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– What's up everyone? Welcome to Yoga with Adriene,
I'm Adriene and today we have a very special
compassion flow for you today. This practice is going to
build some heat in the body, definitely tone the
muscles, core strength, all that good stuff, but more importantly, perhaps, this is a special practice
because, one, it's a little shout-out to
all my friends I met on tour recently, where our
theme was compassion, so this sequence is a
little tribute to that. But also, I think this is
a really important time for us all to practice
self-love and compassion, moving with compassion
and in an understanding of that feels like. And the more we
do that on the mat, the more likely we're
to do it off the mat. So hop in to something
comfy, and let's get started. (upbeat music) Alrighty, today we're
going to begin lying down. So come on down. Feel your back on your yoga mat, extend your legs out long. And when you're ready,
take the deepest breath you've taken in all day.

And use your exhale to just
really settle in to this moment, in to this practice. So the theme of today's
practice is compassion. This is a tribute to the
little tour we just did, meeting a ton of new friends in the Find All Feels Good
community. Begin to notice how you feel, and just take a
moment to settle in. The image here is
definitely that you just quickly grab the snow
globe off the mantel, you've shaken it up, and then you place it
gently back on the mantel. And watch the snow gently fall. So allowing the dust to
settle here a little bit, just noticing where
your energy's at. And then I invite
you to say yes, just say yes to your practice, to exploring, to moving
in a way that feels good, building strength in the body, but also balancing
out the energy.

And we'll do this by
focusing on compassion, the highest form of love. And when you're ready,
again, I'd like to invite you, a lot of you have heard
me say this before, but to consider that it's
not what we do here today but how we do it, the
way in which we move. Perhaps with compassion,
whatever that means to you, just say yes. So I will invite you to bring
your left hand to your heart, but don't rush it. A lot of you are already
there right now, I know it, so put your hand back,
(laughs) and let's, you know, just kinda set the tone
that this is an exploration, a practice. Gonna get a good workout,
gonna build strength, tone the muscles, balance
the energy of the body, but consider how you move,
in and out of things. So as you slowly
lift your left hand, place it on your
heart with care.

And then with the
right hand, same thing, nice and slow bringing the
right hand up and over, placing it on the lower belly. So now sending
breath to your hands, breathing into
your heart space, and breathing into
your lower belly, this point of intuition,
your guts. Gently deepening the breath. Letting go of
any stress, any tension. And setting a little
intention if you'd like here for yourself, it could be just to embrace
the theme of today's practice, or it could be to get
through the entire video. Awesome, then take
a deep breath in, and as you exhale,
open your eyes, reach the fingertips
up and overhead, big full body stretch
here as you breathe in. Give the thinking-mind
a break y'all. Start to really feel it out. Tap into the
sensation as you move, and again, let the
breath begin to take over and give your
thinking-mind a break. So again, let the breath
begin to take over and give the
thinking-mind a break.

One more breath here as you
maybe point and flex the feet, spread the finger tips, then on an exhale,
float the hands down, really connect the
hands into the earth. All of your fingertips
clawing down into the ground so use what you
got here, the earth. And then bring our
awareness to this space between your navel and
your spine, your center. And it's from there that
we'll drive the navel down, find that place of
connect in the middle, and from there,
either one knee at a time or both knees together, lift
the knees up towards the chest. And then do that two more times to explore really
moving from your center, from this core activation. So use what your mama gave you, so press hands into the earth, and when you're ready,
either both knees at a time or one knee at a time, really
moving from the middle there.

And that will change the
quality of the movement. One more time, connecting
to your center again, use your hands on
the earth, inhale in, and exhale, navel draws down
and we lift the knees up. Awesome. Give yourself a big hug here, wrapping the arms
around the shins, take a couple moments to
find what feels good here. Opening the knees, closing, maybe peeling the nose
out towards the knees. Maybe drawing
circles with the knees. Start to find what feels
good, really make it your own. Telling a little
story on the mat today, so no yoga robots, fo' sho. Alright, then bring the hands
to the backs of the thighs, give them a little rub. And then a little pat.

And I always like to think this is like the
pitter-patter of rain, especially when you're doing
it with hundreds of people, it gets really
loud and beautiful. So just present again, think
about your practice today as an act of story telling,
rather than all a workout. Still get a workout though. Alright, so moving
from your center again, that place that we just
drew our awareness to, see if you can
rock front to back. You can do it a couple of times, we're gonna rock all the way up and through to all
fours tabletop position. But take your time
getting there, again, considering how you
connect the dots today. So this is your practice,
your time for yourself. Really make an effort to
try to find what feels good and place the hands with love, place the knees underneath
the hip points with love, and we'll meet
in tabletop position. So pay attention
to your foundation, wrists underneath the shoulders, really press into
the tops of the feet, especially if you're
new to the practice, try to lift up
through the front body so you're not collapsing to
the shoulders, but lift up, everyone, actually, lift up
through your shoulder blades here so that the
back of your heart space is lifting up towards
the ceiling or the sky.

