1 Hour Ashtanga Yoga Class (Honor and Respect)


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– Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga, where it's not about the pose and you don't have to be perfect. Hi, I'm Lesley Fightmaster. Today's class is a one hour
Ashtanga inspired vinyasa. For honor and respect. Stand at the top of your mat with the outer edges of your feet parallel and bring your hands together
in front of your heart. Begin ujjayi breathing in and out through your nose with
a slight constriction in the back of your throat. The breath is more
important in this practice than the poses so do your
best to keep it steady. If this practice is new to you, it is pretty vigorous. So push, pause and rest
as often as you like. If you enjoy it, come back regularly even
five to six days a week. You'll be so surprised
to see your strength and flexibility improve quickly.

Plus, you'll absolutely love how you feel Standing up nice and tall. Checking in with your breath will begin with a Surya
Namaskar A or sun salutation A. The first one will do modified, release your hands down inhale reach the arms up. Keep your ribs and belly, exhale hinge from your hips and fold. Bend the knees as needed. Inhale, come halfway up and lengthen. Exhale, step into plank pose. Knees can be up or down as you lower all the way to your belly. On your inhale, come into a little Cobra. As you exhale, tuck the toes
knees up or down, press up and then lift back to down dog. For this first down dog, feel free to bend one knee and the other. Maybe you nod your head a little bit, releasing the neck and breathe always come
back to your breath. With that slight
constriction in your throat, you'll be able to hear
the sound of your breath, which helps to keep you focused.

Spread your fingers wide. Keep stretching back. Now exhale everything out, bend the knees and lightly step over, hop feet to hands. Then inhale, lengthen the spine. Fold as you exhale in
how sweep the arms up. And exhale, bring the hands to heart. Again, Surya A inhale, sweep the arms up. Exhale, hinge and fold. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, stepping to plank and lowering through chaturanga, shoulders
no lower than elbows. Inhale, pressed up dog or Cobra. Exhale, stretch to down dog. Now feel free to modify these vinyasas or sun salutations, as you like you can always
take your knees down, you could take Cobra. Take a child's pose, if you need a break. Focus on your breath here. Gaze between your knees or your feet. Lift in and up three or lower belly and lift all the muscles
in your pelvic floor. Take another breath here. Even inhales and exhales. Now exhale everything out,
bend the knees look up.

Inhale step or hop for
come halfway lengthen, exhale to fault. Inhale rooting down through the feet, reach out around and
up, rips and belly up. Exhale, hands to heart. Same thing, inhale reach your arms up. Exhale hinge from your hip creases to fold inhale lengthen halfway. Exhale, step to plank or if you hop land with bent elbows in chaturanga. You never have to hop but you can. Inhale, press through the
hands and feet full breath. Exhale, lift up and back into down dog. Even hold your breath here, or one, (exhales) exhale. Two inhale, (inhales) exhale. Three, inhale, exhale. Four inhale, (inhales) exhale. Exhale everything out, bend the knees step or hop
forward, inhale, lengthen. Exhale to fold, press with a feat rise up inhale. Exhale soma stiti is
traditional count of Surya A. A come inhale, reach your arms up. Do A exhale fold forward. Trini inhale lengthen. Chituri, exhale step or
float back for chaturanga. Pancha inhale for up dog or Cobra, shots, exhale, stretch back
for down dog and breathe. Steady inhales and exhales.

Spread your fingers press into the base of your fingers lift up through your forearms. Try and turn your outer upper arms towards your feet, inner upper arms, toward
the top of your mat. Keep your belly gently pulled in and up. And keep the pelvic floor muscles engaged. Now exhale everything else, inhale. Ash toe forward step or hop. Now a fold forward,
inhale, reach the arms up and exhale to samastitihi. I'll take surya namaskar B, inhale bend the knees drop the hips. Exhale, fold forward,
straightening the legs inhale come halfway up, lengthen. Exhale, step or float into chaturanga. Inhale into upward facing dog or Cobra. Exhale, make your way
back, downward facing dog. So this first one will do modified. From down dog inhale
float the right leg up. Exhale, step it up by the right hands in the back heel down. And then inhale for warrior one. As you exhale, take your
hands back down to plank and lower chaturanga. Inhale, press through the hands and feet. Exhale, stretch into down dog. As you inhale, left leg lifts. On your exhale, step it up by the hand spin your back, heel down,
lining, heel to heel.

