1 Hr Vinyasa Yoga Class (With Love and Positive Vibes!)


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– Well, okay. So, wherever you are,
take a comfortable seat, and let your eyes softly close. So, you can sit with your shins crossed, if that's not comfortable
do something else, you can sit with your knees
parallel, sitting on your heels or you can just put your feet on the floor with your knees bent. Whatever's a comfortable
seat, feel free to… Now close your eyes if
you haven't already, and begin taking some deeper breaths. And as you are sitting and settling in to prepare your mind and your body
for your yoga practice, take a moment to visualize that there are yogis, fightmaster yogis*** all around the world right now, doing the same thing that your doing.

They're sitting, breathing, and just imagine that
we're all in the same room, we're all together irl, in the same place. And of course, it's a room
full of fightmaster yogis so everybody is kind and not judgmental and lovely and welcoming and open, 'cause I can tell you
that I've met many of you. Fightmaster yogis are really
amazingly wonderful people. So, we're all together, and you can feel, you can start
to feel the positive energy that you're giving off
and that you're receiving. And just take a couple more breaths, so if on your next inhale
you can maybe lengthen up through crown of the head just a bit more. Lift and widen your
chest, opening your heart. At the same time, your legs
and your hips are heavy, feeling very grounded and supported. And now let's bring our hands together in Anjali Mudra, this is palms touching with a little bit of
space between the palms, fingers point out, right in front of the
center of your chest.

So, Anjali Mudra, it's a
Mudra of reverence, of love. And we have a little
space between the palms so that we can hold
the heart energy there. And with our hands together,
holding our heart energy, let's open our practice by
uniting all of our energies, all of our voices together, with the divine sound of om. So exhale all your air out. (deeply exhales) And then big inhale for om. (deeply inhales) Breath in the essence and energy of om. Release your hands and let your eyes blink open, hello again. Welcome again, if your just joining, so glad you're here. Let's come onto our hands and knees and gonna go into a child's pose, so, take your knees, wide, and then take your hips
back to your heels. If it doesn't feel good to have your knees real wide, then don't.

But, if it feels okay, gonna
press your hands onto the mat and scooch your bottom towards your heels. And you can let your head rest on your mat or you make fists with your hands, letting your head rest in your hands, or palms flat, I'm gonna
do palms flat today. And then just breath here and imagine you can feel the
breath moving through the body as you take the breath in, it goes all the way down
to the base of the spine and as you exhale it out, (deeply exhales) it moves up through the belly, the ribcage and the chest.

And take another long breath. And now reach your arms
forward, take an inhale, as you exhale walk your hands to the right and take your hips over the left and stretch through the
left side of your body. Relax around you neck,
you can move your head and shoulders if you like. Big breath into that left side, and then inhale to walk
the hands to center, exhale, walk you hands to the left and stretch to the right side of the body, take the hips over to the right a bit.

And big breaths into the
right side of your body, giving it a good stretch. And then back to center, and now inhale, come up onto the knees and take your knees underneath your hips, hands in front of the shoulders,
bring your chest forward, lift your chin and tailbone, drive you shoulder blades toward the waist and then exhale around your back, pull your belly in and
up-chin toward chest and now return your hips to heels. Inhaling here, the arms are in front but as you exhale sweep
them to your low back, hook your thumbs or interlace your fingers or if you have a yoga strap, grab that. Now, roll your shoulders
away from the earth and inhale, start to lift the arms, if you can, keep your palms touching and soft elbow joints. Just a gentle shoulder stretch, gonna warm up before we get
in there a little bit deeper.

Just take a big breath here, and as you exhale, release, release the arms down
and just let them hang and move them a little bit. Move your head from side to side. And then re-clasp with the other pinkie or other thumb on top, roll the shoulder heads away
from the earth and inhale, start to lift, you can let
your head rest on the mat if it comfortably does, or
you can keep it off the mat but keep the back of your neck
long instead of looking up, just keep it long.

Number two, soften your
elbows a little bit, perhaps touch your palms if you can, and then always check
back with your breath. Another big breath here, and releasing the arms,
we'll reach forward, walk your hands shoulders distance apart, spread your fingers and
then point your thumbs up to the sky so the little
pinkie fingers on your mat. So see how this tricep turns down and your bicep lifts to the sky, try to keep that rotation but then take your palms flat again, and you'll find you might
need to press a little extra into the thumb, first
finger sides of your hands. And press into the base of the fingers as you come up onto your knees, keep that rotation as you tuck your toes and come into down dog. You can keep your knees soft, hip socket distance apart, and then just start to bicycle your legs, stretching out one at a time. Go at the pace that you like. And then you can move
your head here as well, here we go, you want to
get into the hips a little, you can kinda wag your dog tail.

So, just kinda moving a
little bit in your down dog in ways that feel nice in your body. And now start to settle in. So, if your legs will straighten,
you can straighten them but keep the knees
unlocked, firm the muscles, draw in through the low belly, lift your pelvic floor, and breath. Let your head just hang,
arms and ears aligned. And then from here, go
way up onto the toes, exhale everything out, keep
your buns up in the air and lightly step or hop
your feet to your hands.