Then just make sure that the
lower belly is drawing in so you find that length
through the lower back and then last but not least,
make sure that you're considering
that your beautiful neck is an extension
of the spine here. So this is an
active pose, tabletop. Crown of the head
is reaching forward, tailbone is reaching back. We're pressing away
from the foundation, all of your fingerprints,
all of your knuckles, and the tops of the feet. Take a deep breath in,
long breath out as you draw the shoulders
away from the ears. Imagine placing a little tea cup on the back of the neck here. Then stay here, breathing,
finding this awareness from the crown to the tail, or we're gonna test out this
line of the spine, the dhundha, by inhaling in, this is
optional, and exhaling, bending the elbows,
lifting the knees, and hovering
in table for five. Put your gaze straight
down, four, breathe.

Two, and slowly releasing
the knees on the one. Awesome. Inhale, drop the belly,
carve a line with your nose, look up, cow pose. Press into your hands,
and then exhale rounding through the spine,
we can check, navel draws up, chin to chest, cat. Inhale, drop the belly,
press into your fingerprints, nice, slow, mindful
movement here as you open through
the chest, look up. And then exhale, rounding
through, chin to chest, arching the back,
rounding through. Again, inhale, drop the belly, tops of the shoulders
draw away from the ears, try to create a full body
experience in this final flex. And on the exhale,
rounding through starting at the
tail bone and traveling all the way up through, 'til the crown of
the head releases. Fabulous. Take a
couple more on your own. You might stick with this
structure we just did together or you might start to veer
off the railroad tracks a little bit, maybe
you have already, too.

If you're my friend and
you've been practicing with me a while, then you know. Find what feels good. Send the hips left and right. If the calves are sore,
maybe you curl the toes under. If you need to
come off the wrist, maybe you come
to a child's pose. So you take a little
bit of freestyle here to do your thing and really
move from a place of connect so it'll look different,
feel different every day.

But really practicing listening. And then we'll use this
stance that you've created on your yoga mat to make
our way to downward dog. So you do it in your own
time, not when I say to do it, but when it feels good. And that's not
just a catch phrase, it's this idea of really
training the mind and body to work as one,
to have a conversation. So you choreograph your
way to downward dog, that's where we will meet.

And same sort of thing. Strong foundation and then
find some freedom from that, maybe take your dog for a walk, tapping into a
nice audible breath. Everyone root down through
that index finger and thumb. Lift up from the hip creases,
soften the skin of the face. Fabulous, take one more deep
breath in wherever you are. Then exhale, drop the
heels downward-facing dog. Inner thighs rotate in. Tops of the
shoulders rotate out. Take one more
breath here, you got this. Exhale out through
the mouth with sound. Cool, inhaling again. Exhale, slow descend
of the knees back down. Awesome, now we're
gonna drop the elbows where the hands were, so drop the elbows
down and actually go ahead and bring them right
underneath the shoulders, and then plant your palms firmly so that the wrists aren't
coming in or going out, but they're right
in line with the elbows. So you have two parallel lines. And the upper arm bones are
perpendicular to your yoga mat. Cool, puppy posture, anahatasana
so plant all your fingers and slowly walk the knees backs, send your tail
up towards the sky, peek at me if
you need to, of course.

And nice and slow we
create this puppy posture, melting the heart to the earth. Perfect for our theme today. But also really
great if you own a smartphone, a computer, a child, a car, a journal,
an instrument, you catch my drift, right? Starting to open up
through the shoulders here. Maybe the forehead
touches the mat, maybe it doesn't
right now but it will in another day or another
year or maybe never. Bring the breath, fill the space with the sound of your breath. Big shoulder opening here,
so please breathe deep. Finding length in the side body and you can consider, again,
just like in downward dog, your hip creases
lifting you up, up, up. Sits bone
spreading left to right. Then firmly pressing to
the tops of the feet, press into all of
your fingerprints and try to move
from your center here. So the navel draws up, you can
even peek at the video here to see, this activation
of the navel drawing up and then from there, I'll slowly
carve a line with the nose slide on home all
the way onto the belly.

Bring the elbows again right
underneath the shoulders and we'll start to lift
up into sphinx pose. So press the pubic bone
down into the earth, and the feet are still hip-width
apart, not bound together. And again, just notice that
the wrists have come in or gone out. And this is an active
pose here so breathe deep. Press away from your yoga
mat, so find your foundation. Inhale, open the chest. And now exhale slowly
drawing a line with the nose past the right shoulder. Feel this connect from your
left ear to your left elbow all the way down
to your left toes. Again, nice active posture so you need
active breathing here.