Inhale come warrior one reach up keep the ribs and belly in. Exhale, hands back to
the floor chaturanga. Inhale, upward facing dog. Exhale, downward facing dog. Steady your breath here. So your inhales and exhales
are equal in length. Keep your gaze between
your knees or your feet. And just focus on your breath. Now, on your next exhale, bend the knees, keep
your hips high look up, stop or hop forward
inhale lengthen halfway fold exhale.

Inhale, bend the knees, drop
the hips into chair pose, arms up, and then come
to stand samastitihi. You can always lift the
leg first on the next one. Inhale, bend the knees, drop the hips. Exhale, folding forward,
inhale halfway lift. Exhale, step or float chaturanga. Inhale, passing through
the hands and feet. Exhale, to down dog. As you inhale, step your right
foot up other right hands in the back heel down,
warrior one as you rise up.

And then exhale right away, hands down, return to plank and lower. Inhale into upward dog. Exhale, stretch to downward dog. Right away, left footsteps spin the back heel down for
warrior one knee over ankle. And then exhale return your
hands to the floor chaturanga. Inhale, pressing through
the hands and feet. Exhale, stretch all the way back. Again, even hold the breath here. If you're not used to
practicing surya namaskar, Sun Salutation, this will be a challenge. So do what you can, and remember the pause button is there. You can always take a break, evening out your breath. Try your belly in and up from the legs, lift your
pelvic floor muscles then exhale everything out, hips high. Step or hop forward,
inhale look up, lengthen. Exhale and fold. Inhale, bend the knees, drop the hips reach up through the arms. Exhale, hands in front of heart. One more, inhale sitting back chair pose.

Exhale, fold forward. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale step or float chaturanga. Inhale, upward dog or Cobra. Exhale, stretch back down dog right foot, steps back heel down. Inhale, come up warrior one. As you exhale, return your
hands to the floor chaturanga. Inhale, pressing up. Exhale, stretch back. Left foot, steps on your inhales spin the back heel down, heel to heel, warrior one knee over the ankle, reach up. Exhale, right back through right, the breath down chaturanga. Inhale stretch open
the front of your body. Exhale, all the way back
into down dog breath.

Relaxing the shoulders and the jaw, pressing your weight up through your hips and then press it down through the heels. Stretch back to lengthen out your spine. Take another round of breath. And then exhaling everything out. Bend your knees, keep your hips nice and highlight past your fingers step or hop forward inhaling lengthen. Exhale, fold. Inhale, bend your knees, drop your hips, chair pose. And come to standing
samastitihi steady balance. Now take your feet step
or hop, hips width apart. Inhale, look up, lengthen. Exhale, hinge from your hip creases fold grab your big toes with
their first two fingers. Inhale, lengthen the spine. Exhale, fold, bend your
knees as much as you need to, to grab those big toes and
give them a little squeeze. If the legs are straight, shift your weight toward
the balls of the feet, firm the legs, lengthen
the crown of your head toward the ground. Pull the belly in, breathe.

Relax your shoulders. Inhale, look up halfway. Padahastasana, and now stepping
your feet onto your hands padahastas. Get your toes to the
creases of your wrists, bend the knees as needed. Look up inhale, fold
forward any amount exhale. Again, bend your knees as needed. If the legs are straight though, shift the weight forward, hips over heels. Pull up on your kneecaps
from your leg muscles. Pull the belly in an
up pelvic floor muscles lifted and engaged crown of
the head lengthening down toward the earth.