And then inhale, hands
to shins, or fingertips, lengthen your spine, keep
it long as you exhale, bend your knees as much as you need to, especially 'cause we're just warming up. And just let your head
go side to side here, release any tension in the neck. And now firming down through the feet, inhale, sweep the arms up, and exhale. Samasthiti, which means sturdy balance. So we'll come to the top of the mat as I pull my pants up, I don't know why they're not cooperating. Make sure your feet are
hip socket distance apart or you can do big toes
together, heels slightly apart so the outer edges of
you feet are parallel. And then firm the legs, press evenly through the
four corners of your feet, lift your arches, big breath and we're gonna do Surya Namaskar. The first one we'll do
modified, but you don't have to if you don't want to. And then we'll do a couple more regular, or non-modified but you can
stick with the modified.

So this is your practice,
it's always important to take care of your body, here we go. Inhale, sweep the arms up, exhale, hinge from your hip creases and fold. Inhale, come halfway up, lengthen, exhale, step back into plank pose and knees can be up or down, shift forward, lower all
the way to your belly. Bring your hands by the low ribs, press all ten toes down, inhale, peel your chest up, exhale lower. Tuck your toes, knees can be up or down, engage your belly and
pelvic floor as you exhale, press up to plank, or modified plank, and then lift the knees to
down dog, and breathe here. Now remember, you can
always take a child's pose whenever you like. Give yourself a break, when
you feel like you need a break. And if you still need
to bicycle the legs here or move a little bit, that's fine. Take two more long breaths,
breathing in and out through the nose wherever possible. Slightly constricting
the back of the throat for ujjayi pranayama , if you can. And now inhale, come way up onto the toes, exhale it all out, bend the knees, look up past the fingers and lightly step or hop your feet forward,
lengthen as you inhale and then fold as you exhale.

Now, if your legs are straight, shift your hips over the heels. Inhale, reach up, exhale, back to Samasthiti. Let's do again another one, this one won't be modified but you can modify where you are. Inhale, the arms and exhale, hinge from
the hips creases, fold. Inhale, halfway left, exhale to plank, knees can be up or down,
shift forward about an inch, chaturanga, shoulders no
lower than elbows please, and inhale into upward-dog
or stick with cobra, and exhale back downward-facing dog, Oramukas shavasana.

Reconnect with your steady breath. Firm your arm muscles, your leg muscles. Soften those elbow and knee joints. Press into the base of your fingers and lift up through your forearm and still turn your triceps
back and biceps forward. (clears throat)
Excuse me. Now, we'll inhale onto
the toes of the feet. Exhale everything out,
Keep your hips high, engage your belly and your pelvic floor. And as you inhale, lightly step or hop and come halfway up at of the tunasuna and fall on your exhale. Inhale rising up and exhale samastitihi. So this time, we'll do
series A option to jump back and land in chaturanga.

So if you jump back don't land in plank, it hurts your elbows that
can hurt your low back. So trust me on this one. It's better to land in chaturanga but you never have to jump. That's always important to remember. Inhale, reach, hinge from the hip creases. Exhale, inhale, lengthen. Exhale, stepper float for chaturanga. Now inhale, pressing up,
shoulders above the rest, and exhale all the way back. (deeply exhales) As you inhale, this time,
let's lift the right leg first with level hips. And now bend your knee
and open up your hips and stretch back. And a nice open, stretch in your hip. And then square off your hips again. Point your toes straight to the air. Look up to the hands and step
your right foot by your thumb.

If it doesn't make it, pick
it up and put it there. Doesn't have to make it, left knee down, pat up
your left knee as needed. And inhale, reach up a moment, pull your right hip
back, pull your belly in and sink forward. Lengthen your butt toward
the the earth because we don't want too much
arch in this low back. Stretch up for a moment
through arrow straight arms. Relax around the neck. And then as you exhale,
let's circle the arms down and take them on either side of your foot. If you have yoga blocks, your hands don't reach
the earth, just do that. Inhale, chest forward, nice
long spine polo right back. As you exhale, start to
straighten that front leg, pull the toes back and fold
over the leg, atahana menasana. We're going to move back
and forth a couple of times. So inhale, bend the knee, chest forward, pull the right hip back,
open your collarbones.

Exhale, and draw back
straightening the leg full forward, one more inhale. Sinking forward, pull the right hip back and exhale straight in the leg, still pulling the right hip back. Well inhale, rebound the knee, make sure it's over the ankle. Keep your left hand on
the floor, right arm up, a little twist. Reach up toward the sky
with your fingertips, inhale and then exhale, sweep it around a circle. Inhale stretch it up tall, exhale, circle. One more time, reach up, inhale. Big circle, exhale. And now walk this right
foot to the right a little, bring your hands on the
inside, chest forward and have a nice wide collarbones. You can stay right with this. Or you can put your forearms on a block or your forearms on the earth.