Soften the skin of the
face and then imagine someone kissing you on the
left side of the neck here. Inhale in, exhale
come back to center. Inhale in again,
and exhale drawing a line now with the nose
past the left shoulder. And as you do that, feel that
intense stretch in the neck but also really find that
connect of ear, elbow, toes. Full body strengthening,
full body experience, imagine someone kissing you
on the right side of the neck, why not, right? Inhale, and then exhale
come back to center. Alright guys, let's light it up. Curl the toes under, tuck
the chin, lift the kneecaps, so coming into a form, plank here to
light a little fire, little agni in the belly. So from your navel,
inhale and exhale, navel draws up, we press
into the foundation, lift the hips, hovering
forearm plank for five, four, breathe deep,
nice long neck, three, two, press into
your fingerprints, awesome and then slowly release.

Hips come to the earth, we
press into the tops of the feet. Slide the hands back
in line with the ribs, hug the elbows
into the side body, tuck the chin into the
chest, and slowly roll up. Feel that stretch in the
back of the neck here. As you rise up, baby cobra. Inhale in. And exhale, cascading with the
breath as you come back down. Beautiful. Curl the toes under.

Coming into your power
here, nice strong plank, lift the kneecaps,
tone the quads, inhale press up to plank. Awesome, big exhale as you
find that lift-up through the center of
the upper back body. So don't collapse here, lift up through
your shoulder blades, lift your heart
through the back body. Take one more
breath here, you got this. And then exhale, hips up
high, downward-facing dog. Awesome work everyone. Deep breath in through the
nose, and out through the mouth. Shake the head loose. And when you're ready,
take it for a nice slow walk up towards the
front edge of your mat. Waking up through
the ankles, the feet, the backs of the legs. We'll meet in a forward
fold the top of your mat, feet hip-width apart. Soft bend in the knees. Continue to deepen your breath and find what feels good here. Maybe swing side to side,
maybe you come to stillness and allow the
breath to move you.

Maybe you clasp the elbows, a little rock gently
side to side. And take a moment to
shake the head loose. Then in your next breath
in, inhale, lift up halfway. Press into your feet, slide
the hands up to the shins or to the tops of the thighs,
and find that nice long spine you had in tabletop. Inhale in to find length and
exhale to soften and bow. Bend the knees, again
connect to your feet. Tuck the chin into the chest, and slowly begin to roll it up. If you're brave, close your
eyes and take it nice and slow. We'll meet in mountain pose. And when you roll up
to your mountain pose, you know what to do. Fix your pantaloons,
lick your lips, maybe shrug the
shoulders a couple time. Maybe find soft easy
movement in the neck. Coming into your best and
most beautiful mountain, finding a fresh breath,
so inhale lots of love in, and exhale lots of love out. Cultivate awareness
of the energetic body by drawing energy
up from the arches, lifting up through
that pelvic floor, just finding more awareness
as we go along here, all the way up through the
spine in that center plumb line.

Then we're gonna move the
fingertips at a flying V here, so not out at your sides,
and not forward, but right in a nice flying V to get that rotation
in the shoulder here. So we'll practice that as
you inhale, opening up, thumbs back, pinkies forward. And then exhale, lowering. And so if we're
used to being here, it's kinda hard to do that, so this is training us
to open the palms, find that rotation in the
shoulder, and inhale reach up. One more time, float it down. And this time with a fierce
compassionate breadth. Inhale, reach. Exhale,
relax the shoulders down, shoulder blades
down the back body, finding that lift-up
through the front body, that grounding
through the back body, and then take a big beach
ball up and over our head.

It's like you're holding the
beach ball, so there's energy between your hands thumbs back, pinkies forward. Then inhale in here,
exhale, bend the elbows, lift your chest,
big heart opener here. Thumbs back, pinkies forward,
maybe lift the chin. Smile. Then on your next inhale,
reach the fingertips up, and exhale rain it down. Forward fold. Bend the knees, big inhale
lifts you up halfway, find length, your version
of flat back here. Then exhale to soften and bow. Bend the knees,
inhale reach for the sky. Consider that flying V here,
that rotation in the shoulder. And exhale hands to heart. Soft knees,
inhale, reach it out. Exhale, bend the elbows,
thumbs back, pinkies forward, lift your chest. Inhale, reach for the sky, exhale, rain it down. Inhale, lifts up up halfway,
your version, long beautiful neck here,
find length. And then exhale,
soften and fold. Sweet, bring the feet
together here if they're not and then step
the right toes back.

Lower the right knee,
feel free to pad the knee by doubling up on your
mat, or bring your little towel or blankie
into your practice and then from here we're
gonna start to stretch out the lower body while still
maintaining this lift, or this awareness
through the heart. So make sure you're
not on a tight rope front knee over front ankle,
breathing deep in here, inhale. And then exhale, pulling
back to the left hip crease, take your left toes up towards
the sky, runner's stretch. So I'm not coming back
onto that heel, but rather my right thigh bone's
perpendicular to the mat. Again, flex your left toes,
breathe deep. Then rolling through
that left foot, we'll come all the way
to a nice low lunge. So you can keep
the back knee lowered if you need to stay low
to the ground today, your energy level's low, or you're just feeling
like that is really nice for the hip flexor, otherwise,
curl your right toes under and send the right heel
back, find that lift up from the pelvic floor, that
connection to your center.