Breathe. Inhale halfway up. Exhale, hands to hips. Inhale all the way up to stand. And exhale samastitihi. Take a quarter turn to face
the long side of your mat step out wide, right
like out back toes in. Inhale, arms at shoulder height. Exhale, bend the knee over the ankle, right forum to right thigh, reaching left arm up and over. Spin your tricep down on that left hand. Make sure your front
knee is over the ankle and pointed over the middle toes. Line your feet up heel to arch and breath. Stretch the fingertips all
the way to the outer edge of your back heel. As you inhale, come on up, straighten the leg, take
your feet to parallel. Left leg out, back toes inhale to arch. As you exhale, bend the
knee over the ankle, lean forward, left from the left thigh, right arm reaches up and over. Spin your tricep forward. Feel free to take your left hand down toward the ankle or the floor.

And breathe here. You can also keep your
forearm on your thigh. Whatever works for you. Never matters how do you get into a pose, just breathe. Inhale come on up, straighten the legs. Turn and face the back of your mat, walking your right foot
to the right a little then exhale, bend the knee over the ankle. Take your left arm across and twist if you can keep your back heel flat lining heel to heel or wider. That's too much on your back knee, pick up the heel, option
also to take your left hand to the floor, right arm
reaches in line with the ear.

Do your best to pull the right head back, deep breath and your twist. Just another breath here, inhale come on up windmill and turn to the front. Walk your left foot to the left line up heel to heel or wider. Bend the knee over the ankle, hook your right arm across pressure palms together as you twist, pull the left heel back, left hip back. You can pick up that
back heel if you'd like. And then option to go deeper right hand comes to the floor left arm reaches in line with the ear. Just breathe. That's the most important part. Relax around your shoulders. Inhale come on up to center and exhale to the top
of the mat samastitihi. Turn again to face the
long side of the mat. Right leg out, back toes in. As you exhale, hinge from your hip crease, take your right hand down, reach up to the left arm, triangle pose.

Grab the big toe of the left foot, if you'd like to or can. Otherwise, right hands
anywhere along the leg and breathe. Look up toward the top hand only if it's okay with your neck. Lengthen the side body. Relax around the mat. Look down to the foot inhale come on up, feet parallel left leg out back toes in. Exhale hinge from your hip crease reach the left hand down
wherever it falls right arm up and your feet are lined up front here with back hinge try and stretch out through the side of your body, especially through the left hip crease through the armpits. Lengthen from your navel out
through the crown of your head.

And then relax your
shoulders and your jaw. Look down to the foot inhale come on up, turn to the back of your mat
line up heel to heel or wider. Reach left hand up right hand to low back, take your left hand inside or outside of the foot or onto the shin. Pull your right hip back and twist reach up through the right fingertips. Do your best to pull your right head back send your left hand forward, squeeze your inner thighs
toward one another. And press into the base of the big toe of your right foots. Inhale them through the crown of the head. Exhale towards your
ribcage maybe a bit deeper. As you inhale, make your way up windmill and turn and face the front of the mat. Walk your left foot to the left, line up heel to heel or
wider right arm reaching up. Exhale, hinge forward, right hand inside or outside of the foot or on the leg. Pull the left hip back as
you twist looking left. As you inhale, create
length through your spine. On your exhale, turn your ribcage and your chest to twist.

Keep pulling the left hip back and sending your right hip forward. Route down into the base of
the big toe of your left foot. Lift your pelvic floor lift your belly, look down inhale come up. Exhale to the top of your mat. Press padahastasana turn to
the long side of the mat. Feet parallel toes pointing
in a little hands to hips inhale look up, hinge of your hip creases. Exhale, fingertips down. Inhale lengthen through the spine.

Exhale, fold any amounts, crown of the head is
lengthening toward the floor. If your elbows bend here, then line up your elbows and wrists from your outer hips towards center and keep your legs nice
and strong and engaged. Shift your weight a little
trip the balls of your feet. Now pull your belly in and up and breathe. As you inhale, come halfway up. Exhale, hands to hips. Inhale all the way up to
stand for see position, arms, inhale out to the sides. Interlace your fingers or
hook your thumbs behind you. Look up lengthen as you
inhale firm in the legs exhale, fold.