Now, if the knee goes
out, try to keep it in but if it won't cooperate, split your toes in the same direction. You always want your
middle of your bent knee over the middle toes. Let's breath here. (deeply inhales) Relax your shoulders, you can move your head a
little bit here as well. Take another long breath. And then we're going to
go into twisted lizard. So if you're on your forearms, come on up on your hands, turn
your right toes to the right, and keep your left hand down and roll to the little toe
side of your back foot. And if you can lift up through the hips, and then reach three, right arm twist. The three, nice open chest. Press out of that shoulder to, and come back to center. And walk that foot in so
your hands are on either side and then we'll come to plank. Remember, knees can always be up or down to chaturanga, exhale. Inhaling now, exhale back. We'll do the left leg,
left leg lifts inhale, first of all, exhale and open up that hip.

Try to reach your right
heel toward the earth. Press back evenly through
the arms of the shoulders. Ah, it feels good. Now, square off your hips again, point the toes straight to the air. Look up at the left hand
separate all the way up there. And if it doesn't make it, like I showed you pick it up and put it right knee down and pat up that knee as needed. And we'll come on up,
pulling the left hip back, lengthening your butt bones down, stretch through air, straight arms. So arms up by the ears, if they don't make it there.

Go wide, just go wide. But do straighten the elbows. You know why? Because if you don't
straighten your elbows, eventually they won't straighten. And how often do you raise
your arms up in the air, in regular everyday life. I mean, maybe if you're
at a sporting event, but you're not going to
sporting events right now. So we don't do it that often that's point. So do it in your yoga. Take one more breath, and
then sweep the arms down. I'm gonna take the left fingertips, actually both hands down and
put them on blocks as needed.

Keep this left hip pulling
back inhale wide chest, nice open hearts. And then exhale. Arda, hanumanasana half split. Take a breath here, stand on that heel, pull this leg back and inhale. Bend the knee, chest forward, exhale, and straighten it, pull
the toes back and fold. Inhale one more time bend
the knee over the ankle. You can even look up, turn
your head, side to side. Always like to work on the neck. Exhale, straighten the leg and forward fold but keep
your spine as long as you can. Now it will rebound the knee. Keep your right hand on the earth and the left arm open, inhale. Stretch your fingertips to the sky, arrow straight arm and then exhale. Sweep it around big circle. Inhaling up, exhale, sweep in circle. And one more reach inhale, Exhale big circle around. Reach it up, now walk your left foot to the left a little. Take your right, your left and your right hand inside the foot.

For the lizard. So once again, you can stay right here. You can go down elbows
or forearms on your block or forearms on the earth, if that works, with this a knee, you might
want to go out to the side, try to press it in towards your shoulder. But if that's not happening, just make sure your toes are pointed in the same direction as your knee. And breathe, you can move
your head if you like, soften any attention,
especially in the neck and the shoulders. Take a couple breaths here. Ah, just opening up that hip. I know sometimes this
can feel very intense. So just back off and do
what works for your body. You don't have to make
it so uncomfortable. A good indicator is your breathe. If your breathe is
choppy or it's super fast or you're not breathing, then you're probably going a
little too deep into your pose.

All right, if you're on your forearms, make your way onto your hands again, for twisted lizard. We're going to keep the right hand down, turn the left toes out to the left and then we'll roll to the
little toe side of the back foot. You can also roll to the little
toe side of the front foot, and then reach out and press
out of that bottom shoulder.

This leg can stay down if the lifting isn't
working so well and breathe. Just two breaths here. And really sit back down. And then bring your left foot in, so your hands are on either side and step to plank. You could go right to down dog and stay or exhale chaturanga. And then inhaling up and exhaling back to down dog. Now from here, I'm gonna
take a few breaths. So stretch back and get some
nice length through your spine, spinning the triceps back,
draw your lower belly in and up in your pelvic floor and then up. Firm the legs, your heels should be disappeared
behind your middle toes. So you can see your heels,
the inside or the outside, make your adjustments.

Take one more big breath here, and then we'll inhale, come on to the balls of the feet. Exhale, bend the knees,
keep your hips high, engage your belly and pelvic floor bandhas and then inhale like the stepper hump. Come to ardo utkatasana. And fold exhale, let your head hang, hips over heels if the legs are straight. Rise up, inhale, look up. Greeting the sun whether
it's out or not, and exhale. We're going to do some standing poses.

So turn and face the long side of your map and step out nice and wide. So, if you do have a yoga
block, have it handy. if you have two, put one on each side. Otherwise we'll start with the right leg. So wherever your right leg is, turn it out and have
your block handy near it, so it'll be able to reach, make sure you're lined up, heel to arch.

I have my fancy new mat
and it has lines on it, which is, I just love. Inhale, arms out to shoulder heights. And exhale, bend the knee. Pull belly in, look at your knee, make sure it's right over the ankle and pointed over your middle toes. I'm not going to stay here that that long but so one of the requests was half moon pose, so we're getting to that. First reverse your warrior and exhale, bend into that knee.