Then wherever you are,
whether back knee is lowered or lifted, loop the shoulders, let your heart radiate
forward on an inhale. Maybe the fingertips
hover for a moment, and then exhale plant the
palms, step the left toes back and slowly lower belly to
cobra or maybe now chaturanga to upward-facing dog. Take your time, use your
inhale to open your heart and use the exhale to make
your way back down to down dog. Take your time. When you get there,
take a cleansing breath, so big inhale in through the
nose, shake the head loose, and exhale out
through the mouth. Awesome, nice and easy,
step the big toes together and when you're ready,
right foot comes all the way up and we lower the left
knee, nice slow lunge. Take your time here,
keep time nice and low.

Maybe walk the feet out. And front knee over front ankle. Just feeling it out, being
present with your breath, and then a lot of times we can get into the lower
body start to stretch but then we forget about
the rest of the body, so let the news from
down below travel up through the spine. Try to keep an open heart. Open mind. Inhale. Exhale, send the hips back
so really pulling back from the right hip crease, press into the top
of that back foot, we come to our runner's
stretch flexing the right toes up towards your face.

Relax the shoulders
down away from the ears and find your breath. And then rolling
through that right foot, we can keep the
back knee lowered or we curl the toes under and
lift, finding nice low lunge wherever you are,
whatever variation, find the little lift
from the pelvic floor, a little connect to your center, and then deep breath in together we'll all loop the shoulders, open the chest, let your
heart radiate forward. Maybe your fingertips
come off the ground. One big breath in here,
and then exhale. Plant the palms,
step right toes back and move through a vinyasa,
so it could be belly to cobra, or it could be
chaturanga to up-dog. So vinyasa is really just
about moving with intention, careful not to rush it here. Big exhale takes you
to downward-facing dog. Big inhale in. Long exhale out
through the mouth. Inhale, bend the knees,
look forward, exhale, make your
way to the top.

So if you're working on
hops, you can do that. You can repeat the
slow walk from before or you can always just
take a couple steps up where the hands are. Forward fold. Big inhale lifts you up
halfway, your version. Find length. And exhale to bow. Bend the knees, inhale,
reach for the sky. Big beach ball up and overhead. And exhale hands to heart. Bring the feet together,
close your eyes, observe your breath. And here we go. Bend the knees,
inhale flying V here as we reach for the sky. Exhale, bend the elbows,
thumbs back, pinkies forward, lengthen the tailbone down to
support the lower back here as you lift the sternum up.

So good. Inhale reach for the sky. And exhale rain it down. Soft bend in the knees. Awesome. Inhale lifts you up halfway,
nice flat-back position. And exhale to soften and bow. This time, bend the
knees, plant the palms, step or hop it back to plank. Optional vinyasa here,
you can just take it straight to downward dog, or you
move through a flow, building strength
with integrity, moving with your breath. We'll meet in downward dog. When you're there, take
a nice cleansing inhale in through the nose,
and maybe lion's breath. Exhale, tongue out. Awesome. Walk the toes together,
and on your next inhale, lift your right leg up high. Lift from your right inner
thigh, turn the right toes down, especially that
right pinky toes.

It may not go as high. So we're leveling the glutes
here, leveling the hips, not because that's the
way we do it in yoga, but because that is an
awesome way to find stability in the joints, the hips,
the shoulders. Take one more breath here,
you got this. Then exhale, knee to to nose,
try to touch your right heel to your right glute. Awesome, step it up all the way. Pivot on the back foot,
warrior one. So take your time here, stay
connected to your lower body and then allow that
connection to the lower body to translate and travel all
the way up through the spine.

So it's not disconnected. But rather, quite the opposite. Left toes turn in,
right toes point forward. Try to get front knee
over front ankle, make sure you can
see your front big toe. Hands can stay on the waistline or we'll inhale
reach for the sky. Big beach ball, up and overhead. Find your breath and find the
power in that back leg here. Here we go, inhale,
reach for the sky, exhale, bend the elbows,
thumbs back, pinkies forward, lift your heart. Now this time when
we reach for the sky, we're gonna
straighten the front leg. So inhale reach and we flow. Exhale bend front knee, bend
the elbows, lift your heart. It'll take a while to
get in this groove, so once you got it,
really commit to the breath. Inhale straighten the front leg. Lift from the pelvic floor,
exhale bend the elbows.