Again, crown of the head is
lengthening toward the floor from the legs and your
arms are reaching up and possibly over but soften
and around the shoulders, never forcing. Pull the belly in and up, lift up through your
pelvic floor, breathe. Inhale come on up and step
back to the front of your mat, feet, hips with a parts. Your hands out either
pressure palms together or your fists behind you.

Step your right foot back and then pivot walking right foot over to the right, left toes face the corner of the back mat. Inhale, look up, lengthen. Exhale, fold. Pull your right hip back. So make sure your feet
are lined up heel to heel or wider so you can pull
that right head back and send the left hip forward. Now lift that tops of your shoulders and see if you can do that
without lifting your elbows.

As you breathe gazing toward your big toe, remember low belly lifts,
pelvic floor lifts. These are our bandhas. It will keep you strong and stable, inhale come up, keep your hands but turn and face the front walk
left foot to the left. Look up as you take your next inhale hinge from your hips as you fold. If you're wobbly here, try walking your left
foot more to the left and make sure your back
toes face the front right corner of your mat.

From the leg muscles, but be sure that your knees are not locked. Steady gaze toward the big toe, steady breath. Engaging your bandhas, low belly in and up pelvic floor engaged. Come on up inhale and exhale
again to the top of your mat. To a little balancing, ground down through your left leg, pick up your right leg for tree pose. Hands at the heart center or
take right heel toward navel, pointing your right knee down. This is half lotus, so don't push it. Bring your right hand behind
you holding your left arm, or if you happen to be able
to reach your right toe, fold forward. Otherwise, stay standing. If you're folding forward, shift the weight a little
bit toward the ball of the standing foot crown
of the head lengthening down.

If you're standing, keep your study gaze and your study breath. If you fold it forward, inhale make your way up. If you did not just release your leg, start to ground for the right leg. Picking up your left foot for tree above or below the knee, hands at heart or left heel toward navel point the knee toward the floor. Then wrap your left arm behind
you hold on to the rider or if you can find that toe, grab it, then hinge from your hip
creases and fold forward. Again, this is a standing half lotus and do not hurt your knee please. No yoga pose as a worth, pain. Pain is your body telling you to stop. That's how the body communicates. So be mindful, honor
and respect your body. If you've gone down, inhale, come up and then release
back to the top of the mat. As you inhale, sweep the arms up. Exhale hinge from the hip creases folds inhale, halfway lift, exhale, step or float for chaturanga. Inhale, press through your
hands and feet up dog or Cobra. Exhale to down dog.

Just for a breath we're gonna come into
Utkatasana or Chair Pose. Bend the knees and look
up past your fingers. Keep your hips up nice and high. Step or hop feet forward inhale, bend the knees, drop the hips and sit back in your imaginary chair. Press the way back into the heels, inner thighs are spinning
down shins, press back. Lift your belly, lift your pelvic floor. Look up if that's okay, on your neck. Just a couple more props. That's a nice thing about Ashtanga only five breaths. Now full forward or take knees to armpits for bakasana just a breath here. Keep the gaze forward and
either step or float chaturanga. Inhale, pressing up. (inhales) Exhale, stretch all the way back. As you inhale, step your right foot up, other right hand, spin the back heel down for warrior one and will
hold for five breaths here pulling your right hip back, sending the left hip forward, make sure your feet are
heel to heel or even wider.

Right knee above the ankle
pointed straight ahead over the middle toes. Reach through arrow
straight arms and breathe. Relax around your neck. Now inhale straight and the right leg, turn and face the back of the mat. Walk the left foot to the left a little bend the knee over the ankle, stretch up through the arms. Make sure your knees
pointed straight ahead pull your left hip back,
send your right hip forward. Lengthen through your spine and lift the low belly
and the pelvic floor. Keep your breath steady. I know it's not easy to do, but you're doing great. Bring hands to heart, warrior two. So line up your front
heel with your back arch. You need to move your foot a little, bend the right knee over the ankle. And make sure it is pointed
over the middle toes. Gaze over your fingertips. Relax your shoulders and jaw. Just breathe.