And now inhale, straighten the leg for
reverse triangle pose. Stay for your exhale. And then we'll come on up. For triangle pose. If you like a shorter stance, you'll walk it in. Hinge from your hip crease and reach, reach, reach, reach,
reach, reach, reach, reach. When you can't reach
anymore, take your hand down. Wherever it goes, wherever it lands, reach up through the right arm. (speaks in foreign language) Bring your bottom ribs forward, your top ribs back, try to link them from
your front hip crease through the armpit, really long.

And then firm the legs
without locking the knees. It's tricky, but practice. Keep pressing into the big
toe of your right foot, drawing this front hip under you. As if you could lean against a wall. You could lean against a
wall, it feels really good. Now take your left hand to your hip, look down to the floor. If you've got your block,
you'll pick it up now. Take it in front of you
so that your shoulder is right above your wrist
and float your back leg up. Put your toes straight ahead and then add your arm
if you like, and breath. Find a spot to focus on something that's not moving that will
help with your balance.

Balance is different on different days. Don't take it personally. From here, we're gonna just very slowly and gracefully as we can, bend the front knee, we're
going to land in warrior two. So if you can, pick up
your right fingertips, balance a moment and then send it down to warrior two, fancy. (sighs) And then we'll do the other side. Straightening the legs, feet
to parallel for a moment and left leg out back toes in. Make sure you got heel to arch still and then arms up, inhale
and exhale, bend the knee. So if you shortened your
stance for triangle pose or you didn't, excuse me. (clears throat) You just want to make sure
your knees over your ankle. So double check that and pointed right over your middle toes. Relax your shoulders. Like the first side, we're not going to stay
here all that long.

Keep pressing into your front heel. And then drop your right
arm, reverse a side stretch. Exhale, bend. Inhale straight and slowly. Stay for your exhale, relax your shoulder. And then we'll inhale, come on up. Set up for triangle pose. I always shorten this stance because it's more stable for me. But if you're tight in
your hamstrings, your legs, you don't have to shorten your stance. Arms up, hinge from your
hip crease and reach, and then reach, and then
reach a little bit more. When you couldn't possibly reach anymore. Let the hand fall wherever it lands, doesn't matter how deep
you get into a stretch, because as you know, yoga is not about the
pose, it is an inside job.

Breathe here, bring your
bottom ribs forward, spin your top ribs back and lengthen from this hip crease through the armpit as much as you can. And then relax around your neck and shoulders only look
up at your top hand, if it doesn't hurt your neck. Keep pressing into the big
toe mound of your left foot, drawing that hip under. Now we'll bring the right hand to the hip. A little pack here, look down
to the floor bend the knee. You're gonna take the
left fingertips forward so that the wrist is below the shoulder as the right leg floats up. Then if your steady, reach up, and remember, you might
want your block here.

I like blocks. I use them in my yoga parl all the time. I always use the props there. Because I think that they help
us get deeper into our poses and they help us become
more stable in our poses. Take another breath here. Keep reaching this top
sitting bone toward the heel. And then we'll see if we can find just a slight bit of
balance before we come out. So bending that left knee, reaching the left fingertips forward, and then slowly setting it down, right into warrior two, tara. And thinking just a moment. Give yourself a pat on
the back, good work. And then straighten the leg and bring your feet parallel. Point your toes in a little. So the outer edges of
your feet are parallel. Inhale your arms to shoulder heights, exhale, interlace your fingers or hook your thumbs behind you. Open the chest, inhale a coupling, then hinge from the hips, exhale forward.

Remember, your elbows are
gonna want to lock here. So soft knee, elbow joints. As you breath, confirm your outer hips and inner thighs. Imagine you're holding a big beach ball between your inner thighs. And then carefully
shift your weight toward the balls of the feet, if you're finding that it's
all hanging out in the heels. That's where it likes to hang out. Take another breath here. Just let your exhales allow you to stretch a little bit deeper if you can.

Never pushing, and then
inhale, out we come. Let's turn the toes out the heels then, we had a goddess pose. Goddess Pose, request. So we're gonna bend the knees and just go side to side. So your toes are out, but you still want your
knees over the middle toes. Lift your hip points
towards your lower ribs. Come to center. Lengthen your butt toward the earth. And then take the arms up, inhale. (clears throat) Bring your right arm on top
of the left, eagle arms. Sink in and lift your pelvic floor, lift your belly, just
three breaths, I promise, it's not gonna be forever. We are going to hold
some poses in a moment. One more big breath sink in and then you'll release
the arms and inhale, straighten the legs. Reach up like a big winner. I won, because you're a big winner. And then bring your hands
back to your hips, toes out.

Still, we're gonna come
back into goddess pose. Again, we'll just rocco side to side. And the shoulders, turn your head, get loose. And then we'll come to center, making sure the knee over the
middle toes, drop your butt. Lift your hip points inhale
arms out to shoulder height. As you exhale left over right. So you can always do this. This shoulders are tight, right? So do this is your option. You could do this. You can touch backs of the hands or we can touch palms, touch palms. As long as you feel stretch. That's all we care about. And just a few breaths here, sink in a little lower if you can, but still tilt your
pelvis slightly forward, so your low back isn't arching and those knees want to
drift in, so press them back.