Thumbs back, pinkies forward. Once you get the groove, you
can start to integrate the neck in a way that feels good. Inhale reach. And exhale bend. And one more time, inhale reach. And this time, this is fun,
as you exhale, bend the front knees,
send both fingertips forward, strong focus here,
strong power in that back foot. And as if you're pulling
a bow and arrow, you're gonna draw the left
fingertips across the chest here warrior two. Whoa, awesome,
take a nice wide stance. Vira two, virabhadra two. Relax your shoulders. Finding your breath. Lower body's gonna
stay the same here so strong lower body,
building strength, find that lift-up
through the spine.

Keep the front knee
over the front ankle as you draw the
right fingertips forward up and back, peaceful warrior. Maybe the left hand comes
the the small of the back or to the front of
the right hip crease. Inhale, find length. Then exhale, keep the legs
where they are as you tilt heart forward. Center draws in,
connect your core, extended side angle. Right elbow on the
top of the right thigh, can also bring the right
fingertips down. And then left hand's
gonna sweep all the way up towards the front
edge of the mat. If you're feeling tight
in the neck and shoulders you can also take the left
fingertips up towards the sky. Everyone remember your neck.

Find that integrity all
the way through the crown. One more breath here,
you got this. Beautiful, then back up
to that peaceful warrior. Keep the legs where
they are, reaching up. Now big move here,
have fun with it, cartwheel all the way down. And we'll pivot
on the back foot, plant the left palm into
the earth and find a twist. So take your time,
there's no rush here. Right fingertips reach
up towards the sky. Spike the left heel
towards the back or you can always lower
that left knee down. Inhale, find expansion,
breathe deep and then exhale,
bring it back on home. Awesome, plant the palms,
step the right toes back. You can take a little
rest here, child's pose. Go straight to down-dog or you move through
a little vinyasa here. Letting your breath
inspire the movement, and the movement
inspire the breath.

I'll meet you in
downward-facing dog. Shake the head loose, let's
take a lion's breath in here, let go of some of that heat,
soft bend in the elbows, soft bend in the knees
as you inhale in deeply. And exhale, lion's breath,
tongue out, drop the heels. Awesome.
Walk the toes together. And your next, begin inhale
to the left leg up high. Exhale, knee to nose,
rounding through the spine. Try to touch your left
heel to your left glute. Upper body's in plank, and step it out. Pivot on the back foot. Strong, warrior one. Take your time, really
working from the ground up. Hands can stay
on the waistline here or we'll inhale,
reach for the sky. Find your breath.

Big beach ball overhead. (laughs) I think it was when
I was in Amsterdam that somehow the term
full beach ball came out. It was funny. We're going full beach
ball here today, basically. Thumbs back, pinkies forward. So a big inhale to find length in all four sides of the torso. And then exhale bend the elbows, thumbs back, pinkies forward. Now this time, your next inhale, we're gonna straighten
that front leg so lifting everything up as the fingertips
kiss up and overhead, so connect to that lift-up
from the pelvic floor, maybe even uddiyana bandha, connecting to the
transverse abdominis here, all those strong muscles.

And then exhale, open your
heart, bend the front knee, thumbs back, pinkies
forward, lift the chest. Keep strong connect in your
back foot as you inhale, reach. And exhale, bend. Starting to integrate the neck, especially if you
return to this practice. Inhale, start to find what
feels good in the neck. Reach and exhale,
bend the elbows, bend the front knee,
lift your heart.

Inhale, reach. And exhale, bend. And listen carefully,
this time inhale reach, exhale, bend the front knees,
send the fingertips forward. Maintain the connection in the
knife-edge of that back foot, so really press into the
outer edge of that right foot as you open,
Warrior two to the right. Right fingertips
gently cross open, and we come to virabhadra two. Find that support from within, breathe deep. When we work in this way, it's active. So you should
feel some heat here, should feel the energy
moving through you. And once you feel like
you've found your foundation, keep the lower body nice
and strong and stable.

Keep it where it's at, and
we'll find peaceful warrior. Flip this grip, left fingertips
reach forward up and back, keep that front
knee over front ankle. Inhale, think upward
facing dog here, keep the right inner
thigh engaged. Exhale, we begin to move,
extended side angle, left elbow to the
top of the left thigh, right fingertips come down
as we open up to the front or all the way up to the sky. Again, keep pressing
into that back foot. One more big breath
in here, you got this. And exhale, Peaceful Warrior, keep that front knee over your
front ankle, reach it back. Think upward-facing dog here. Inhale, big move here,
as we cartwheel, have fun, all the way back to your lunge. Pivot on the back foot,
right hand comes down. And when you're ready,
use your breath to send your left fingertips
up towards the sky.