Inhale, straighten the leg. And now turn your right leg out. Exhale, bend the knee over the ankle, shoulders above the hips. Make sure that knee points
over your middle toes always you got to take care of the knee. Pull the low belly and
lift the pelvic floor. Study your breath. I'll take an inhale as you exhale, windmill the arms down, come to plank and lower through chaturanga, inhale press through the hands and feeds. Exhale, stretch all the way back. We're gonna come to seated,
so you bend the knees look forward, lightly step or
hop and sit on your bottom. Extend your legs in front
of you can spy hips, pull your toes back, but keep your heels grounded down.

Practice pulling in your low belly and lifting your pelvic floor even here as you breathe steadily. Now paschimottanasana reach
for the feet or the legs, grab your toes if you can manage inhale lengthen exhale fold
hinging at the hip creases. Try and keep your spine long
instead of rounding your back. Gaze toward your feet or your shins and breathe. Continuing to lift the low belly and the pelvic floor muscles as you stretch the backs of your thighs, firm the tops inhale come
halfway up as you exhale, go a little bit deeper if you can. Remember, never pushing anything. Just use your breath, to move in gently with honor and respect for
yourself and your body. Inhale, look up, exhale, release. Cross at your shins, bring
your hands next to your hips pick up anything at all.

And lean forward step or
hop back to chaturanga. Inhale for up dog, exhale back to down dog just for a breath. We're gonna bend the knees, look up, come back to seated, stepping or hopping and extend the legs. Hands behind you, knees bent, press up. That's the modification
or extend the legs out and lift everything off the floor, Padottanasana. Lift your chest to widen your collarbones, lengthen your sitting bones
to the backs of the knees and lift your belly. Let your head go back up,
it will slowly release down. And then hands by hips
cross that your shins pick up anything at all. Hands forward, step or float chaturanga. Inhale, pressing up. Exhale, stretch back. Just a breath bend knees look up, step or hop again to seated, extending the legs for
uttapatna paschimottanasana. So you can take your right
ankle above your left knee and keep it there or take it to the heel and bring it across for half lotus.

Right hand reaches around, left hand reaches for the foot. If that right hand can
find the toe, grab it. Otherwise, no worries, folding forward with a nice long spine. Again, be careful of your knee. You can also take the right side of the foot to the left
inner thigh that works too, modifications for your body. Inhale, head up, exhale, release. Cross your ankles, pick up anything at all and then sit back down, extend the legs to the left side.

So left ankle just above right knee or inside the thigh or take heel to navel pull it across for half lotus. Bring your left hand behind
you reach right arm forward, inhale, lengthen, exhale, extend
forward with a long spine. If you can reach that
left big toe, grab it. Otherwise it's for another day. Also thing with our yoga
practice poses will come, and then poses will go. Luckily, it's not about the pose. Keep your breath steady. And do what you can, the best you can on this
particular day, with your body. Inhale, head up. Exhale, release, cross
your shins, pick up, you can sit back down or stop
or float back chaturanga. Inhale, upward dog, exhale, downward dog. And then look forward,
bend the knees, hips high lightly step or hop again to seated, extending the legs. Now bend your right
knee back the right heel to the outside of the hip. If you have a little
cushion under the left hip, it makes it a bit easier. If this hurt your knees, then both legs forward instead.

Inhale lengthen, exhale extend. This one is called Triang
Mukhaikapada Paschimottanasana. There's some good Sanskrit
names of these poses. Keep your left toes pulling back, firming the leg, relax your shoulders. Breathe. Inhale, release that
up, exhale to release. And then take your back toes
under stepping to plank, lower chaturanga, inhale upward dog. Exhale downward facing dog. Just a breath, (inhales)
step or hop back to seated, extending the legs and now
we'll bend the left knee back. Again, if this hurts your knee, then please don't do it just to keep both legs extended in front. If you have a yoga block or a pillow, put it under your right
hip, it makes it easier. Lengthen, inhale, fold, exhale. Doing the best that you can
to keep your breath steady. The poses, keep us busy. The breath is the practice. (inhales) Draw in through the lower belly. Lift up through your pelvic
floor as you breathe. Inhale, head up, exhale to release and make your way back to chaturanga. Inhale pressing up,
exhale, downward facing dog again just for a breath.

