   on top of the left knee it doesn't matter how it 
looks if you have not noticed especially in this   class it's really all about relaxing feeling good 
so if the knees like this or even this you know if   you're new to yoga this is how I started this is 
all that was accessible at some point and maybe   that's the same for you today because you're new 
or because you have any injuries it's all good   we're all doing what we can and you ready fold 
forward we're here for three minutes nice and easy this one we're targeting 
more the back side of your   left leg I hope you feeling it already a hamstring I'll stop talking for this one so you can enjoy enjoy the silence or your 
music that you got going on close your eyes relax I'll tell 
you when it's time to come on keep focusing on the breath nice breaths in and out through your nose place your hands down take your time to release 
push yourself back up beautiful job let's bring   that sole of the right foot inside the left thigh 
for this short counter stretch your right hand   goes behind you lift your hips up stay on the 
right knee push those hips forward engage the   glutes reach your left arm up and over your head 
and release the hips back down very good I extend   both legs forward you're now coming into a seated 
straddle forward fold I will rotate to the left   but you can stay wherever you are right now you 
keep the legs straight bring the legs wide apart   and then you walk the hands forward we're here 
for again three minutes so take your time take   it nice and easy stay with the breath it's very 
important to not take me what I'm doing here how   I get into it or how deep I can go into it as 
an example if this is what you should be doing   or what you will be able to do one day if if 
you're staying up here and you're just leaning   slightly forward and that's it but you feel it 
in the body again that's all you're looking for   and that's great if you do this more and more 
over time the body might open up it will open   up more to some degree and to what's accessible 
and possible in your body but if you see those   people in this position with the chest on the 
ground it's not that if you do this more then   you will get to that as well you might but a lot 
of you also will not because there's differences   in bone structure how your body is designed and 
shaped and your hip socket is designed and you   know all the things with your bones so there's 
limitations so you could you could stretch like   all day every day for many years but still might 
not be able to put your chest on the ground and   this one because your bone structure just does 
not allow it so it's not that with training you   can reach you know all the flexibility and you can 
reach a certain level there's limitations and you   might never bring your chest to the ground and it 
also needs to be okay and it's important that you   know that so that you're not forcing it because 
otherwise it might just result in injury pretty   bad injury and that's the last thing we want 
because most of us step on the mat to heal to   feel better to feel great to be healthy and 
so by forcing it too much you might achieve   exactly the opposite this is with flexibility 
it's very different with strength strength I   would say everyone can can gain and get stronger 
at I don't know if there's any limit in strength   but strength is something it's not something 
you can train a lot further than flexibility let's do one more minute get ready to come out of the pose bring your 
hands down to the ground slowly slowly push   yourself back up it's really important to 
move slowly out of all these poses that you   hold for such a long time use your hands bring 
them underneath your knees to help bend your   legs again maybe one leg at a time very good 
now we are just on on my mat that's all come   on to the back let's cross the right ankle 
over the left keep those legs as they are if   you know what you're doing and you want to 
go deeper you can also slide the right leg   over the left thigh kind of like this and 
then bring the legs over to the left side   all the way down to the ground so wherever 
you are use good to hips to the right and   move the legs over down to the left it's okay 
if the right shoulder lifts up relax the legs   down extend your right arm away from you let's 
stay here for just a minute or so in this stretch close your eyes relax you only have the other 
side for the twist and then shavasana notice the breath with the help of your 
left hand bring your legs back   to center and that's transition 
for the other side nice and slow scoot the hips over to the left and bring the 
legs over to the right side all the way down we're here for a good minute your eyes are closed relax 
ease into it breathe breathe   into the a twisting sensation and the spine use your right hand help your legs back to center   nice and still are both knees into 
the chest give yourself a nice hug next in the legs forward for shavasana palms are facing upwards close your eyes relax your body staying here at least for three minutes as you can   stay longer if you want this is 
the final pose of our practice then all the other poses before 
relax into it make this effortless   observe the breath feel the air 
coming in and out through the nose start to observe that pause a 
gap between the inhale and exhale focus on it feel it focus on that stillness but nothingness feel if there's anything that resonates that's happening inside your body 
in the chest area your heart and just feels familiar you know it already that stillness that gap is the gateway into yourself who you really are where you came from before you came into this body where you're going again when you leave this body it feels comfortable keep focusing on that keep 
exploring that sensation that gap that stillness otherwise if it doesn't feel comfortable come back 
to the sensation of the air coming in and out through the nose you choose you decide I'll give you 
at that for today we do will just end   thank you so much for taking the time to slow down taking the time to breathe to arrive to be hope I will see you in the next video stay well stay healthy and seriously thank you so much namaste

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