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Hi! Hi! If you still don't know me, I'm Pri Leite. Welcome to the channel here. And for those of you who already know me,
this is a class you asked for, which is yoga for those who have never done yoga. One
more class. So, if you've never done yoga, this class is for you! And if you're super
new to yoga, this class is for you too. And if you've been doing yoga for a long time,
but you want to recap some basic poses, this
class is for you too. There are five standing yoga postures that, in addition to
helping to strengthen your legs, help you have a healthy posture,
will also bring you vitality and energy. Hope you enjoy it a lot! Come on? [intro music] Well done! Let's start standing, with a very simple posture.

Called "The Mountain Pose", Tadasana. This is a posture that it is the foundation for all other standing postures.
So, I'll show you, sideways, when you stand, many people end up
rounding here, the top of the column. And other people end up bringing
their hips too far forward. So, in the mountain posture, you are
high, like a mountain. Imagine that there is a point on your
heels, hips and shoulders and you will make a line, in which your spine will
lengthen, chin parallel to the floor and the top of your head towards the sky.
Spread your feet about hip-distance apart, spine long. It's almost like
the posture of meaning, right, military. I attended military school.

Feet together, posture
of sense. You can do the pose with your feet together, but today we are going to do it with your feet apart. And unlike the posture of sense, we bring the palms of the hands
facing forward. Shall we do this together? Then, thumbs forward
first, palms facing inward, feel how your
shoulders naturally come in. When you bring your palms
facing forward, you open your shoulders. Do you feel this movement here? On the shoulders, it
's opening well. So let's go one more time? Thumbs facing forward,
palms facing towards the body Then you inhale, bring your thumbs out and open your palms facing forward. [inhaling] Feel the difference?
Let's do it one more time.

[laughter ] Thumbs facing forward, palms facing towards the body. Inhale, open, bring your palms facing
forward. Open the chest, long spine. Chin parallel to the floor. Spread your toes, close your eyes. I want to invite you to have a few moments here. [laughter] To take a moment here, for you to take a few breaths. Deep, conscious breathing. Maybe your breath is long, maybe it's not balanced. It does not matter. No judgment. Watch. [breathing] And try to make your breath longer and deeper. And the inhalation as long as the exhalation. The Mountain Pose, where we stand, with the chest open, with the chin parallel to the ground, with the top of the head towards the sky, and the soles of the feet towards the center of the Earth. Feel tall and open. Balanced. Feel the balance between the front and back of your body. Between the right and left sides. Between
the top and bottom, as if you were a sphere. Growing in all directions. With a deep breath. Snuggling in here and now, in this moment in your practice. In that moment that is yours alone.

And gently you will open your eyes, keeping your breath deep. You can stay where you are, I'll come
forward for you to see better. We're going to do the Warrior One pose.
Place your hands on your hips and bring your left foot back. Left heel on the floor. The hips are facing forward.
Bend your right knee. When you bend your right knee,
make sure you're not passing the knee past the heel. That the knee is
in line with the heel. Bring the index fingers back forward. Then, in the same direction as your right foot , both hips are coming back
towards the right foot. Virabhadrasana one. Relax your shoulders and,
just like in Tadasana, open chest, long spine. Activate your abdomen. inhale. Bring your hands up there. And the name of this posture is Warrior One. So feel like a warrior. Strong, present, here and now. Feel the soles of your feet.

Balancing, towards Earth. Open chest. Deep breath. With your chin parallel to the floor, bring
even more energy into your palms. Spread the fingers of the palms. Breathe. And here, you'll probably feel the
stretch in your left hip, in your left leg. In addition to strengthening your right leg here, two more deep breaths,
bringing energy and vitality. [breathing] Then you're going to stretch your right leg,
put your hands on your hips once more. And this time, we're going to open up the
hip, bring the left hip back. So, you were with your fingers
facing forward, now your left hip will come back to your side. As we come
back to the side, bend the right knee again.
It's a different movement in the hips. Again, the important thing to protect your knee: the knee doesn't go past the heel. Open your arms. Look at your hands, they are on the same line.