As you exhale everything
else, bend the knees step or hop again to seated, extend the legs for Janu Sirasana bend your right knee, right
solo foot to left inner thigh. Inhale, arms up, exhale,
hinge from your hips. Turn a little bit toward the straight leg as you come forward. Pull the toes back and lengthen through your spine. Again, try to avoid rounding it. So think belly to thigh instead of thinking had to knee. (inhales) Keep the extended left like firm pull the belly in, pelvic
floor lifted, breathe. As you inhale, head up. As you exhale, release, cross your ankles, press down, pick up anything at all and then sit back down extend the legs, bending the left knee, left solo foot toward
the right inner thigh. Inhale, arms up, turn
toward the straight leg, hinge from the hips fold. Lengthen the spine and keep extending the
crown of the head forward. You can hold that right
leg anywhere at all. If you have a yoga strap, you can always use that too. Come back to your steady ujjayi breath. Try to listen for the
gentle sound of the breath.

Let it relax your shoulders and your jaw. Inhale lift your head exhale to release cross your shins pick
up anything at all stay or float back chaturanga. Inhale to press up. Exhale to stretch back. Marichyasana A, step or
float back to seated, extend the legs in front of you, bend your right knee right
solo the foot onto the floor above hips with a part from
the foot and the thigh, reach forward with your right arm, wrap it around, take
your left hand behind you and hold something. Lengthen, inhale,
extending forward, exhale. Pull the left toes back.

So if you can hold your
hands or your wrist, that's great and if you can't, and hold your shirt, or your pants and that is also great. Keep your belly lifted and
engage the pelvic floor, even out your breath. Inhale lift your head exhale to release, cross your shins. Pick up anything at all
or not extend the legs bend left leg, left solo foot on the floor about hips distance
away from the right leg, reach your left arm, forward
reach and then wrap it around.

Right arm behind the back, inhale lengthen through the spine. Exhale, extend. Try and roll your right shoulder head away from the floor if possible. And gaze at your foot or your shin. Keep a steady gaze once
you get into the pose. Check your bandhas if they are engaged and return to your breath. Inhale lift the head, exhale
to release cross the ankles press down, pick up anything.

Stay on your bottom or
float back chaturanga. Inhale pressing up. Exhale, stretching back. Take a full breath in. Exhale it out, bend the knees
step or hop again to seated extend the legs, marichyasana c. Bend the right knee. Now the foot can be right
by the inner left thigh, right hand behind your
back inhale left arm up, exhale, take it across twist. Inhale to lengthen through your spine. Exhale, rolling that right
shoulder back option to wrap. So, and bring your right arm around, yeah right arm around the leg, left him behind and hold your hands or hold your clothes, but don't do it unless it feels like it's
okay with your shoulders again, never forcing, honor and respect bring your head to center, unwind, cross your ankles, pick it up. Sit back down, bend the left knee. Bring your left hand behind
your back, right arm up inhale.

Exhale, take it across and twist. (inhales) Inhale create length through
your spine and crown of head. Exhale, maybe twisting deeper
option to wrap your right arm, around your leg, left hand
behind your back just an option. Make sure the extended leg, the toes are pulling back
and the leg is engaged. Big breaths and your twist. Bring your head back to
center, unwind, cross ankles, pick up anything or not,
step, hop float chaturanga. Inhale pressing up. Exhale stretch all the way back. Look forward, step or hop
and sit extend the legs. Now sit up nice and tall shift your weight back, lift your feet up, you can hold on behind the
thighs for more support, or extend the arms, both pose. Keep the knees bent or
you can straighten them. Release, pick up your
hips, set them back down and again, both pose.