I know your tricks. (laughs) I've been there, one more breath. And then slowly release
the arms, stretch the legs. Winner, haha. Bring your feet parallel, bring
your hands onto your hips. And then we're going to take
the arms out, one more time. So toes will be in, heels out. So the outer edges are parallel, reach up, take the opposite, interlace
or the opposite thumb on top. Roll shoulders back. Inhale, lengthen. Hinge from the hip creases come down with a nice long spine as you exhale. And the crown of the head is
reaching toward the floor, it may or may not touch. Soften the elbow joints if
you can touch your palms, touch them because that helps to soften the elbow the joints I think. Musta does for me. From your outer hips in the center, hold that giant beach ball and then check where the
weight is in the feet, if it's on the heels carefully
shift it forward and breath. Keep that lower belly lifted, pelvic floor engaged. And now we'll slowly come up with a nice long spine as you inhale.

(deeply inhales) Release your arms, take
them out to shoulder height, big breath in. And then use stepper hop feet together and to the top of the mat, samasthiti. (sighs) So let's take the feet
hip socket distance apart. Inhale and reach, exhale and fold and pause here for a moment. So take your fingers and interlace and take it to the back of your skull, like right at the base. And just let the weight of your arms, traction your neck a little
you can have your knees bent is totally fine. If they're straight, though, shift the weight again
toward the balls of the feet. Let's release the arms,
slightly nod your head yes.

Turn it side to side. And then hands to hips,
and inhale to come up. (sighs) So we had another request
for warrior three. Oh, warrior three, you are a hard one. So I wanna, we're going to do that next. But I want to give you just
a couple little, little tips. Whenever, you take your
leg back behind you, your hip wants to open up. So, I'm gonna use the wall so I don't fall while I'm showing.

So this is called extension
of the leg of the hip, and your hip wants to open up
so that your toes would go out to the side. So in warrior three, it's important that you
keep your pelvis neutral. So when you lift this leg, you're going to lift it
from the inner thigh, and drop this outer hip down. And then you can see your
toes are pointed straight down to the earth, okay? Now, if warrior three is hard for you, like it is for me, have two
blocks at the front of your mat. That's what I would do. Right back to samasthiti. We'll inhale ukatasana your pose. Exhale and fold. Inhale, halfway lift, exhale. You can always just go
to down dog and stay or stepper foot chaturanga. Inhaling up, exhale stretching back. Right leg, inhale lifted up. So right here, just notice
are your toes pointed straight to the earth. You don't have to lift the leg high. The higher you lift it, the more it's going to want to open. So make sure your pelvis is neutral here.

Your toes are pointed
straight down to the earth, pull your belly in and keep
the left hand pin into center. Now look up at the hands, we're going to step this
right foot all the way up. Center ball, the back foot for crescent. High lunge, pull right hip back, lengthen through the low
back, pull the belly in. Now hold here for a moment. So right now, our hips are neutral, and we want to keep them
neutral the whole time. If you have blocks, you're
going to place your hands in a moment on the blocks. If you don't, you can have your fingertips on the floor as well. Or you can keep your arms up. Now, the most challenging. Oh, what's the word most
challenging position in warrior three, is arms by the ears. It's a little bit easier to have your arms by your sides, or even hands at heart. So let's start with arms at the sides.

Lean forward, walk your
back foot in a little. Make sure this these toes
didn't turn in or out. When you're ready, you'll
start to lift the back leg from the inner thigh. Make sure your toes are
pointed straight to the earth. You can have hands on blocks here. Keep your arms by your sides or reach them in line with the ears. bandhas, bandhas, bandhas. Pull your belly in and up and your pelvic floor. And if you fall out of it, no big deal. I'm surprised I haven't yet. keep stretching through
the arms in the leg. One more breath. And we're gonna slowly
return to crescent pose. (sighs) We did it, nice work. Inhale here, exhale through vinyasa or go right to down dog, your choice. Chaturangas and exhale,
up dog cobras and inhale and down dog exhale. We'll take a breath here. And then as you inhale, lift your left leg up. So level hips so look and see that your left toes are pointed
down straight to the earth. So if you can't see them,
your hips probably opening up and we don't want that.

We want level hips, just get a feel for it here. Look up to the hands. Lightly, step the left foot up. Stay on the ball of the back foot. Make sure you have
space between your feet. If you're wobbly here, make
more space between your feet and add the arms, arrow
straight of course, make sure the left knee is over the ankle. And if you feel archie here, or you don't feel any stretch in this leg, bend the knee a little,
tilt the pelvis forward, zip in your belly, pull the left hip back
and then straighten. And you'll probably feel something good. (deeply exhales) Keep breathing, now remember, you can have your hands on
the blocks the whole time and just work the leg.