Look over your right hand. This is the stance of Warrior Two. Virabhadrasana Two. Relax your shoulders. And breathe deeply. And just like
the Mountain Pose, long spine, open chest, chin parallel to the ground and deep breathing. [breathing] Here, we're going to do the Reverse
Warrior pose. Right palm comes back up, left hand will rest here on the left leg, but without putting pressure. Just go to rest.
We're going to reverse the warrior. Bring your right palm to the back. Inhale, reverse. stretch. Oh, delight. [laughter] You'll feel the side here. I'm feeling a lot on the right side. Breathe deeply. You are doing very well! Almost there. Then you'll stretch your right leg,
we'll go to our last pose. Open your hands, just like we were in
Warrior Two. We're going to do the Triangle pose. Here, you will have your
palms facing outward, just like we had in the Tadasana pose. And you will imagine a sandwich, you are between two walls, between two pieces of bread. You are the vegan bologna.

[laughter] Or not too. And you're going to bring your right arm forward. And the right hand down, the left hand up. I don't talk about food, because it
's a very controversial topic, but… …when I feel ready, I talk. That people will now ask in the comments why I mentioned bologna. [laughs] I don't eat meat, but that doesn't mean you don't have to eat meat to do yoga, okay? Breathe. Open the chest. If you can't put your hand on the floor, no problem, don't get hot. Put your hand on the shin. Open the chest a little more. As if you were between the two pieces of bread. [laughter] Breathe. This is a wonderful pose for your heart, lungs and kidneys. And this is a posture that brings a lot of vitality, the triangle posture. In addition to feeling the stretch on the side of the body and the inside of the legs.

Breathe. [breathing] And gently, inhale and lift. And bring your hands to your hips,
bring your left hip forward, bring
your left foot forward. [relief] Very well! You made a whole side, right side. Now we have to do the left side. Shall we do the left side? Come on! Let's find the posture of the Mountain. Just like the mountain, you are standing,
with your spine long, your chest open. Deep breath.

Take a moment here for you to notice the difference from the right side to the left side. Observe the effects of your practice. Place your hands on your hips, bring your right foot back there. Place your right heel on the floor. And this time, we're going to do the same sequence, but on the other side.
Then, place your hands on your hips, hips facing forward, in the same direction as your left foot. Always protect your knee without straining. Inhale, bring your hands up there. [inhaling] Relax your shoulders. Warrior One Pose. [exhaling] And just like in Tadasana, chest open, chin parallel to the floor. long column. Deep breath. And here you will notice that the more you lower your hips, the more intense the posture becomes, right? [laughs] So, you're home, calibrate how much
you want to drop your hips or not.

Breathe. [breathing] Feel like a warrior. Strong and present. Open and balanced. On the exhalation, place your hands on your hips, straighten your left leg, and this time we 're going to open your hips like we did
before. Open the hip. You are between the two walls, between the
two pieces of bread in your sandwich. Bend your left knee. Open your hands. Warrior Two Pose. The hands are more or less in line with your shoulders, slightly higher.
Look over your left hand. You will feel the stretch here in your neck as well.

And breathe. And maybe you feel the
energy moving a little bit more. Warming up the body a little more, right? [breathing] Now we're going to do the Reverse Warrior. Right hand relax down here, let go of the right hand. Left palm turns up. Inhale, reverse. stretch. Keep your left leg bent. [laughter] Deep breath. [breathing] Almost there! One more breath. And stretch your left leg, open your hands.

As if you were going to embrace the world. The hands are on the same lines as the feet. Facing forward. inhale. Bring your right hip back, left hand up. stretch. Put left hand down, right hand up. Triangle pose. See
what a triangle looks like, right? What are we doing? And if possible, over time you can
bring your left hand lower. Keep your chest open, towards the sky. [breathing] Energy in the hands. Deep breath. [breathing] Inhale. Get up slowly. Hands on hips, look forward,
bring right foot forward. And here, together, we will be in the posture of the Mountain. Palms facing forward, bring your feet together or hip-distance apart. long column. And here I will invite you to close your eyes. Take a moment for
yourself to observe your breath.

[breathing] Chest open. Palms facing forward. Observe the effects of your practice. And so glad you came here! [breathing] Bring your hands together, in Namaste, in front of your chest. In a gesture of cultivating balance. I hope you enjoyed this class.
May it be useful to you. From my heart to yours…..until next time. [kisses].

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