Keep your belly lifted. Always feel free to hold on
to the backs of the legs. Knees can be bent or straight but you've got to keep
your spine lengthened. Cross the ankles, press down, pick it up. One more time. Engage your pelvic floor muscles and your belly muscles and breathe. Release, cross the ankles, pick up anything at all and then roll yourself onto your back. Bridge pose, walk your
heels under the knees, arms alongside your body, tilt your pelvis up. Press into the heels inhale,
lift low back, mid back, maybe upper back roll your
shoulders under or knots and breathe here.

Spiral your thighs and toward each other lengthen sitting bones
towards backs of knees, keep your neck long. Really sitting down. And then I can either bridge or take hands up by ears
come to the crown of the head for we'll line up wrist and elbows and then straighten the legs. Spiral your thighs in toward each other. Make sure your feet outer
edges stay parallel. Lengthen sitting bones
towards backs of knees you can come all the way down
and rest or crown of the head. Walk your hands and a
little closer to the feet pressing up again, it's
just an Ashtanga thing. You can stick with the
bridge pose the whole time. Whatever works for you. Just breathe. Chin into chest if you're all the way up or release the hands roll down and hug your knees into your chest.

Rocking side to side. Give your low back nice little massage. Neither rolled here right and press up or rock yourself back
and forth on your spine in a little ball. Take two or three rocks
and come up to seated. Extend your legs out in front of you pull your toes back,
press your heels down, firm your legs, inhale reach
up, hinge from the hips. Exhale, fold forward hold onto anything you can reach and keep
lengthening through the spine as you take it forward fold. Again, try your low belly and lift your pelvic floor muscles.

Ujjayi breathing. Steady, even breath. (ambulance siren) Inhale to lift your head
and exhale to release, lower yourself onto your back. (inhales) And then inhale, lift your
legs toward the floor. Now option one, keep your hips
on the floor the whole time, perfectly wonderful. Option two lift your hips a little bit and hold your hips with their hands. Option three, lift your
legs all the way up. And keep trying to walk your hands down toward the mat as you lengthen up. Now, exhale. Take your legs behind
you toward the floor, knees can be bent or straight. You can hold onto your
back still for support, or take your hands to the floor and lift your sitting bones to the sky. If any of this hurts your
neck, don't do it please. Please don't do it. Bend your knees down around your ears or just spend them a little. And then we'll slowly roll ourselves out. Using the belly muscles when
you get to the lower back, bend your knees, feet to the floor. And then take your hips under your heels come on to your elbows and look back.

Your head is maybe touching the floor, maybe not but your chest is lifted. Now, if any of this hurt
your neck, do not do it. Honor and respect of
the body and the mind. Breathe here, one more breath. Now you can stay just with
this or just lie on your back or taking the hands away
from underneath your hips. Touch them together above you and lift your legs off the
floor a couple of feet. Head is on the floor. But again, do what you can
release hugging knees and chest and make your way up to seated. Press down on your hands, lift anything, step or float back to
chaturanga inhale to press up. Exhale, stretch back. From here, we're going to come on to our knees. Now if you practice headstand at wall, then find a wall near you.

If you don't practice headstand, we're doing dolphins, we're
gonna do regular dolphin first. Then we're gonna do headstand prep which is dolphin with
the head on the floor. Interlace your fingers make sure your elbows are
no wider than the shoulders, tuck the toes, press back into dolphin. As you press onto the
forums lift his shoulders away from the floor. You can stay right here the whole time or you can play with walking the feedback and bringing the chest
forward building strength in dolphin plank.

You can move from one to the other. That's one option. Option two is, finding the crown of your head. So the best way stick
your thumbs in your ears, touch your fingers at the top
of the head, that's the crown. Again, interlace your fingers take that crown of the head on to the mat. But don't let your shoulders
dropped to the floor, lift them away and come back to dolphin. Keeping your feet on the floor and then see if you can
press into your forearms and lift your head off the floor. And then gently set it down so you can play with that one. Make sure those elbows didn't
go wider than the shoulders. If you are using a wall, make sure your knuckles are
all the way against the wall.