It's still a lot of work, believe me. You can have hands at heart center. You have arms by your side. So let's come in with arms by the sides. Lean forward, pull your belly
and lift your pelvic floor. Walk this back foot in a little bit. Make sure the front toes
are not turning in or out. And then start to lift your
back leg from your inner thighs to keep dropping that hip down. Toes points straight to the earth. Engage your bandhas. (laughs) Use the wall if you need it, find a spot to focus on. Maybe reach the arms out, maybe not. And breathe and engage. But relax your shoulders. One more breath. The harder side for me. And then we'll slowly make
our way back to crescent. (sighs) Glad that one's over. Inhale here. As you exhale, we're going
to come down to plank. And then knees can be up or
down as you shift forward and lower to your belly shalabasana. Interlace your fingers. Press your pubic bone down. Lengthen your butt to your heels. Press all 10 toenails down. And then roll your shoulders
up away from your mat.

Keep your belly lifted,
and lift everything up. Keep the back of your neck nice and long. Just two more breaths here. And release. Bring your head down. You can rest your forehead
or you can rest one ear down. And then on the other side, we'll rest the up ear down. Let's breathe here. That's nice, to just completely sink in. Letting go any tension. And then bring your head back to center. And take the opposite interlace, roll the shoulder heads
away from the earth, pull the belly in, lengthen
butt to heels and lift. keep those elbows soft. Inner thighs are lifting toward the sky. Outer hips are rolling down to the earth. Just couple more breaths, keep lifting. Keep the back of your neck long and let it go. Take your other ear down,
if you took one ear down or take your forehead
down, or use your chin.

Whichever, wherever
your head is, relax it. Take a couple long smooth breaths and let your body just be
jellowy, release everything. Okay, we'll come back to center. So this is one of the shorter stretches I've been working on. I'm gonna take the arms, out to the side. So make sure that you don't have any, anything on the sides of you. And you're gonna take your feet together. Actually, I'm gonna roll
to my right side first. So I don't want to confuse myself so I'm going to go this way.

Because if I roll in my right side person, going the other way then I can't see you. So arms are shoulder height you'll roll all the way on
to right side of your body. Then pick up your left
foot, bring it behind you, take it flat, take your
left hands behind your back. Somewhere back there, you're
going to find your right arm. If you find it, slide it down so that you can find your other hand and interlace or clasp.

This could be plenty more than enough and you can stay right here. Or you can also take your right foot and make like bridge, feet. So outer feet parallel, both feet down, heels are underneath. And then the last thing is, I can understand that
everybody has a ponytail, but imagine you have a
ponytail that you're wearing in the back of your head and turn it toward the floor and breathe. So if you're clasping your hands, make sure to soften your elbows. It's a good one. It gets really in there, doesn't it? Sure to stay here for five long breaths. And if you have tight shoulders, like 99.5% of people do, (laughs) remember this one. You can do it in your
home practice on your own and work up to three minutes on each side. It is, it's intense. So you don't want to do
three minutes right away. I'm going to take one more breath. And then we're going to unclasp
the hands that are clasped, stretch out the bottom leg
and roll back to your belly, the arms out to the sides,
and you stay right as you are.

But I, I'm gonna turn around. So again, I can face you. Arms out, wrists and shoulders in line. And then we'll do the other side. So, roll first onto the
left side of your body. And then take your right leg, your top leg behind
you, flat on the floor, toes pointed in a little so the outer edge of the foots parallel. Take your right hands behind your back, somewhere back there is another hand. If you can find it interlace your fingers so you can hook your thumb. Again, this might be plenty
and more than enough, you might not find your hand
back there, it's all okay. But to go deeper if you, if you're there, left foot flat toes will
point in a little bit. And then the last thing is
chin-up toward the ceiling, ponytail towards the earth. So your legs are pretty
much in the same position as they wouldn't be in bridge pose. So, double check that and then breath here. And find some suka, suka means comfort. So I know in this one, like
wait what how can I find that? Well you can find it in your breath.

You could find it in your gaze. See if you can find it
anywhere in your body. We'll stay for a few
more long more breaths. So check in with their breath if you can't do long, smooth inhales and exhales and you might be in a little too deep. One more and then if you're clasped, you're going to release your clasp, stretch out your left leg and roll yourself back on to your belly. And then just bring your arms in, rest your chin, or rest one ear down and let everything be
super heavy, relaxed, refresh your forehead also. Whatever works, whatever feels nice. Just any position where you
can release all your tension. Let it all go. Here's another shoulder stretch
I've been working on myself, bring your right forearm
in front of your lap. So both forms are parallel
at the front of the mat. And then start to slide your hands in the opposite directions.