Nice juicy twist. Back knee can come down. If it's lifted, really
reach that back heel towards the back
edge of your mat. One more breath, inhale. Then exhale, bring it on home. Plant the palms,
step it back, take a rest, meet in down dog,
optional vinyasa here. Moving with your breath, taking your time. Honoring your body. Moving with love, compassion, the highest form of love. The idea being, we cultivate
this compassion for ourselves, this love, then we're able to also manifest
that then for others. In down-dog, take a nice
inhale in through the nose, and exhale,
slowly lower the knees. Send the hips back,
child's pose. Fingertips are gonna reach towards the back
edge of your mat. Let the shoulders round forward. Listen to the sound
of your breath.

Try to simply stay
present for yourselves, so give the
thinking mind a break. Let the breath take over. Then slowly reaching the
fingers all the way up moving from your center
and pressing into the feet as you come back to all fours, nice slow easy transition here as you make your way
to downward-facing dog. Shake the head loose,
big inhale through the nose, exhale to empty it out. Inhale, carve a line with
the nose, look forward, and on your exhale make
your way to the top. Feet together,
really together here. Forward fold. Big inhale lifts you up halfway,
moving with your breath. Exhale to bow.

Inhale reach for the sky,
spread the fingertips. Reach, reach, reach,
really get this stretch here. And exhale hands to heart. So bring the feet really
together here and take a second to really find that
lift-up from the arches, that lift-up from
the pelvic floor, and this connection
to your center. So if you're familiar
with that navel lock, it's this idea of
drawing the muscles of the transverse abdominis
inward and upward. So you can think about
drawing your belly button inward and upward. And then maintain that connect, hands come back the the
heart, if they're not still, as you take a deep breath in,
again, maintain that lift, that awareness, and as you
exhale, bend the knees, send the hips back,
but try to maintain that lift-up through the center plumb line, that connection to your center.

Loop the shoulders, let your
shoulder blades melt down the back body as you open
up through the chest. So think about your
pectorals stretching open, opening your heart. Now don't think about
chair pose so much, think about just this
sensation of bending the knees, and sending the hips back. So to counter that, we can
take the fingertips forward, big beach ball again, just so we're keeping that
awareness of the shoulders. Ooh, I just spit, awesome.

And then, I know you're in
utkatasana variation here but if you've ever been
in live class with me, you know that whenever
I come to a pose like this I say "We're not
here to do yoga, "we're here to
have an experience." So come into what
looks like chair pose, but is not chair pose. That's so
two years ago, so boring. (laughs) It's so hundred
and some odd years ago. So bend the knees,
send the hips back, and so I'm wanting you
to create a little heat and a little bit of tremble
here, a little shake 'cause we're gonna need it. As we inhale in, exhale,
send the fingertips back. I want you to have a real
honest to God experience here, don't worry about the shape, draw the shoulder
blades together, focus on the sensation. Now open your chest,
open your heart. and find a
focal point out front, so that you can maintain
this long beautiful neck that you've
cultivated the whole time. Toning the quads, toning
the glutes, toning the core.

Inhale in, exhale lifting
up from the pelvic floor, we're gonna lift the heels, humming bird or drinking bird. Palms are face down. I swear to God, I just heard
birds when I said that. And so the tendency here
is to round forward, send your gaze out and front, everyone bend your knees
even more, you got this. Inhale in. Awesome, exhale slowly lower
the heels, check it out. Fingertips are
gonna touch the ground. And we lift up standing
one legged tadasana, lift your left knee up. Send your big beach
ball up towards the sky. So your standing one-legged
tadasana could be here with your big toe
on the ground, awesome. Then you can work your way up. Or maybe this is it. Mmm, ta-da! So I love this
kind of core work, it's so much
more fun for me, and bearable and
mindful and delicious, than doing a bunch of crunches. So breathe deep here,
connect to your core. Then inhale, keep your
big beach ball here so shoulders are
nice and spacious. And then hold on to your
drishti, your point of focus.

Gaze upon one speck,
one spot, and inhale in. And exhale, we're gonna
slowly kick that left foot back, send your fingertips
back all the way, and we fly once again. Soft bend in at standing leg, lift from your left inner thigh, just like you did in
three-legged dog. And then remember that lift up
through the upper back body as you pull the pinkies away. Crown of the head reaches,
you can point the toes here, flex the foot. Just lots of awareness
as you lift up through the right hip crease. If you wanna take a
variation here, you can. Then keep your gaze
forward, don't look back, there's no looking back,
just trust, trust the ground will
be there to catch you. Deep breath in, exhale,
left fingertips come down, high lunge. Beautiful. Inhale, reach the fingertips
up, exhale bend the elbows, thumbs back, pinkies
forward, heart opener. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, hands are
gonna come to the heart. Soft bend in that back
leg, and we step back up to our grounding mountain pose. Awesome work! Let's do the second side.