Elbows not wider than shoulders, take the crown of the
head down, tuck the toes, lift the knees, walk your feet in, take one leg up to the wall, and then let the other leg follow up. With your legs against the wall, flex your ankles, reach
your heels toward the floor. Make sure you're pressing forearms down, lifting shoulders away, pulling the belly in strongly and lifting the pelvic floor strongly. You only want to have
about 30% of the weight or less on your head. To come down from the wall, slowly come down one leg at a time. And then take a child's pose you can also turn your
head from side to side.

One more option. If you've been doing headstands a while take your forums down
no wider than shoulders, walk your feet in, hips past the heels and
then legs start to float up. It's a matter of getting
your hips past your heels, and then it's like a physics thing, your legs will come up. It's not so hard to get them up. It's harder to bring them down slowly.

Sort of bring them down. Again, your hips will start
to go past your shoulders. Keep your legs firm, pull your belly in, lift your pelvic floor and often lot, the slower you come down, the more strength you're using. And then child's pose. Rest. Now make your way back up into plank pose. Step in the feedback lower chaturanga. Inhale, pressing up. Exhale, stretch all the way
back into downward facing dog. Now nod your head yes. And turn your head no.

Relaxing your neck. Looking forward step or hop once again to see it and
we'll cross at the shins is option one. Option two take your right
heel toward the navel, bring it across for half lotus stay there, or left leg over right for full lotus. Hold your elbows behind your back if you can help and reach
your toes behind your back. Then do that. Otherwise sit with shins
cross, grab your elbows. And now exhale, any of the options fold forward this is ceiling in all of the
benefits of your practice. Deep mindful breathe is here. Inhale slowly come up. Take your first finger
and thumb to gently touch on top of your knees. Point your fingers down toward the map, sit tall and breathe, sasianamutrah. Connecting with your internal wisdom. Just breathe. The last pose is uthplatais So you can keep your feet on the floor and lift your buns up and
hold it as long as you can or, (inhales) cross your shins or coming into lotus. Lotus gets the feet on the floor easier. Now lift anything at all. Look forward and breathe.

Pull your low belly in. Lift your pelvic floor
muscles like crazy and breathe 'cause this is a little crazy. (laughs) Uthplataii. And release it. You can lie right down
or come on to the knees. You don't have to be in lotus to do this. Lean forward, elbows under belly, lift the legs and then
extend them back chaturanga. Inhale into up dog or Cobra.

Exhale, downward facing dog stretch back. Look forward, likely step or hop and sit, slowly begin to roll
yourself onto your back. Lengthen your sitting bones
towards the backs of your knees. extend your legs out lie your feet flap open your arms out to the
sides with your palms up. Try your shoulder blades
gently toward your waist, close your eyes. And now forget all about your breathing just let the breath breathe you, release any tension in your forehead. Release your tongue from
the roof of your mouth soften your jaw. Our quote today comes from
de T. K. V. Desikachar. "Mastery of yoga is really
measured by how it influences "your day to day living. "How it enhances your relationships, "how it promotes clarity, "and peace of mind." Now quiet minds, quiet body, savasana, just rest. Right where you are, take a deep breath in.

(inhales) Let it go make movements in your fingers, toes, circle wrists and ankles, inhale stretch overhead
long stretch the whole body. And bend your knees, roll
yourself off to your right, pause a moment here and
honor and respect yourself because you deserve it. Thank yourself for showing up and taking wonderful care of you. Use your left hand to press up and come to a comfortable
seat hands together. Bring your hands to your forehead reminding you to have
clear and loving thoughts, hands to heart center, reminding you to have clear
and loving intentions. Hands to your mouth
reminding you to have clear and loving communication sending all of this honor and respect and positivity to all
beings everywhere namaste.

If you're ready to really
strengthen in those core muscles. There's a link below to
special classes I made. It's pinned at the top of the comments for more Ashtanga, everybody seems to really
love this class right here. So click because I don't
want you to miss out..

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