And just keep sliding and sliding and walking the fingers
away from each other as much as you comfortably can. And then once you get to
your final destination. But all it is effective. I don't know if you can hear me at all because I just like, I'm
gonna do it like this. So when you do it, your arms
will be closer to your chest, but if I do with my
arms right on my chest, I don't think my microphone will work, so I'm gonna modify a little bit. So just, breath in here and once again. Find some suka, some ease
and comfort in your pose. See if there's any place
else that you can relax and let go a little bit deeper. Sometimes we're holding
tension in our bodies and we're not aware of it. So take a moment to do a scan of your body and see if you can find any tension. And then to come out of this one, you'll slowly bring your forearms back to being parallel at the front of the mat, and then rest a moment taking, when you're down on your
chin or your forehead.

Really take a deep breath here. Exhale, just become jellow. Super soft everywhere. Okay, we have just one more side. So coming back up, we'll
bring the left form in front of the right. So your forms are parallel to each other and parallel to the front of the mat. And then you'll just
start to walk them apart, away from it, lock the
hands away from each other, a little spider fingers
and walk them away. So, if I didn't have a microphone, this is what it would look like for me. But because I have my microphone on, I can't go as far.

But as you go as far as
what's comfortable for you. And then just let your
chin rest on your arms and breath and then do that body scan again. And just notice if you're
holding any place in your body. And then do a mind scan. And just be an observer of your thoughts. Never a critic. Just observe whatever thoughts come and then let them float on away. And then bring your attention
back to your breath. Your long, smooth inhales and exhales as you find even more release, in your shoulders and in your entire body. Releasing tension in the
belly, the neck, the hips. Anywhere you can, two more deep breaths. And then as you take your next inhale, just start to bring your
hands back toward the center and your elbows and forearms parallel and then take your rest
with your chin down or your forehead, or one ear. The other ear if you did the
other ear after the other side, you know what I mean. Relax, relax, relax. So the other request today, that was, a lot of requests for
this one is pigeon pose, fightmaster yogis seemed to love pigeon.

It's a favorite on my yoga parl as well. Bring your hands by your low ribs. Inhale to Cobra or up dog. Oh so much freedom in those shoulders. And then to down dog exhale. All right, lift the right leg up, inhale. As you exhale bend the knee, bring your right ankle
over by your left wrist. Now this shin contrary to popular belief doesn't ever have to be parallel
with the front of the mat. It really has to do with
how this leg bone sits into the socket. So you do what works for you. If you have any knee pain, and I'm not kidding, any
knee pain, don't do this pose because it's not good for your knee. Do this one instead, or if you know another
hip opener that you like, that doesn't hurt your
knees, you could do that one.

Fear and pigeon, make sure you're not rolling
off to your right head, prop it up with a pillow or block, toes behind you inhale, you
can stay right where you are, or you can exhale to you forearms or you can exhale all the way down, resting your forehead
or resting your chin. Or you can extend the arms
in front of you as well. Or if you've got a pillow or blanket, you can rest your head
on that as well too. So, once you get into your pigeon pose, you're just gonna try to
do the best that you can to breath evenly and release tension in your body, as well as in your mind. And imagine that you're breathing, sending breath directly to your right hip. You can even imagine
that breath has a color. The color for the second chaturah where the hips are, is orange. So if that resonates with you, you can use the color
orange if you don't want to, you can use any color you like.

But sometimes when you add
a little visualization, it can help to connect more, your mind with your body. And then whatever comes up in your mind. Just observe the thoughts, imagine they're kind of like clouds. They just float by, always returning your
attention to your breath. And we'll stay for, I don't know, another 30 seconds or so. So during this next little
portion of your pitch and pose, every time you inhale, imagine that you're breathing in health, peace and joy. And then every time you exhale, imagine you're sending it out to all beings everywhere, so exhaling health, peace and joy. Continue sinking in, releasing that tension, even if it's just for a moment. The hardest pose in yoga is letting go. So last few breaths. Make them long, stretch them out. As you take your next inhale, if you're on your forearms
begin to walk your hands up.

And then we'll tuck our back toes. Oh, and we're gonna
stretch this right leg out. So it's slowly a give it a stretch and abandon a stretch. Make a circle with that,
if that feels nice, either way or both ways. We circle the ankle. And then set it down for the other side. Inhale, left leg up and if you're on your
back doing figure four, thread the needle, then you'll also switch to the other side. Exhale, bring your left foot
up near your right wrist and check to see if you're
rolling on to the left side, prop it up. Now, even if the first side
pigeon did not hurt your knee but the second side does.

You'll do your thread the needle and make sure this ankle is flexed and draw this bent leg hip forward. I should practice it. Okay? Okay. Because there is no
knee stretching in yoga, okay, remember that. Back toe straight behind, you can stay up on the
hands the whole time, where you can exhale to the forearms or all the way down, you choose. If you've got a pillow
or a folded blanket, you can rest your head on that. And just take a little time to get into your comfortable pigeon pose. You can shift a little
bit in the beginning and then once you get to
where you have a nice stretch, but it's not so intense that you want to come out of it right away. But it's a good stretch.