Deep breath in, exhale,
empty it out, let it go. Now once again, don't think
about coming into chair pose. Think about this, bending the
knees, sending the hips back. And send your fingertips
to counter that and go maybe deeper than
you thought you could by drawing the navel in and up, finding that scooping
in the front body, while still maintaining
an open spaciousness in the heart and shoulders. Fabulous, breathing deep. Again, coming to what
looks like chair pose, but it's not chair pose. Not here to do yoga, we're
here to have an experience. So of course we pay attention to the articulation of
alignment and form. But what is the point unless
we're really paying attention and going the
distance with the breath, with our energy. Okay, here we go, ready? So once we've cultivated
a little bit of energy, 'cause you don't wanna miss
that, you want that heat. That's when we'll send
the fingertips back, maybe sink a little deeper. Pull the fingertips back
and when you're ready, scoop it up, scoop it up, lift the heels find that
long beautiful neck. Maybe bend the knees.

And find the opposition of crown reaching
and fingertips reaching. Crown reaching and fingertips. And try to open more
through your chest by drawing the
shoulder blades together, activating the upper back body. Drinking bird or hummingbird,
one more breath here. And with control, with grace,
we slowly lower the heels, touch the fingertips to the
ground, strengthening the legs, and we rise up. Press into your standing leg,
lift the right knee this time, and again, right big toe
can stay on the ground here, totally. Squeeze and lift. Hug everything into the midline. Again, this is a fun way
to work your abdominals, work your core, in a way
that's not hard on your neck or not hard on
your soul (laughs).

Jeez. Breathing deep. Notice if you've started
to collect some tension in the shoulders, so that's
probably when we went full beach balls right here, when it was like
go full beach ball. Energy in the fingertips and
then let's continue the journey and not stop here, keep
flying, so we're gonna slowly, moving from
the middle, the center, kick that right foot
back nice and slow. Send the fingertips back. Full body experience,
awareness here. So the standing
leg's not locked, we turn the right toes down. You can point the toes but
keep an awareness in the hips here as you lift up
through that left hip crease. If you fall, I know you can
finish that sentence.

If you fall, we'll catch you. The ground will catch you,
someone will catch you. I got your back,
don't be afraid. Take risks. Open your chest,
so find a little opposition, crown is reaching is forward,
fingertips are reaching back. If you wanna take a
variation here, please do. And then here we go,
wherever you are, even if you've fallen
and coming back, and you're coming back right
now, take your gaze forward. Tap into that inner smile and
then don't look back, guys, trust the ground is
there to catch you. Inhale and exhale,
step the right fingertip, right toes back,
excuse me, (laughs) step the right toes back. Send the hands all the
way up, fingertips reach. High lunge. Exhale, bend the elbows,
thumbs back, pinkies forward, heart opener. Why am I yelling?
I'm excited.

Inhale, reach for the sky, exhale, hands to heart,
here we go. Soft bend in that back leg and
we come back to our mountain whenever you're ready. Tadasana. Close your eyes,
try not to fidget here. Observe your breath. And feel the energy moving
throughout the body, feel the heat, the warmth,
the sweat on your brow. Notice what it feels
like to be alive today. Inhale in, exhale,
open your eyes. Release the fingertips down. We're gonna open the feet
as wide as your yoga mat. Turn the toes off,
let them spill off.

Inhale in, smile, and then
exhale, bend the knees, let them track your
middle toe here as you just drop your center
down in space nice and slow, let's get freaky here,
nice and low. So lots of options here. You can give it a go at
bakasana, crow practice keeping the gaze forward,
just like you did in the hummingbird
or the drinking bird, and really activating
through the upper back body. You can come
into a froggy pose here. Or nice low yogic squat. I'm gonna be here
for a couple breaths, so it's a little play time, you can come into bakasan
or you'll press the arms into the legs, squeeze
the legs into the arms. Moving with your breath here. Again, if you're working
in bakasan, make sure that you're clawing
into the fingerprints, and that you're
moving from your center so the center's lifting up. Really flying, gaze forward. And then if you're still in
play time, take your time.

But we're gonna
meet in a nice seat with the feet in front of us,
knees bent, take your time. So use your hands
to help you get there. We'll bring the hands to
the backs of the thighs, whenever you get there,
again, take your time, there's no rush. We'll take a very conscious
moment to loop the shoulders and find this lift in
the heart one last time.

So see if you can find
a heart-opener here, in fact, a very big one,
as you open your heart. And then you can stay here
holding on for dear life, there's no cheating
in yoga in my opinion. I would say there's
no crying in baseball, and there's no cheating in yoga, but there's definitely
crying in yoga (laughs). Am I right guys? That moment when you're
like da-na-na-na, (crying). It unlocks something. Okay, so let's
unlock something here by maybe, again, you can
hold on for dear life, but I want us to focus mainly
on open heart, compassion. So not on bow pose,
again, that's boring yoga. Yoga's so boring. But having an experience
on your mat is not boring.

It's so individual and awesome. So stay open here,
again, holding on or maybe you lift the shins
parallel to the ceiling, lean back a little more. Stay connected to that
center and lift your heart. And then maybe you stay here
or consider that flying V as you rotate the shoulders
out, open the palms. So we have all different
energy levels here, practicing around the
world, so just check in with where you're at today and
you might surprise yourself, actually because you've
done all this awesome work, thus far connecting
to your center. So we're here or we're here. And then we'll take
a deep breath in, and on an exhale,
extend the legs and arms, spread the fingers and
toes, open your heart, open your mind. Boat variation, yay! And then catch yourself,
maybe give yourself a hug. That's a metaphor. And then breathe in. And on the exhale,
again get creative, spread the fingertips,
spread the toes, radiate. Cool, come back, catch yourself, and then moving from
your center, exhale. Lift your heart,
lift your chest. Open, open in the shoulders,
breathe in.

And then exhale, release. Awesome work. Come all the way onto your back. Great job. When you get there,
bring your feet as wide as your yoga mat. Bring the hands
to rest on the ribs. Inhale in, smile,
time to cool it off. Exhale, keep the
feet where they are, as wide as your yoga mat,
and slowly allow the knees to fall to the right. Now, actively
reach your left knee towards the front right
corner of your yoga mat, feeling that stretch,
through the hip flexor, a little bit through the
IT band here and the quad. Start to relax your shoulders. Then rolling it
back through center, you get a little booty
massage too with this, windshield wiper. Keep the feet
panted where they are, and then knees to the left. Actively reach the right knee towards the front edge
of your yoga mat. And then back through center,
one more time on each side.

So keep the feet planted,
you're gonna gonna go to right, this time if you want, you
can cross the right ankle over the left thigh for
a little deeper stretch, but be mindful. Maybe close your eyes, just
listen to the sound of my voice, let it guide you,
inhaling lots of love in, and exhaling lots of love out. Come back through center. Same thing on the other side. Don't blow through that
booty massage there, it's really good, nice. It's another good reason to
slow down in your transitions. Just think about what signals
you're giving yourself when you jerk yourself
around on the yoga mat. And then slowly releasing,
come back to center. Plant the palms down
gently at your side, and walk the heels in,
hip-width apart for bridge pose. Toes pointing forward,
setubandhasana. Here we go, pressing into
all four corners of the feet, inhale just one of these
nice and slow and mindful, give it your all,
but nice and slow. Keep your gaze
straight up for this one, press into the palms
as you lift the hips, imagine sending
your sitting bones to the back to the knees.

Then you can interlace the
fingertips behind here, snuggling the shoulder blades
underneath your heart space. If you do that, really press
the arms down into the earth. Then lift your
chest to your chin, and then your chin
gently to the sky. One more big breath in here. Then exhale, release slowly, finding articulation through
the spine as you lower down. Beautiful,
bring the feet together. When you land,
open the knees wide. resting the hands
again on the ribs. Recline to cobbler's pose or setubandhasana. Close your eyes. Inhale, feel the cool
air as you breathe in. The warmth as you breathe out. Awesome,
then take the fingertips to the outer edges of the legs, bring the knees together, and
hug the knees into the chest. Hey Benji, you decided to
join the compassion practice? Show us your yoga? Oh yes. So Benji's actually a great
reminder for me of compassion. Seems silly,
but when we acknowledge the people and the
pets that we love, we're also acknowledging
that we have that love inside of us, that supreme love. So I know it sounds kinda
cheesy, that was taught to me through this mantra
training I did recently.

And you know, the things that
we love, the people, rather and the pets that we
love, those connections are all reminders of that
supreme love that exists in all of us, that compassion. So if you're ever feeling
really down and out, just remember by
looking or acknowledging something that you love, cool. Yeah, don't do that right now. Be bad timing. Remember, by acknowledging
that it exists inside you, that supreme love, okay,
hopefully you're hugging your knees in your chest still,
giving yourself a big hug, our practice is
coming to an end here so take a couple nice
active loving breaths, hug the right knee
into the chest and the left leg out long.

Then exhale supine twist, right knee goes
over towards the left, and we open the right
arm out, big breath in. Exhale, come back to center. Should feel good on the
back as you squeeze in. Left knee comes in,
right knee goes out. Supine twist, whenever
you're ready inhale. Exhale, take the knee over,
open up too. Benji. Inhale in. Exhale, come back to center. We'll release both legs
out long for shavasana. So come into a nice
comfortable position, so set yourself up for a
little relaxation here. We're not gonna be
here long together, but you know you can pause
the video and stay here as long as you like.

Close your eyes. (laughs) Actually look
at the video for a second because look at this
guy, his eyes are closed, it's like he feels, okay,
it's shavasana time. Alright, close your eyes and
for one last moment here, let's connect to
the power of love, moving with compassion on the mat, and off the mat as well. Slowly bring the palms together,
thumbs to your third eye. Thank you so much for sharing
your time and your energy with me and the
Yoga with Adriene community. Have an awesome day. Namaste. (upbeat guitar music).

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