Once you get there and just stay. And as you're settling in or maybe you're already settled, do that body scan again. Just stop it, start, sorry. The crown of your head and move down through your face, your neck and your shoulders and your upper arms, your lower arms. Keep moving down through your chest. Oh and don't forget your neck, your throat, the back of your neck. Check in with your chest, your upper back and shoulders, your middle back around to
the front of your ribcage. Check in releasing tension in your belly, your lower back. And then when you come to your hips, see if you can release any
tension in both of them, even that left one. And then keep scanning down through the legs, a
straight one and about one.

The thighs, hamstrings, and then the lower legs, the calves, the shins. Make sure your knees are happy and then scan to your ankles and your feet. Every part of your
body, releasing tension. Every breath. And for this last 30 seconds or so, every time you inhale. Breathe in health, peace and joy. Every time you exhale send it out to all beings everywhere, health, peace and joy. Now just coming to the last breath or two. So do you take your next
inhale if you're down, make your way back up onto the hands. And then we'll tuck those back toes and if you're doing thread
the needle on your back, you can roll to your right
side and join us in down dog. Stretching out that leg, slowly bending and straightening it, big circle both directions
or one direction. Circle up the ankle, whatever you like. And then we'll set the foot down, and we're gonna come to seat it.

So look forward, bend the
knees, keep the hips high, I at least step a hop, hop to sit. And then roll carefully onto your back with your knees bent, and shift your hips off
to the right a little and drop your knees to the left. And you could cross
right over left or not. If you want to get fans today and show your fans this. So this right reach with
your with your left hand and stretch it out. This bottom leg you'll
reach with your right hand and stretch it in the other direction. It's a little crazy, I know. So something different. This top leg while I'm straighten, you can always keep the knee bent. But it's something to do either way. Turn your belly up toward the sky. And if this position doesn't work for you, the crazy business that I'm
doing, then don't do it.

Stick with the regular twist. Never matters how deep
you get into a stretch. When you feel a stretch, that's important. That's the circulation. That's the energy moving in your body. Take three big breaths wherever you are, turning your belly toward the sky. Relax around your neck and shoulders. And then we'll slowly release and bring your hips back to center with your knees bent. And then shift your hips
off to the left a little and drop your knees to the right. Knee on top of knee. You could cross left knee
on top of right knee, looking over the left shoulder as long as that's okay on your your neck or the fancy one as the right hand to the top leg and stretch that leg out.

Left hand to the bottom foot and stretch that one the other way. Then breath. Turn your belly toward the sky. And take deep, smooth breaths. One more long breath here. And then slowly release. Bring your hips and your
knees back to center and it's time for shavasana. So lengthen your sitting
bones away from your waist and draw your shoulder
blades away from your ears. And then extend the legs. Let your feet flop in or out, arms by your sides, palms faced up. Now if your lower back
is ever cranky here, you can bend your knees,
keep your feet on the floor, or roll up a blanket or if you haven't
happened, have a bolster, you can put that underneath your knees. I always like to if I
have a blanket handy, just a little roll under my neck or if you happen to have a neck roll. But once again do what
you need to do to kind of settle into a comfortable position and then once you get there, stay try not to fidget.

Try not to move, just be quiet mind, quiet body, shavasana rest. Right where you are just start to bring your
attention back into your body, taking a few longer breaths, but stay lying down as I read our quote for this week 'cause
it's a little bit longer and we can just relax. This is from the book called "Seven". How many days the week
can be extraordinary. "30,000 mornings give or
take is all we're given "if you're 26 you still have 20,000 left "If you're 54, you still have 10,000, "an accident or an illness
could change that, of course, "but let's count on you
to remain safe and healthy "all of your allotted life "in which case you still
have plenty of time, sort of. "We get to think of life
as an inexhaustible well. "Yet everything happens only
a certain number of times, "and a very small number really.

"How many more times will you
remember a certain afternoon "of your childhood? "Some afternoon that's so
deeply a part of your being "that you can't even conceive
of your life without it. "Perhaps four or five times
more, perhaps not even that. "How many more times will
you watch the full moon rise, "perhaps 20 but yet it
all seems limitless.

"30,000 mornings and
we'll spend some of them "on the treadmill or doing
yoga or fighting traffic "or standing in line at the coffee shop. "But just be sure to spend some of yours, "seeking and savoring the real beauty, "mystery and adventure of your days. "This is your life. "Do not miss a day of it." Start to make some movements
in your fingers and your toes. Your hands and your feet
take a long stretch overhead and then roll yourself on to right side and pause there a moment. And I seriously would like for you to thank yourself and honor
yourself for showing up today. I know it's not always easy
to show up for our practice, not always easy to show up for
our self-care, and you did. So, I'm proud of you and be proud of you too. Use your left hand to come on up, let your head come last. And comfortable seats and
bring your hands together. Hands to the forehead to remind you to have clear and loving thoughts. Hands to the heart, reminding you to have clear
and loving intentions.

Hands to the mouth
reminding you to have clear and loving communication. Sending out this positive
energy that we created together. As a wonderful loving group. Let's send it out to
all beings everywhere. Namaste, the light in
me recognizes, honors and salutes and loves the light in you..

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